Ae Mere Dil…Oh My Heart…Shaheer Tejasswi SS Part 5

Ae mere dil…Oh my heart… Part 5

After some days Mishti really lost her cool and yelled at Jeev.

Mishti:I did everything you wanted.Now you might be sure that till death you will get a comfortable life here.Still why are you not signing the papers?You are so selfish that you don’t care about me.It’s good that you are going to die.It’s because of your selfish nature that God gave you an illness which will take your life soon.

Jeev’s heart got pierced.

Mishti:I guess you forgot why I married a dying patient like you.I married you only to get your signature so that I can have power over my properties.I married a cancer patient like you so that you will leave my life soon and I can enjoy my life all alone.For that I did everything you said.

To their shock Anand-Bela were standing near the door.They had overheard everything.

Anand:What were you saying?

Jeev and Mishti were silent.

Anand:Tell me..what we heard is true?You guys were fooling us?

Jeev-Mishti were silent.

Anand-Bela were shattered.

Anand:So whatever change you showed recently was your pretence. But we were foolish to believe it.

Anand-Bela wept.Seeing that unknowingly Mishti became upset.

Anand:We feel ashamed of ourselves for not being able to bring you up well.

Bela:Anandji,there is no need of saying anything.She won’t understand anything.

Jeev:Please you both stop scolding Mishti.Mishti deserves her property.

Jeev took the papers and signed them.

Jeev:Keep them with you Mishti.I am leaving this house as my role in your life is over.

Mishti was shocked as she did not expect Jeev to take a sudden decision to leave the house.

Jeev:You spent money for my stay here.Right?I don’t want your favour anymore.My small savings is enough to pay it back to you.

He took a cheque and signed it after writing the amount there.He gave it to Mishti.

Jeev:Keep it with you.

She was stunned as she never expected him to do it.

Jeev packed the bag and walked towards the door.

Anand-Bela looked at him painfully.

Anand:I am not stopping you from going as you deserve better.I am not sympathizing you for your illness.Because compared to the terrible life you were leading here even illness and death are nothing.

Bela:But we will miss you.

Jeev looked at them tearfully.

Jeev:I will also miss you both.An orphan like me got maximum love from you both.I can never forget that.Thank you so much for that.

Anand-Bela cried.

Mishti was staring at Jeev.She did not know what she was undergoing.

Jeev:Thank you Mishti for fulfilling my wishes.

Mishti was stunned.

Jeev:Good bye.

He left the house.

Anand stared at Mishti:Jeev is such a nice boy.But you were so heartless to use him.You married him only to wait for his death.How could you be so heartless?

Mishti became upset.

Anand:You know why agreed to get you married to Jeev?

Mishti was silent.

Anand:Remember ..I had talked to Jeev personally when you brought him home.



Flash back…

Anand:Do you really love Mishti?

Jeev:Yes Uncle.I really love Mishti.

Anand:Do you really want to marry her?

Jeev:Yes.I want to marry her.

Anand:Any boy will get attracted towards a pretty girl.It’s easy to say I love you to her.But that’s a bubble which can break at any time.When you enter the real life ie married life it’s not easy.Only if you accept a person as he/she is and love the soul of that person the married life will have depth.Do you know the real personality of Mishti?Did you love her and decide to marry her only after knowing her truly or you took this decision by seeing her externally?

Jeev:I fell in love with her without knowing her personally.But now I know her very well.Still I love her very much.

Anand asked him in a sarcastic tone:Really you know her?Are you serious?

Jeev:Yes..I know her very well.She is not at all like other gils.She is selfish,greedy,proud,arrogant,greedy..She does’nt have any feelings for others.She does’nt even respect elders.Still my love for her did not change.I realized how much I love her.That’s why I decided to marry her.

Anand-Bela were surprised.They smiled.

Anand:Mishti might do many things which may be not likable to you.But please never leave her hand.

Jeev:Please don’t worry.I promise you that I will not change my word and will love her till the end of my life.

Anand-Bela became very happy.

Anand patted his shoulder.

Anand:You are the man we dreamt of for Mishti.But I never ever thought that Mishti will get such a nice boy.She is lucky to have a loving boy like you.

Jeev smiled and hugged Anand happily.




Mishti was stunned to hear it.

She thought:What?Jeev loves me?

Anand:Jeev loved you with all your defects.Still you hurt him every day.

Bela:How can you hurt the person who loves you unconditionally like the way you are?

Mishti became very upset.She herself did not understand what she was feeling that moment.

Anand looked at Bela:Why are you asking this question to her Bela?Only those who have heart can understand all this.

Mishti became upset.

Mishti thought:Does Jeev really love me or was he lying to Anand uncle and Bela aunty?

Anand-Bela packed their luggage and came out of their room.

Anand:You wanted to enjoy alone without any burden.Right?We know that we are the biggest hurdles in your life.So we are leaving.You enjoy alone.You live your life as you please.

Bela:We won’t disturb you.

Mishti became upset.

Anand:Till now I looked after your father’s company.As you were irresponsible I could not hand over the company to you.Now since everything belongs to you,from now onwards you yourself manage the company.

Mishti’s eyes got filled up with tears.

Mishti:Please don’t go.

Anand asked her sarcastically:You are trying to stop us?We are sure that there is no good intention behind it.
Mishti:No.Last few days I realized how rudely I behaved with you both.I really repent.Please don’t go.

Bela:We can’t believe you.If you had really realized your mistakes you would have understood how you treated your husband who is counting days.

Mishti became upset.Anand-Bela left the house.

Mishti burst into tears.



Days passed.

She was missing the care and affection of Anand-Bela.

Mishti:When I lost you both,I realized that you both never made me feel the pain of a child who lost her parents.I am a fool to not realize it before.

She remembered Jeev every moment.

Mishti:I wanted to get rid of you as soon as possible.Then why I feel upset when you left me?Why I am craving to see you?

Mishti was watching the sea waves at the beach.

Mishti:Like I wished I became the richest girl who has no one to control.I have full freedom now.Still I feel so empty.I feel that even after getting everything I don’t have anything.

Suddenly she saw herself walking along with Jeev.A smile appeared on her face.

Mohabbat ho gayi hai phir se shayad
Main phir se chaand ko paane chala hoon
Bahut roya tha jo ik baar kar
Wahi ghalti main dohraane chala hoon

She imagined Jeev carrying her on his back and walking there.

Ae mere dil
Na phir kisi se ishq kar
Ae mere dil
Na us gali se phir guzar

Ae mere dil
Na phir kisi se ishq kar
Ae mere dil
Na us gali se phir guzar
Tu sau dafa, toda gaya
Rota hua chhora gaya
Na dobara se wo bhool kar(Ae mere dil-Music video).

She felt very happy.But when she realized that it was only her imagination she broke into tears.

Mishti:I miss you Jeev.I want you.I need you.Please come back to me.

Mishti met Palchin in her hospital.

Mishti:Is Jeev in your hospital?I want to see him.

Palchin:Jeev is not here.Why are you restless Mishti?

Mishti:I want to see Jeev.

Palchin:What happened Mishti?

Mishti told her everything and Palchin got shocked.

Palchin:This is shocking.Though you are my friend now I support them Mishti.Sorry.

Mishti:I know.Because even I know that I was wrong.Now I want to rectify my mistakes.

Palchin was stunned.

Palchin:What do you mean?

Mishti:I want all of them back Palchin.


Mishti:I want uncle,aunty and Jeev with me.

Palchin could not believe her ears.

Palchin:Jeev too?

Mishti:Yes.I can’t imagine a life without Jeev.I want his remaining days to be the happiest with me.

Palchin was surprised.

Mishti:Tell me where he is.

Palchin:He is in his house.I will give you his address.

Mishti went to Jeev’s house.

She saw him standing at the compound.

She felt emotional seeing him there.

  1. Shesha485

    Emotional episode. So sad to see Bela and Anand were heartbroken and guilty. Never thought Jeev too breaks completely. Out of pain, he signed the papers and also cheque and left the house. Jeev and Mishti’s beach dream with the lyrics was so nice. Loved when Misti regrets for her mistakes and longing them for comeback. She tried to stop them was really Impressive. Palchin helping Mishti was nice. She finally understood that she cannot live without Jeev. 😊😊

  2. I’m very sad because jeev is going to die

  3. Adhu

    Emotional episode! Jeev , Anand and Bela exit was so shocking. Mishti realised importance of them in their life . She started yearning for Jeev’s presence was so sweet.

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