agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 24)

Amaya: where’s rey and kriya? Haven’t come yet.
Mantu: you only asked them to go. And now only want them to come here.
Amaya: i don’t want them to miss lectures because of me that’s why i had asked them to go. But now i am bored.
Mantu: am i boring?
Amaya: yeah. You are so boring.
Mantu: ok fine I’ll leave then. Stay here alone.
Amaya: aree
Mantu: you know i had something for you but now let it be.
Amaya: somrthing for me. Then wait.
Mantu:no no. You want something that’s why. But now let it be. I’ll leave.
Amaya; ok leave. If you want to.
Mantu: huh? Really I’ll leave?
Amaya: you wanted to go.
Mantu: hmmm.
Amaya: the door is there.
Mantu: i know bye.
Amaya: stop this drama now. Come here.
Mantu instantly comes back.
Amaya: i want that something now.
Mantu: hmm i don’t have anything. I simply said.
Amaya: liar. I hate you.
Mantu: amaya decide first. You love me or hate me?
Amaya starts hitting him with a pillow.
Mantu: stop it. Behave like a patient. You are weak.
Amaya: please. Because of this i missed my classes. Amd working days also.
Mantu: classes?
Amaya: boxing classes. I really miss them.
Mantu: i have something for you.
Amaya: i don’t want .
Mantu: see amaya you really don’t want? I’ll throw it away then.
Amaya: please.
Mantu: here see for yourself. He removes something from his pocket.
Amaya: wow. Boxing tournament tickets. Love you.
Mantu: love me or boxing?
Amaya: hmmm

Mantu: you have to think so much fir this?
Amaya: both. Boxing is my first love.
Mantu: if you’re passionate about something then you should carry forward to it.
Amaya: same as your photography. By the way aren’t you supposed to go for your work?
Mantu: no. I don’t do a job. That was for my new lens. I needed some money. Because of that.
Amaya: ohhk. Is photography your love?
Mantu: yes but for now your my love.
Amaya: how cheesy. On how many girls you tried this?
Mantu: approximately 20. Can be more of less.
Amaya with mouth open: haaw! Simply anything you’re saying.
Mantu: really. You know i am so handsome. A lot of girls were crazy for me and till now they are.
Amaya: please you couldn’t express your feeling towards me. What about those girls.
Mantu: i never got a chance to express my feelings. They themselves came and told me.
Amaya: please.
Mantu: you’re not willing to accept. You’re just jealous.
Amaya: please i m not jealous. You were jealous of wandy.
Mantu: i and jealous of that monkey.
Amaya: yeah. You’re thats why you named him monkey.
Mantu: may be.
Amaya: what’s your sisters name?
Mantu: why are you suddenly intrested in her?
Amaya: heard a lot about her. Never seen her. That’s why.
Mantu: her name is ahana. You want to meet her?
Amaya: would love to.
Mantu: better get cotton balls with you then.
Amaya: huh? Cotton balls?
Mantu: she’s very talkative. You won’t be able to bare here.
Amaya: similar to rey?
Mantu: somewhat. But rey is bareable.
Amaya: hmmm. But they haven’t come here.
Mantu: may be busy. I think something is going on between them.
Amaya: i also had a feeling but then didn’t pay attention to it.
Mantu: we should do something about it then.
Amaya : not now. Let them come to know.
Rey: who’s feeling? Huh?

Mantu:woh… no ones. We were just discussing about someone.
Rey: i know. But who’s that “someone”?
Amaya:someone you don’t know.
Rey: hnmk. How’s you?
Amaya: i m fine. Where’s kriya?
Rey: don’t ask about her.
Mantu: what happened now?
Rey: a problem has started which has no end now.
Amaya: what do you mean?
Rey: let it be now.
Amaya: hmmmk fine.
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