agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 25)

Rey: mantu why didn’t you come for college?
Mantu: i was busy with some work.
Rey: some work or someone?
Mantu: anything haa.
Rey: please guys i know what’s going on between you.
Amaya: nothing like that. We are just friends.
Rey: wait a minute i never said anything about relationship.
Mantu: she meant that she forgived me.
Rey: you know what she’s going to say also. Something is fishy.
Amaya: fishy? No nothing like that.
Mantu: you say what happened between you and kriya?
Amaya: yeah yeah you say.
Rey:nothing like that.
Mantu: if we can see something has happened then why are you hidding?
Rey: samething applies to you also. If i can see there’s something between you then why are you hidding?
Mantu: ok fine i love amaya and she loves me too. Happy? Now tell the problem.
Rey: wow! I am happy for you guys.
He hugs them.
Amaya: now say what you did with our poor kriya?
Rey: i didn’t do anything. It was a mistake.
Mantu: tell atleast what happened?
Rey: we had gone to the college.
Amaya: then?
Rey: I’ll explain. Then after classes she was rehearsing in the hall and i also joined her. While we were practising someone locked us inside i tried calling out but no one was there. I tried opening the door by breaking it while kriya was telling me to stop i jerked my hand and she got a tight slap on her face. I didn’t do it purposely. I wanted to get out of the hall. My intension was not to slap her but…
Mantu: didn’t you appologize to her?
Rey: ofcourse i did but she isn’t willing to talk.
Amaya: you should have gone at home to say so.
Mantu: yeah why didn’t you go?
Rey: i had gone. But seeing my face she shut the door. I waited out there but she didn’t open.
Amaya: give her some time. She’ll be alright.
Mantu: she’s hurt. Give her some time she’ll be fine.
Rey: i don’t think. She will ever talk to me.
Mantu: don’t worry rey. Cheer up.
Rey: hope so. I’ll leave then you guys carry on.
Mantu: what do you mean carry on?
Rey: romancing …
Amaya: anything you say. By the way go safely its raining out there.
Rey: yeah. You too take care.
Amaya: yeah ok. Bye
Rey: bye.

Amaya: so what do you think?
Mantu: about?
Amaya: them?
Mantu: in what sense?
Amaya : i think rey is falling for kriya.
Mantu: may be. He never bes so tensed though.
Amaya: yeah but they should clear this current misunderstanding.
Mantu: yeah. Kriya is sensible. She will handle it.
Amaya: yeah i know that. She never speaks up what she wants. I have seen her now always quite quite.
Mantu: may be something bothering her.
Amaya: may be. She doesn’t speak up that’s the problem with her.
Mantu: not everyone wants to share their personal life.
Amaya: that’s true. We should do something to help them.
Mantu: help yourself first. Get alright then we’ll see.
Amaya: yeah ok.
Amaya gets down from the bed.
Mantu: sit down there you aren’t supposed to get up. Amaya stands.
Mantu: i don’t understand why are you getting up? Can’t you sit here?
Amaya: please mantu i am bored of sitting there.
Mantu: so what you have to. Now why are you walking?
Amaya: mantu.. i need to go to the washroom!
Mantu: ohh. I m sorry. Amaya goes in.
Mantu stands outside the door.
Mantu: amaya? Are you ok? Amaya doesn’t respond. Mantu: are you there amaya? Talk to me. Amaya: mantu its been only 2 seconds since i have gone in.
Mantu: ok. Listen don’t bend down ok. You might get hurt.
Amaya: okay. She comes out.
Amaya: i don’t understand why aren’t you leaving me alone?
Mantu: you won’t understand.
AmayA: whatever. She walks up towards the bed. She turns blind and holds her head.
Mantu: amaya what’s happening? He holds her and makes her sit on the bed. Here you go have some water. He makes her drink water and calls out for the doctor.
Mantu:this is the reason i was asking you. Now you understand?
Amaya: its ok mantu i am alright now.
Mantu: now rest.
Amaya: but what’s happening to me suddenly?
Mantu: you are tend to get blackouts. These are the side effects of your depressants.
Amaya: hmmmm.
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  1. Good going bitsy… Hoping for some interesting romantic nok jhoks btwn Mantu nd Amaya…

  2. Y dont u post new episodes bitsy?? Has been so long… Waiting!!!

  3. Manta and kriyansh are my favorite couples. Can’t wait for next update yr. Please update soon.

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