Ae dil hai mushkil: This Heart is Complicated MATSH Naagin SS Part 3

I’m disappointed that only one person read last chapter.Sad that MATSH fans are missing now.Special thanks to Shakaib.

Ae dil hai mushkil: This Heart is Complicated Part3
Ishani was lost in her thoughts about her marriage getting fixed with Shikar.Falguni came inside.
F:Ishani…what are you thinking?
Ish:Nothing mumma.I was thinking how suddenly it all happened?I mean Shikar and my marriage alliaince.

Falguni:It’s Shikar’s father’s wish beta.When Rakeshji put this suggestion we could’nt refuse as Shikar is a nice boy.And you know how much Rakeshji has helped your father when he had a huge fall in business.Anyways it was a nice decision.Right?
Ishani gave her a pale smile.

She thought:Why I am not happy?What do I desire?

Shikar was restless.
Shikar:I have to break this alliance at any cost.The engagement should not happen at all.I have to stop it.But how?How can I do that without hurting Nitin uncle,Falguni aunty and Ishani?My decision should not affect dad’s and Nitin uncle’s friendship.Everything is because of dad who fixed our marriage in public without even informing me.

Shikar rang up Ishani:Ishani…Shikar here.
Ishani thought:Why is he calling me?Is he starting phone romance?
Shikar:I want to meet you immediately.Please come to the near by park.
Ish:Ok..we will meet.
Ishani thought:Is Shikar planning a date?Oh no.How can I tell him that I am least interested in date?

Shikar Ishani met at the park.
Ish:Why did you call me Shikar?
Shi:Ishani…I want to talk to you about our coming engagement.

Suddenly his phone rang.He picked up the call excusing her.
It was Shivanya:Shikar..I want to meet you now.
Shivanya:Yes now.It’s urgent.
Shikar thought:Guess it’s something serious.Shivanya sounded very serious.
Shik:Ok..I will come.
Shikar looked at Ishani:I am sorry Ishani.I need to leave now.I have an important work.
Ishani:It’s ok.
Shikar went away.
Ishani:So strange.Shikar looks very indifferent now.

Shikar confronted Shivanya.Shivanya showed him the newspaper where the photograph of Shikar-Ishani was there with the news of their marriage being fixed.
Shivanya:Is this true Shikar?

Shikar became upset:Yes.
Shivanya slapped him and pulled the collar of his shirt:Shikar…is it true that your marriage is fixed with Ishani?
Shikar:Yes Shivanya.
Shivanya slapped him again:So it is for this you took my help to be best dressed.You wanted to impress Ishani by becoming the most handsome guy in her eyes.Right?
Shikar:Shivanya…trust me…I did’nt know that this was dad’s plan.I did’nt have any clue about it.If I had any hint about it I would have stopped dad and Nitin uncle from making that announcement.
Shivanya was crying.
Shikar felt sad:Look at my eyes Shivanya.Do you think that I don’t love you?How could you even think that I will leave you?

Tu Safar Mera
Hai Tu Hi Meri Manzil
Tere Bina Guzara
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Shivanya cried:Not that I don’t trust you Shikar.But I love you so much that I fear to lose you.I can’t live without you.

Tu Mera Khuda
Tu Hi Duaa Mein Shaamil
Tere Bina Guzara
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Shikar cupped her face in his hands:Even I can’t live without you Shivanya.I love you.And I promise you that I will do something and stop our engagement which they are planning.

Mujhe Aazmaati Hai Teri Kami
Meri Har Kami Ko Hai Tu Laazmi
Junoon Hai Mera

He sucked her tears with his lips.

Banoon Main Tere Qaabil
Tere Bina Guzaara
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Parul went to a mall.There she saw saw Disha getting cozy with a guy.She was shocked.She went near them without their knowledge.
Guy:Why are you marrying that duffer Manas when you love me?
Disha:I love only you Chirag.But for money I need Manas.That’s why this marriage.
Once I get his property in my name I will leave him and come to you.Then we will lead a happy life.
Chirag smiled.

Parul got shocked and shouted:Disha!
Disha ans Chirag saw her with a shock.

Parul:I never thought that you are so cheap.You call yourself rich.Still you are so greedy for money that you stopped to the level of cheating Manas?Poor Manas loves you a lot without knowing your true face.I will tear your mask before Manas now.
Disha sweated nervously.
Parul rushed to Manas and Disha followed her.
Disha:Parul…Parul…listen to me please.
All her pleads fell on Parul’s deaf ears.
They reached Manas.
Parul:Manas…Disha is cheating you…I saw her with a guy.

Manas was shocked.

Disha shed fake tears:Manas…do you think I can cheat you?It’s true that I am arrogant.I do go for disco and all.But can I cheat you?You know how much possessive I am about you.If I have another boy friend you why would I be possessive about you?

Ranveer and Ishani bumped into each other.Ishani slipped,but Ranveer held her by her waist.They shared an eye lock.Then slowly broke the eye lock.Ranveer released her.
Ishani:Ranveer…do you want to say anything to me?
Ishani:Because since papa and mumma’s anniversary party you seem to be silent and I feel that still your eyes are trying to say something.
Ranveer thought:How well you understood that I want to say something to you Ishani.
Ishani:Say want to tell me something?

Ranveer:Yes Ishani.I am longing to tell you something.But I hid it from you.But now I can’t control anymore.

Ishani:What is that Ranveer?Tell me.
He cupped her face in his hands:I want to tell you that I love you a lot and I can’t let you be with Shikar.
Ishani was shocked.She pushed him.He was stunned.
Ishani:How dare you Ranveer?I considered you as my best friend,but this was in your mind?You know what?Disha was right.You don’t even deserve my friendship.You better remain as the driver’s son.

Ranveer was shocked.
Ishani:And how dare you fall in love with a high class girl like me when you are only third class?
Ranveer burst out in frustration: I am not third class Ishani.I have a good job.I am an Engineer and I am earning well though I am not a Millionaire. But I have prestige in this society.Only because my father is grateful to your parents he is still working as your driver.Otherwise he does’nt need to be a driver as his son is earning very well now.
Ishani:Stop it.Even your qualification and job are my papa’s mercy on you.If my papa had’nt helped you financially for your education you would not have got education or a good job.So don’t tell me about your prestige.This is all my family’s favour for you.
Ranveer was shattered completely.

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  1. Excellent sis. And u know after one year shakti and radhika togeather in indonesia these days. So many fans r concentrate about that news since week. Dont worry they will comeback. Pls unite ishveer. As per current track ishveer unite may take long time. But i will wait

  2. Very niz epi dr
    Will manas fall in disha’s trap or trust parul
    Feel pity on Ranveer. Y ishani beha like this s imystery.
    Update nextsoon Dr

    Keep smiling and take care

  3. Hello dear I was not commenting to any ff because I went out of station and I was so much busy but now I have some time so I am commenting ? by the way your episode was good keep it up

  4. Nice episode

  5. Nice epi…..
    Just keep writing

  6. Amazing keep going dear

  7. Amazing story ๐Ÿ™‚ waiting for the next part ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Shakaib

    Awesome lovely one….. Love Shikanya(SHIKar-shivANYA) with title song a lot. I’ve not watched ADHM BUT ENJOYING IT A LOT IN YOUR SS!

    1. Jasminerahul

      have you heard the song ADHM?you mean you have not watched the movie ADHM?this ss is not related to the movie.just the title is same

      1. Shakaib

        Okay! I’ve heard song. It was used for rajri in kawach. thus, I download it. And I’ve no watched movie. Thanks for telling that only title is same. BTW, I’ve posted my ffs, have a look.

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