After Parth, Erica Fernandez and Sahil Anand to Quit the KZK2 too?

It seems that Ekta Kapoor is having a hard time keeping her cast together. For her show Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, it’s bad news as the lead actor Parth Samthaan is quitting the show. But the rumor mills are abuzz that not just Parth, along with him his co stars Erica Fernandez and Sahil Anand too are opting their way out of the show.

There is news that Erica Fernandes, who portrays the love interest of Anurag Basu, the male protagonist essayed by Parth, is also planning to step out of the show. As per the sources, Erica is leaving the show for better prospects. Apparently, Parth Samthaan is serving his notice period and will shoot till September 10 or 11.

As for Sahil, who plays the role of Anupam Sengupta in the show is leaving too. Anupam is Nivedita Basu’s husband. As per reports in a leading entertainment portal, Parth Samthaan and Sahil Anand have both informed the production house about it. but till now there has been no confirmation on the same from either the stars or the production house.

It’s now a wait and watch game for KZK 2 as it’s fate hangs in balance.


  1. Erica probably doesn’t want to play mom to an 8 year old who looks more like she’s 14… also the flow of the story is that true love is toxic and abusive – who the hell wants to involved in that message except Those 2 idiots if KKB

    1. Sidrina

      Don’t call Sriti Jha and Shabir Ahluwalia an idiot ok…. They are commited and profesional actors who have decided to stay in the show… yes I admit the show is disgusting but that doesn’t givr you the right to say anything about Tisha who have been entertaining for 6 consecutive years.

      But I do agree that Parth and Erica have made the right decision to quit the show. I guess because they are actors of today’s generation they have gattered up the guts to quit Ekta’s show. I’m sure they will turn out to be successful as Mrunal Thakur who has achieved so much today.. Film to film.. she is really taking the nepos down. Proud of her

    2. Karma's Big Brother

      What’s your problem woman if she calls them idiots? Leave her, even I call them idiots. Yes Tisha are idiots.
      Like what will you do? Sue us, kill us? LoL
      Tbh, you are an idiot. Everyone has their own personal opinion, dude and you shouldn’t be forcing your opinions onto someone else. If you feel something, it’s not necessary that everyone else should think the same way as you do. The way you are forcing your thoughts on Kalika itself shows that you are an idiotic girl.
      People with shit filled in their heads like you and who have no job in their ass are always here to blabber their nonsense onto others.
      I am not here to argue with dumbasses like you.
      I know you will reply to show how idiotic you are to ceaselessly trying prove that you are right.
      Dw, babes, I won’t bother to reply to you anymore. Keep replying and show everyone what kind of idiot you are
      Just f**k🖕you, woman

    3. Sidrina

      Honestly….. I don’t really care about you and your blo*dy fake accounts.. you are probably one of those so-called telly updates admins who are here to abuse me… and whatever I said was to kalika so why are you getting affected???.. I’m going to stop fricking commenting on this shitty site because of the negativity I’m getting…… Just leave it man

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