agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 13)

Amaya sees rey sleeping calmly. There is someone else also who is ready to help you. Who can calm you down. She sits on the sofa next to him.
Kriya is all worried about rey. She is getting restless recollecting what happened today. She goes out of the room worrying about him. She walks down the stairs.
Amaya notices her. What happened?
Kriya: nothing, i am not getting sleep.
Amaya: wanna play?
Kriya: play?
Amaya: video game. What would we do then?
Kriya: ohh k.
Amaya connects the video game set to tv.
Amaya: come.
Kriya is not at all intrested in playing she came down to see rey but just because amaya was there. She agrees to play.
Amaya: kriyaaa!! Sit
They sit on the bean bag.

Amaya: you know kriya, when jeh and i were small we used to play like this.
Kriya: hmmm
Amaya: then slowly kezar took his place and now i guess you are going to.
Kriya gives her a faded smile. They start playing. Amaya wins most of the rounds.
Amaya: what happened kriya?
Kriya: nothing..
Amaya: you are not playing only.
Kriya: i am sleepy.
Amaya: really you are sleepy or something else?
Kriya thinks for a while and says sleepy.
Amaya: go sleep then.
Kriya unwantedly walks the stairs without taking her eyes off rey.
Amaya to herself: may be she has developed some feelings for rey. But she herself is not aware about it.
Its morning.
Rey wakes up and finds amaya in the hall.
Rey: hii how am i over here?

Amaya: don’t you remember? Last night?
Rey: ohhh god, my phobia, fear…. darkness….. kriya helping me out….
Amaya: yeah but then you felt unconcious and she made you sleep here.
Rey: yeah i have to thank her. You know how it becomes unbearable to control me.
Amaya: yeah. She is sleeping now.
Rey: don’t let her wake up. Let her sleep. You guys are coming na for college?
Amaya: yeah we will.
Rey: great then i will meet you’ll there.
Amaya: you want to have something?
Rey: no I’ll go home.
Amaya: ok.
Rey leaves.
Kriya comes out after he leaves.
Amaya: rey?
Kriya: where’s he?
Amaya: he’s gone home just now.
Kriya: ohhlk.
Amaya: you are coming for college?
Kriya: yeah . I’ll get ready and come.
@ college

Amaya and kriya are sitting in the class.
Mantu enters. Amaya gets glad seeing him. She smiles at him. He also smiles and greets kriya.
Mantu: hey kriya.
Amaya: actually mantu someone is lost in someone elses thought and her eyes are only looking out for him.
Kriya has not even heard what amaya said.
Mantu: yeah i think. Our tom is missing our jerry.
Kriya: nothing like that. She goes out.
Mantu: was she really missing him? Or you were just teasing her.
Amaya: yeah . I have noticed her since last night. Actually rey was unconcious. So she was just coming to see him. And then she even started looking at him from the window.
Mantu: we should not take it seriously may be she was just concerned about him .
Amaya: yeah may be. But if she has some feeling for him. Then we should help her out.
Mantu: yeah but we need some other way to know if she has some feelings or just concerned.
Amaya: yeah ok .
They also go out.
Rey meets them. Rey; hey guys what’s upm?
Amaya; nothing much just going about.
Rey: where’s kriya?

Mantu: hmmm kriya and all huh? You forgot your other two friends?
Rey: no she is not with youll thats why i asked.
Amaya: don’t know where she has been.
Rey: let’s go to see then?
Mantu; yeah sure.
They move in the corridor where people are talking about fresher’s night.
Rey: guys i think today is freshers night. Look there he points out to the notice board.
Mantu reads it. It says all the freshers are invited for freshers night today.
Amaya today? But why today?
Rey: let it be let’s party tonight.
Mantu: yeah cool.
Amaya: fine guys let’s search for kriya.
Rey: yeah. They come to the basket ball court.
Mantu: she’s no where guys. We have been walking from the corridors to the court now.
Amaya: how can i forget!!
Rey: what?
Amaya stands she would be there.

Mantu& rey: where there??
Amaya come guys. She walks. They follow her.
She comes to rehersal hall, many people are gathered there.
Rey: there’s a big crowd out there.
Mantu: let’s see what’s happening.
They make way for themselves and sees kriya dancing on kamli.
Rey is mesmerised seeing her. He had never expected her to dance.
All the people are cheering her. The song stops and
Amaya: awesome kriya!!
Mantu: you are a very good dancer.
Kriya: thanks guys.
Amaya: but you don’t know we have one more person here who

give you tough competition.
Mantu: yeah. What say rey?
Rey: huh?
Amaya: dance?
Rey : that also you want to ask. For sure. Hold my bag.
He dances hip hop on get low. People are cheering him. The rehersal hall is gathered with all the students.
The principal comes. He asks them to stop the music. They stop rey stops dancing.
Principal: what’s happening here? Go home there are no lectures today. Go and come back for the tonights party. He shoves away all of them.
They all come out.
Kriya : your performance was amazing.
Mantu: yeah yeah. He was the best dancer in school.
Amaya: yeah.
Rey: thank you guys. Even kriya is a good dancer.

Amaya: yes she is.
Kriya: what’s there tonight?
Rey: freshers night.
Kriya: ohh k so let’s go home?
Amaya: yeah.
They move towards their respective cars.
Rey calls kriya.
Amaya : you go I’ll wait for you.
Kriya: hmmm

Rey: actually i wanted to thank you for yesterday.
Kriya: its okay. It was my duty and responsibility.
Rey: i am sorry for hugging you yesterday.
Kriya remembers how he hugged her.
Kriya: let it be.
Rey: you are not angry on me na?
Kriya; no, you did not do it intentionally.
Rey: hmm so everything alright?
Kriya: yeah.
Rey; great then let’s meet tonight .
They both leave.

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