agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 17)

Kriyaansh are worried about manya. They tried calling them but in vain. On the other hand mantu is shattered seeing amaya’s condition.
He composes himself abd prays to god to bring amaya back to concious. He remembers about kriyaansh and searches his phone in the pocket and realizes that its not there and thinks it must have fallen in the car. He goes to get it.
Mantu sees his phone and picks it to see there we many missed calls from kriyaansh. He thinks they must be worried and he calls rey.
Rey: hey where are you guys?? From so long i have been calling you. Where are you?
Mantu: actually….
Rey: hey what happened? You are sounding low. And is amaya with you?
Mantu: you just come to the hospital I’ll tell you the rest.
Rey: hospital??!! But what happened?

Mantu: just come and please inform kriya.
Rey: yeah. I’ll come but which hospital?
Mantu: the same one where amaya was admitted previously.
Rey: yeah okay. I’ll be there.

Rey goes to pick kriya.
Kriya: what happened? Did you find them?
Rey: just sit in .
Kriya sits: what happened? Why aren’t you telling me?
Rey: i also don’t know . Mantu just called me and said to come to the hospital.
Kriya: hospital?! For what? And amaya?
Rey: i don’t know whats wrong. He sounding low. Hope everything is okay.
Kriya: amaya?!!

Rey: really hope everything is alright.
Kriya: yeah hope so.

They reach the hospital. Mantu is seated on the bench holding his head.
Kriya: there mantu
Rey: yeah
Kriya: but amaya?
Rey: come let’s find out.
Kriya: hey mantu where’s amaya?
Rey: is everything fine?
Mantu: no. Actually…. amaya…. she is inside.
Kriyaansh looks in through the door.
Kriya: what happened to her?
Mantu: actually the drink she drank was spiked and it reacted with her depressants and now she is unconcious.
Kriya: depressants??!!
Rey: forget that.(trying to igonre) how’s she now?
Mantu: the toxin has been removed. The blood test reports are yet to be come.
Rey: ohhhk. But she is fine know now.??
Mantu: the doctors said she is. But some tests are yet to be done,
Kriya: why she is unconcious?

Mantu: she is been operated. It will take for her to gain concious.
Rey: yeah. I won’t leave those who spiked her drinks. I will file a case against them and i had already informed the principal.
Mantu: calm down rey. It won’t help amaya to recover in any way.
Kriya: yeah mantu is right.
Rey: what ever it is guys. I will see that they are behind the bars. Because of them our amaya is in this condition.
He leaves in anger.
Mantu: just handle him. He is very angry right now he doesn’t know what he is upto.
Kriya: but amaya?
Mantu: I’ll take care of her. Just go before he leaves.
Kriya yeah ok. Just give me a call if you need anything.
Mantu: yeah ok.
Kriya goes behind rey.
Kriya calls out to him but he goes in anger.
Kriya pulls him by his shoulder. He turns around.
Kriya: what do you think of yourself? What the police will take those people behind the bars? They wont do anything. It was just a prank played by those students and you, you are simply dragging the matter.
He pins her to the car in rage.

Rey: yeah right. Just because of this prank our amaya is there inside. What do you think? Because of this she could have died also and you tell me to let go of those people?
Kriya: leave me. Its hurting.
Rey realises that he had gripped her hands and it was hurting her. He leaves her hand.
Rey: listen i need justice for amaya and i will go anywhere to get it.
Kriya: yeah right. Now your justice is more important than amaya na? She is lying there inside and have you seen mantu? He is shattered. He needs us not that justice. Amaya needs us instead.
If you still wanna go then you are free to do so. Just think before you act.

Sorry guys for a short and late post. Very busy with my college work these days. So i planned to write it on alternate days. If possible i will post everyday. Thanks for reading please do comment.

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