agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 23)

Wandle: you are not even talking to him. Even if he’s wants to say something how he will say?
Amaya: ok fine. I’ll talk to him.
Wandle: great. When i come here next time i should find you together.
Amaya: next time? Where are you going?
Wandle: home. I had come to meet you all the way but had not expected to meet you here. So next time when i come here I should find you with him.
Amaya: yeah yeah.
Wandle: bye take care get well soon
Amaya: bye. You too take care.
He leaves.

Mantu: finally this monkey left. Good.
The nurse enters the room.
Nurse: have this food and take these tablets.
Amaya: i don’t want to have, take it away.
Nurse: i m notyour servant that you order me. I m here to do my duty.
Amaya: so what? Just take it away.
The nurse leaves in rage.
Amaya: now i will also see how you don’t come to meet me.
Nurse: here go and give this to her. She isn’t having it.
Mantu: you please go in once more.
Nurse: she’s not the only patient out here. We have more work also.
Mantu: but ..
Nurse: just take this. She leaves handling the tray to mantu.

Mantu enters the room wth tray. Amaya pretends to be angry.
Amaya: take it away. I don’t want to have it.
Mantu: i will also see how you don’t have it.
Amaya: this time you can’t force me.
Mantu: i am not forcing you. If i admit?
Amaya: hmmm then even you have to eat this.
Mantu: this is for you. Not for me.
Amaya: first you admit.
Mantu: ok fine. Amaya i cried. Happy?
Amaya: yeah yeah very happy.
Mantu: now have this.
Amaya: ok you sit here. He sits on the bed.
Mantu: take this now.
Amaya: open your mouth first.
Mantu: what? Why? !! Amaya puts the spoon in his mouth. And she laughs.
Mantu: sheee this is for what i did in the morning?
Amaya: yeah. Now you will come to know the real taste of food.
Mantu: you.are right. It really sucks. Its meant for you only.
Amaya: no no i am not having it.
Mantu: you have to.
Amaya: only on two conditions.
Mantu: say.
Amaya: 1)you have to play a game with me
2) and to whatever i ask you the answer must be yes.
Mantu: ok but you have to promise me that you will eat this.
Amaya: done done. Now lets play.

Mantu: what are the rules?
Amaya: you just have to say yes to the question i ask.
Mantu: ok. Start.
Amaya: do you have a sister?
Mantu: yes
Amaya: you like photography?
Mantu: yes
Amaya: you hadn’t gone to college today?
Mantu: yes
Amaya: you cried for me?
Mantu: yes
Amaya: will you have this food me?
Mantu: yes
Amaya: are rey and kriya your friends?
Mantu: yes.
Amaya: so do you love me?
Mantu: yes.
Amaya’s face glows. Mantu: hey?!
Amaya: so?
Mantu: now have this.
Amaya: did you really mean the last answer?
Mantu: first you have this and then I’ll tell you.
Amaya: ok here you go.
Mantu: shit!!! I said yes to this also?
Amaya: yeah. Have this now.
Mantu: ok. You fooled me in this game of yours.
Amaya laughs. Dheere dheeere plays. They finish having the supper.
Amaya: my answer?

Mantu pretending to forget: which answer? I’ll keep this tray and come.
Amaya: sit here you are not anywhere.
Mantu: but..
Amaya: keep it on the table.
Mantu: I’ll keep and come na. He gets up. Amaya pulls him by his wrist.
Amaya: you are not going anywhere.
Mantu keeps the tray on the table.
Amaya: my answer? Did you really mean it?
Mantu: no amaya. I…. actually….. don’t love you. I am sorry if i hurted your feelings. But i never thought of you in that way.
Amaya almost in tears. Mantu turns his face towards amaya and bursts out laughing. Just look at your face. Cryinky baby. Amaya starts hitting him with pillow.
Mantu: what you thought?
Amaya: i won’t talk to you go away.
Mantu: stop this ok. Or else i won’t tell
you something.

Amaya: i don’t want to hear anything nor want to talk to you nor wanna see your face so.
Mantu: ok if you say so then i am leaving.
He gets up to go.
Amaya stops him: by the way what you wanted to say.
Mantu: no no its ok if you dont want to listen then i m leaving.
Amaya: stop your drama
Mantu: do you really want to hear?
Amaya: yes.
Mantu: amaya.. i… love…. your smile.
Amaya irked: mantu…
Mantu: ok ok this time I’ll say. I love… your behaviour.
Amaya: can’t you say it?
Mantu: if its so easy then say it yourself.
Amaya: no i want you to say.
Mantu: i love you.
Amaya: i love you too akdu. She gives a
peck on his cheek.
Mantu: i didn’t knew that i would get this complementary. Or else i would have said it long back.
Amaya: yeah.

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Amaya: i don’t want to listen to you

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