agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 15)

Mantu rushed in calling out for doctor. The doctor comes and recognises amaya.
Doctor: amaya? What happened to her?
Mantu in worried tone: don’t know! Her nose started bleeding and now she is fainting.
Doctor: get her inn quickly.
He takes her in. Doctor calls nurse and asks others to get equipment.
Mantu: what has happened to her? Anything serious?
Doctor: did she intake any toxin?
Mantu: don’t know! But she had drank alcohol.

Doctor : what???!!!!! Good that you got her.
He goes in. Mantu is left there without any answers. He is completely worried about her. What has happened to her? Why the doctor are not telling anything? Hope everything is alright with her. He starts praying to keep amaya safe. Nothing should happen to her.
Rey has droped kriya home. Kriya informs him that amaya is not at home.
Rey: what? Mantu must have taken her to his house.
Kriya: just call him and see.
Rey tries calling mantu but he is not picking but his phone is in the car.
Rey: he is not picking.
Kriya: try again.
Rey tries but in vain.

Kriya: hope everything is fine .
Rey: don’t worry everything will be fine. Let me try his sisters number. He calls her.
She tells him that he’s not at home. If he comes she will let him know.
Rey: they have not reached home.
Kriya: where they must have gone?
Rey: don’t worry i will see. You stay at home if they come let me know.
Kriya: yeah take care.
Nurse comes out.
Mantu: what has happened to her?
Nurse: we can’t say anything now.
Mantu: what has gone wrong? They are not even telling me.
Its been a hour since amaya was taken in. Mantu has not even sat. His just taking rounds and walking restless.
Doctor comes out.
Mantu asks him what had happened to her.
Doctor: don’t worry she’s out of danger now.
Mantu: danger?

Doctor: she had intaken alcohol.
Mantu: was anything mixed in it?
Doctor: no actually her anti-depressants had reacted with alcohol and caused harmful toxin which caused the bleeding.
Mantu: is everything fine now?
Doctor: yeah. Its good that you got her on time otherwise you could have lost her…
Mantu: but now? Can i meet her?
Doctor: not now. She’s unconcious.
Mantu: please once. I will come out soon.
Doctor: hmmm but soon.
Mantu assures him and goes in. He holds her hand. I am sorry amaya if i would have not taken reys side this would have happen. You would have not taken that drink. I am sorry. Please forgive me. He weeps.
Doctor asks him to come out.

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