Ae Mere Dil…Oh My Heart…Shaheer Tejasswi SS Part 6(Last Part)

Ae mere dil…Oh my heart…Part 6


Mishti went to Jeev’s house.

She saw him standing at the compound.

She felt emotional seeing him there.She ran towards him and her foot got slipped.

In fear of falling down she called him:Jeev!

Suddenly Jeev saw him and held her by her waist to prevent her from falling down.

Mohabbat ho gayi hai phir se shayad
Main phir se chaand ko paane chala hoon
Bahut roya tha jo ik baar kar
Wahi ghalti main dohraane chala hoon

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Mohabbat ho gayi hai phir se shayad
Main phir se chaand ko paane chala hoon
Bahut roya tha jo ik baar kar
Wahi ghalti main dohraane chala hoon

Jeev moved away from her.

Jeev:Why are you here Mishti?You got everything from me.Right?Now what is left?

Mishti:No..I did not get everything which I want from you.I want Jeev;the husband for myself.

He looked at her in disbelief.

Ae mere dil
Na phir kisi se ishq kar
Ae mere dil
Na us gali se phir guzar

Mishti embraced him emotionally.Jeev was shocked.

Ae mere dil
Na phir kisi se ishq kar
Ae mere dil
Na us gali se phir guzar
Tu sau dafa, toda gaya
Rota hua chhora gaya
Na dobara se wo bhool kar

Jeev moved away from her.

Jeev:What do you mean Mishti?

It started raining.

Jeev:Anyways leave it.

He just started to walk away ignoring her.

Mishti walked after him.

Mishti:Jeev…please listen to me.

She held his hand.

He looked at her.

Mishti:I know that I hurt you a lot with my tongue.But please forgive me.I am really sorry.

Jeev gave her a cold reply:Ok.I forgive you.Now what?

Mishti:I married you for property.But now I don’t want any property.I want only you.

Jeev was stunned.

Ae mere dil
Na phir kisi se ishq kar
Ae mere dil
Na us gali se phir guzar

Mishti:In your absence I realized your importance in my life.I realized that I love you.

Jeev could not believe his eyes.

Doobi hui dard me
Ab ke chali jo hawa
Tu to bikhar jayega
Kaghazon ki tarah

Mishti:I want to live as your loving wife in your last days.

Jeev looked at her emotionally.

Baat ye kal ki to hai
Yaad nahin kya tujhe
Aankhon se khwab gire
Tu na rok saka

Jeev:I am not a patient like you think.I have no disease.

Mishti was shocked:What?

Jeev:It was a lie.

Mishti was shocked.

Mishti:Why did Palchin and you lie to me?

Jeev:The story starts from our college.

Mishti:Our college?

Jeev:Yes.I was also in your college.You have not noticed me.But I had noticed you.I used to love you without your own knowledge.



Flash back….

Jeev was looking at Mishti romantically in the college.


Jeev:I did not have the courage to confess my love to you.Later I visited Palchin’s hospital as she is my cousin.

Mishti was surprised:You are Palchin’s cousin?

Jeev:Yes.After I lost my parents it’s Palchin’s parents who looked after me.

Mishti:Oh so you are the cousin brother about whom Palchin used to tell me.But she used to address you as Jee.

Jeev:Yes.That was my pet name and she calls me like that.When I visited her hospital I saw you there.Then I asked her about you.She told me that you are her closest friend.I was surprised.Later she told me that you want a dying patient as your husband.



Flash back…

Jeev:I am ready to marry Mishti.

Palchin was shocked:What are you saying Jeev?You are not a patient.

Jeev:I will pretend to be a patient if you support me.

Palchin:But why do you want to marry Mishti?

Jeev:Becaue I have been loving her since our college days.

Jeev told her how he used to love her silently in college.

Palchin was surprised.

Palchin:But Jee…Mishti is a peculiar type.She is not interested in any relationship.

Jeev:I know.But I will teach her the value of relationships.I will make her understand that love is more important than money.

Palchin:It’s not easy Jee..

Jeev:I know.But I will try my best.I hav faith in my love.

Palchin smiled.





Palchin looked at Jeev emotionally.

Jeev:But then I felt that I failed.

Palchin:So you left me.But you have won.From you only I realized that I hurt Anand uncle and Bela aunty who lived only for me.From you only I learnt to respect them.From you only I learnt the value of relationships.You taught me to love.I really love you Jeev.Please don’t leave me alone.I beg of you.

Ae mere dil
Ae mere dil tu maan jaa
Had ho chuki
Ab ho chuki hai intеha
Tu sau dafa, toda gaya
Rota hua chhora gaya
Ae deewane ab to baaz aa

He looked at her teary eyes.Slowly he wiped her tears and pulled her closer.

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Ae mеre dil
Na phir kisi se ishq kar

Ae mere dil
Na us gali se phir guzar

Their lips touched each others with pure emotional love.

Ae mеre dil

Na phir kisi se ishq kar
Ae mere dil
Na us gali se phir guzar

Mishti spent the night with Jeev in his house.

The next morning….

Mishti was very upset thinking of Anand and Bela.

Jeev:What happened Mishti?Why are you looking sad?

He joked:Is it because I am not going to die?

Mishti placed her finger on his lips.

Mishti:Don’t dare to say that.When I fell in love with you I prayed to God to give you a long life.So that we can live together happily.But still I had no hope.Yet I waited for a miracle.And when I came to know that you are actually a healthy person..I can’t tell you how happy I am now. I can’t express my happiness.So please don’t say that again.

Mohabbat ho gayi hai phir se shayad
Main phir se chaand ko paane chala hoon
Bahut roya tha jo ik baar kar
Wahi ghalti main dohraane chala hoon

He smiled:No,I won’t repeat it.I am happy that you love me like I love you.

She smiled.

Ae mere dil
Na phir kisi se ishq kar
Ae mere dil
Na us gali se phir guzar(Ae mere dil).

Mishti:I am very happy that I got you back.But my life will be complete only if Anand uncle and Bela aunty forgive me and come back to me.I am incomplete without them.

Jeev:Don’t feel incomplete Mishti.You are a lucky girl.

Mishti:Why did you say that?

Jeev took her to the living room.She was surprised to see Anand and Bela there.

Mishti became emotional:Anand uncle…Bela aunty…

Jeev:Don’t doubt.She is a changed person now.She is your daughter Mishti in every way.

Anand-Bela smiled emotionally.

Mishti ran towards them and hugged them weeping.Bela and Anand also wept.

Mishti:I am sorry.

Anand:Leave it Mishti.Let us forget the past.

Bela caressed her face:Yes.Don’t think about the past.We got our loving Mishti back.Nothing else matters to us now.

Mishti smiled.

Mishti:Please promise me that you both won’t leave me and go again.

Anand:No beta.We will be always together.

They were very happy.

Anand,Bela,Mishti and Jeev had a group hug.

Palchin who reached there smiled seeing their hug.


Palchin:Don’t move.Such a beautiful family scene before me.Let me click a picture.

They smiled.

Palchin took the camera from the table and clicked their family picture.

The end


Thank u so much to each one of u 4 commenting.This SS ends here.plz write ur fav scene,fav character n the reasons



  1. Shesha485

    Wonderful episode. Loved all the scenes. Thankfully Jeev is not a cancer patient. Loved how he narrated the past that he loved her secretly. Surprisingly, Palchin is Jeev’s cousin and she is the cupid of MishJeev story. It is a expected and sweet surprise that Anand and Bela were residing with Jeev. Good to see, Mishti apologizing Jeev and scolds when he speaks about death. Loved Anand-Mishti-Bela hug as it was so emotional.
    My favorite characters are Jeev for his intelligence, Anand-Bela for their selflessness and especially Palchin for her mastermind plan.
    My favorite scenes are when Anand-Jeev conversation before marriage, Jeev making Mishti work a lot, Mishti’s remorse, her union with Anand-Bela

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you so much

  2. You I was heartbroken by thinking that jeev will die soon. And expecting sad ending.
    But I am happy that jeev is not a patient.

  3. Hey, But I knew it that Jeev will not die🤣. My prediction won. Yayyy! And about the favourite character – Obviously I like Mishti’s character. A female lead filled with negativity. And the favourite scene, Jeev making Mishti work as his wishes. This fiction was truly amazing and fantastic. By the way, what does ss mean? I had read one more abbreviation TS, what is TS?

    1. Shesha485

      TS – Two Shots/Three Shots
      SS – Short Story
      OS – One Shot
      FS – Four Shots/Five Shot.
      Hope you’re clear with it.

  4. Lovely story…enjoyed it till the end…thanks a lot for writing this story…all the best for the future

  5. Adhu

    Nice ending 👍🏻. Jeev is perfectly okay , that was. Nice twist. Mishti got everything back her love , Anand Uncle and Bela Aunty .. Jeev and Palchin are cousins and all this was plan of Jeev with help of Palchin. That was great. This SS was really sweet.
    Favorite character- Mishti and Jeev
    As Mishti’s character had flaws too. Jeev’s character was loving and tricky .
    Favorite scene – Scenes where Jeev made her do everything in the name of his wishes.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you very much

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