agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 14)

The college is well decorated for the party. Everyone seems to be happy. All are perfectly dressed.
Kriya and Amaya comes on the other hand rey and mantu also enter at the same time.
Mantu: you girls are looking nice!!
Rey: what’s so nice in them. They are looking like ghosts. And their gender also say so GIRL – GHOST IN REAL LIFE
He laughs and gives hifi to mantu. He also enjoys the joke.
Amaya: stop it rey. How rude of you? You guys go. We are not coming with you’ll.
Kriya: yeah. You will come to know our importance when we are not there.
They leave.
Mantu: rey you also na.. now see they have gone .. who will bear their anger?
Rey: chill yaar. I was just joking.
Mantu: your jokes are leading to rude situations.
Rey: ok i will handle it my way.
Mantu: yeah right. Let’s go in first.
They also go in.
The hall is well decorated. Most students are enjoying the party. While others are just standing and chit chatting.
Mantu and rey see kriya and amaya with other boys.
Mantu: they left us and went to others.
Rey: yeah and we came here to appologize.
Mantu calls out to amaya but she ignores him. On the other hand rey also does the same but same thing happens with him.
Mantu: see what has happened. They have gone with other guys.
Rey: they don’t need us any more.
Mantu: you were suppose to handle it your way na? What happened?
Rey: yeah let me try. First let’s go from here. They go from the hall.

Amaya: look, they don’t even care about us they went out.
Kriya: yeah you right. They don’t care about us. They saw us and they went.
Amaya: we will also ignore them.
Kriya: yeah.
The lights go turn off.
The song sorry(justin beiber) plays.
Rey comes in singing with mantu. All cheer them but kriya and amaya ignore them. Rey dances infront of kriya and mantu also sings for amaya. The crowd dances with rey and mantu.
Amaya goes out.
Rey: i am sorry kriya. You look beautiful. Please forgive me.
Kriya: hmmmm on one condition.
Rey: what?
Kriya: that i will also dance with you.
Rey: ofcourse come join. Why to ask also? Please join.
They dance. Mantu to himself this rey persuaded kriya what about amaya. Where’s she? He does not find her. He sees kriyaansh dancing and thinks not to disturb them. He also goes out.
He checks the corridors but he does not find her. He goes to the parking area. Amaya is sitting there on the car.
He goes to her.
Mantu: you are here? I have been searching you all the while.
Amaya; i don’t want to talk to you.
Mantu: aree this is not fair, rey said everything and you are getting angry on me?
Amaya: you also support him in wrong things.
Mantu: i am sorry, please forgive me.
Amaya ignores him.
Mantu does sit ups and says i am sorry. Amaya still ignores him. He plucks one flower and tucks it behind his ear and hold his ear and says sorry.
Amaya laughs seeing him. You know what i had forgiven to inside only. But you were the one who did sit ups by yourself.
Mantu: what!!!
Amaya: yeah i just wanted to see , what could you do to convince me.
Mantu smiles seeing her laughing.
Mantu: why are you sitting here?
Amaya: got bored inside.
Mantu: its an amazing party and you got bored?
Amaya: i don’t like parties and loud music.
Mantu: peace lover i suppose.
Amaya: yeah. Sometimes silence speaks more than noise.
Mantu: yeah. He sits next to her.
There is just silence among them. Amaya laughs suddenly.
Mantu: what happened?
Amaya: youu naaaa…..
Mantu: are you drunk?
Amaya: you think i am drunk. She pokes finger on his cheeks.
Mantu: amaya you are drunk. Who gave you alchohol.
Amaya: i am not drunk i am totally fine. She stands on the car.
Mantu: sit down you will fall.
Amaya: you are there to always keep me safe.
They share an eye lock.
Mantu: ohh god someone has given her alcohol. He gets down the car.
Amaya get down you will fall.
Amaya: shutup. I told you na i am fine. See i can stand properly. She shows him standing. See i am fine.
Mantu: sit down amaya you will fall otherwise.
Amaya: no i am fine … i will not fall… she jumps on the car and fumbles and ..
Before she falls she lands in mantu’s arms.
Amaya: see i told you. You will never let me fall.
Mantu: you tell me who gave you to drink? Or you got your own drink.
Amaya: wohh na .. i had drank that drink which was served in party. You should also try it. It was soo nicr you know. She starts poking her fingers on his cheeks.
Mantu: amaya stop it. Amaya pulls his cheeks.
Amaya: awwww you are getting irritated.
Mantu: amaya come sit in.
Amaya; no i will not.
Mantu drags her and makes her sit in the car. He informs rey not to drink the servings and not let kriya also drink it.
Rey: but why?
Mantu: drinks are spiked. Inform everyone.
Rey: how do you know?
Mantu: this amaya has drank. And she’s saying it was served in party. I will drop her home yo come with kriya later.
Rey: okay.
Amaya bangs the windows. Mantu asks her to keep quite. She asks him to leave her.
Mantu: the party is over let’s go home.
Amaya: yeah then lets go.
She irritates mantu in the car. Mantu asks her to sleep but she opens the window and puts her head out.
Mantu: amaya get in. You will get hurt.
Amaya: nooooo i will not. Mantu finally makes her sit and locks the window.
Amaya: you know you want me to do as you say. Hitler.
Mantu smiles at her kiddish behaviour.
Amaya: you are blushing?
Mantu no amaya. He does not look towards her.
Amaya: you are blushing that’s why you are ignoring me.
Mantu : i am not ignoring nor blushing. He turns towards her. He finds her nose bleeding.
Mantu: what happened to your nose?
Amaya: dont change the topic.
Mantu: your nose is bleeding.
Amaya touches her nose and finds it bleeding.
Amaya: i don’t know may be you punched me .
Mantu: take this and wipe it ( gives her handkerchief)
She wipes it. Still it bleeds.
Mantu: amaya i think we should visit the doctor.
Amaya: no no doctor.
Mantu : no i am taking you to the doctor. You don’t sleep now.
He takes the car towards the hospital.
Amaya is almost fainting.
Mantu: don’t fall asleep amaya. We have reached. He opens the door and takes her out in his arms. He takes her in. He calls the doctor.
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