Ae Mere Dil SS – Don’t Repeat The Mistake Again Part 7

Hey friends its been a month since the previous part was uploaded. So sorry for such a delay as I was busy with studies. I promise to not delay anymore and complete this ss soon. 10th part will be the last one. Still 4 more pending. I’ll upload them regularly

Recap: Abishek is in Bangalore to stay away from Kavya. Kavya decides something and shares it with Aryan

Its A beautiful morning in the city of Bangalore / Bengaluru.Kavya hops off the bus and reaches the radio station.

Receptionist: How may I help you mam?

Kavya: Im Kavya from Mumbai

Receptionist: Welcome to Bengaluru branch mam. Its so surprising to get two RJs from same station here.
Kavya: Where is Abishek?

Receptionist: Sir has an early morning show mam so he left just now.

Kavya: Achaa

Receptionist: GM is waiting for you .
Kavya: Ill meet him ASAP

Kavya walks in. She walks to the GM cabin. On the way she inhales deep thinking that she is at the same place where her love was few minutes ago. That thought gives her a new energy and she walks in.

Abishek is unaware of her arrival. He still misses her terribly but he cheats himself that this feel will disappear as he stays away though he very well knows that every effort to forget her is reminding him more of her. Abishek cooks his breakfast and hums to his favourite tune. He then grabs his breakfast and walks out to his balcony. He is shocked to see Kavya in his neighbourhood balcony. He pinches himself to make sure that he is not dreaming.
Kavya: Hey Abishek!!!

Abishek: Kavya? You here?

Kavya: I got transferred too . Company recommended this apartment to me. Its good to be your neighbor

Abishek walks inside

Kavya in mind: Wherever you run away I will be coming behind you Abishek. I know you love me..though your lips never tell it your eyes have conveyed it long ago. Though you tried to hide it well I knew it.
Abishek : Godd…..whats this huh? She is here….the reason for me leaving Mumbai was to avoid her and avoid us being hurt…but here she is too close than at  Mumbai. Arghhhhhhh this is killing

Kavya’s mobile rings. Its Aryan

Aryan: Kavya are you set?

Kavya: Haan bhai..Im staying in Abir’s next house

Aryan: Your plan will work for sure. My entire support for you

Priyanka: Mine too

Kavya: Thank you to both of you.
Priyanka: Chal chal dont get too formal

Aryan: Succeed in love and come back soon. Take care. Bye

Once the call disconnects Aryan hugs Priyanka

Aryan: You were right every step towards Abishek will make Kavya happy

Priyanka: True love does that Aryan. Dont worry she will succeed .

Aryan: She has to


Kavya dresses in Abishek’s favourite colour clothes and walks out of the house. He is stunned to see her walking to her cab from his balcony.

Abishek: In this much crowd why are my eyes spotting only her. Ae Mere Dil Na phir kisise ishq kar…please …I cant bear one more hearbreak

Kavya walks into the radio station

Receptionist: Mam someone is waiting for you

Kavya: Kon?

Receptionist: He told his name as Vivaan

Kavya gets excited. She walks towards the lounge

Clerk: Kavya mam right?

Kavya nods

Clerk: Vivaan sir

Vivaan walks towards Kavya

Vivaan: Hello Kavya

Kavya: Hai here?

Vivaan: Im actually based here..but I love your show thats why I listen always. Ads were aired that your show is replaced and I traced that you joined here. So thought of catching up. Maybe our stories are same

Kavya: How?

Vivaan: I could feel it Kavya

Kavya: I would love to catch up once Im done with my show

Vivaan: Yeah of course. Fans like me are waiting for that. Go on. Lets meet later

Vivaan shakes hands and walks off after slipping his number written in a paper in her hands.



  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode. Now Kavya and Abhishek ate together. Looking forward for Vivian’s story…

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Shesha ❤️❤️ Its on the way

  2. Jasminerahul

    kavya abhi as neighbours was not expected at all.kavya thinking that whenever he tries to run away from her she will follow him was superb.the short Aryan priyanka scene was nice.surprised to see namish as vivaan.are you going to introduce his love interest?Nice pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine Happy that you liked Kavya thinking that whenever Abhishek tries to run away from her she will follow him . Yes dear his love interest will be shown

  3. Nice episode. Waiting for next one

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Aafrin. Ill upload it soon

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