Ae dil hai mushkil -naagin, Matsh, swaragini.. (episode 1)

Scene 1
Shivangi sees Rocky pic and sleeps hugging it… Annapoorna sees her and thinks that she got other bahu… She calls someone and asks them to come home tomorrow… It is yamini whom with Annapoorna talked… Rithika hears yamini and cries… She thinks that he can’t leave Rocky….

Scene 2
In picnic.. Naina and Priyal play with Shivanya and ishani… Shivanya feels sorry for shivangi.. Ishani consoles her and ask her to understand shivangi… They play with their kids and share a mother children bond..

Scene 3
In the gym… Rudra is seen working out and he sees shivangi pic and says that he will come to her soon.. He then imagines romancing with shivangi… They both talk about their honeymoon and etc…

Scene 4
Some ladies come and tells sarmishta that today is very auspicious day and asks her to do Ishani’s godh Bharai…
All gets happy and her godh Bharai function starts… All wishes her… Rv sees ishani… She gets shy… All dance together….. Ishani and Rv teases all the couples….all gets shy… Rags asks Shivanya about shivangi’s doings…. Shivanya tells her that she has a special relation with her which is more than a sister.. She promotes the new show dil se dil tak….. Everyone smiles and promotes it…

Precap: Rocky and shivangi have an eyelock….Rithika comes in between them…rv and ishani discuss about rudra’s proposal for shivangi which shocks both yamini and Annapoorna…

  1. Jasminerahul

    Why did u create a new account?Y the chapter’s number is part1?Who is Rocky actually?Is he Yamini’s son?So Rudra Shivangi were lovers before.Then why did Shivangi break up with him?loved shivanya’s reply to ragini.In the precap u had written Shivangi Rocky’s rain romance.but it wasnt there.Hopefully it will come in the future update

    1. Supriyaa

      Actually I’m not able to access my account…. So I created new one… Sorry

    2. Jasminerahul

      it’s ok.but plz include rocky shivangi scene which u wrote in d precap

  2. Nandana

    Niceone dear but little confused…….

    1. Supriyaa

      Wat confusion dr

  3. Awesome ?

  4. Hi Supriyaa
    Pls can you send me the links of the other episodes or can you pls send me the link of your other account… I can directly check the other episodes there…

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