After many years, we are once again brother and sister: Characters

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omkara a.k.a om, age: 34: gauri’s husband. sweet man. artist by profession. he knows how to handle stubborn gauri very well. love gauri and his kids a lot along with his family.

gauri, age: 32: om’s husband. a sweet bubbly woman with a painful past. singer by profession. she doesn’t like it when om uses salman khan’s name to control her.loves om and her kids a lot along with her family. great cook. 8 months pregnant with om and hers’ fifth child.

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Priyanka a.k.a prinku, age: 28: sweet wife of ranveer. true example of desi wife: very controlling over her husband!! loves her family a lot and loves annoying ranveer. owns a famous bakery in America.

ranveer, age: 28: a sweet kind man with a painful past which haunts him. like very desi husband, he is controlled by prinku. cop by profession. misses his older sister a lot. loves his wife and kids along with the family a lot.

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aadhira a.k.a binkle, age: 16: rikara’s daughter. gauri was pregnant with her at 16.

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viren, age: 13: son of rikara.

mishti a.k.a misty, age 12: daughter of rikara.

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naina a.k.a munni, age: 4: rikara’s daughter

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aastha, age: 8: priveer’s daughter

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suhana, age: 7: priveer’s daughter

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shubh, age: 5 months old






shivay, age: 38

anika, age: 37


Rudra a.k.a rudy, age: 33

Soumya a.k.a somu, age: 33

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supreet a.k.a sweety, age: 17: shivika’s daughter

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aarti, age: 14

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sahil a.k.a prince a.k.a sp: shivika’s son

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naira, age: 11: rumya’s daughter

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naksh, age: 9: rumya’s son

ruhi, age: 8: rumya’s daughter

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