Ae dil hai mushkil fanfiction # riansh (episode 6) # badtameez dil

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Today iam so so excited …..(because of vansh entry)

So let’s start today’s episode…….

In VR mansion,

Author’s pov,

In Vansh’s office,

A man was sitting in a chair while seeing some files and taking some sips of coffee ☕, he looks so handsome in dark blue suit ………and near his Pocket a logo VR was shining like a Star .yes, it is our handsome Boy vansh ,vansh rai Singhania……

Suddenly the open was opened by a man, who is holding a file , vansh seeing the man ,he gives a smile to his …..

Man: excuse me boss can I come in…??

Vansh: of course angre, you can

(Yes it’s our angre,he is the P.A, bestfriend, brother and loyal person to vansh )

Angre: boss ,here is your important file

(Forwarding a file to the vansh)

Vansh: oh!! thanks angre ,iam waiting for this file, but it’s breakfast time ,so mom already called Me 3 time ,so I have to leave now ,by the way angre ,did you had your breakfast angre ?

Angre: no bo..

(Before angre complete the sentence ,a lady was was coming through the door and started saying……)

Lady: how many times I would called you??(in a angry tone)

Vansh: mom , iam coming

(It’s vansh mom , uma)

Uma: where??

Vansh: I completed my work mom, iam coming now

Uma:ok and angre you ,(pointing angre )

Where are you for this long time..??

(Rising the eyebrow)

Angre: ma ,I went to bring a important file

Uma:ok ,now come and both have your breakfast ,since morning you both are with empty stomach ….

Vansh and angre : ok,ma

In HAPPY office,

(Happy is the office of the Riddhima and her friend Sejal.They both are wedding and party organisers)

Sejal: hey !!! riddhima,how are you??

Riddhima: fine, so… what are the plans today…

Sejal: as we planned

Riddhima: I think 2 clients are coming to meet us right.

Sejal: yes

Riddhima: who are they??

Sejal: rajesh sen and uma rai Singhania

Riddhima:so one you and one me

Sejal: ok , I go with rajesh sen Because he is so handsome darling

Riddhima: shut up idoit , he is our client ,ok.

Sejal: ok, madam

AT 2PM ,

Riddhima is waiting for her client ,

A lady was entered the room who looking so beautiful in a floral designed saree and looking so royal

Lady:hi, iam uma rai Singhania

Riddhima: ohh! Nice to you Mrs rai Singhania,I am riddhima ,iam your party organiser and how can i help you??

Uma: you have to plan a birthday party

Riddhima: oh! birthday party, that’s soo good.ok mam we need some information about the person and some details about the party

Uma:yeah! sure

Suddenly a lady was entered the room with lunch box .uma, seeing that lady ,her eyes get bright in happiness

Uma: Aarohi!!


(Then they shared a hug ,in fact ,they have teary eyes too.)

Uma: how are you Aarohi??

Aarohi: iam fine uma , what about you??

Uma: yeah,iam good . after a long time we met

Aarohi: yeah!!

(Riddhima who is watching them from the beginning and get surprised. Riddhima Broking the conversation of uma and Aarohi)

Riddhima:maa,who is she ??you know her already??

Aarohi:yes.In fact

(Sentence Containing by uma)

Uma: best friends too

Riddhima:ohh!nice but how do you know eachother maa??

Aarohi: when iam studying in college Uma’s husband(ajay) is my class mate and close friend tooo after uma marry ajay , she is also become my best friend .

Riddhima: ohh! Nice to meet you aunty ,by the way is where is uncle ?? Aunty

Aarohi: (in a angry tone) riddhima stop it .

(Riddhima was confused)

Uma: rey!!Aarohi come on , it’s ok ,(seeing riddhima) Riddhima,he is no more .

Riddhima: ohh! Sorry aunty ,I really don’t know about it .iam really really sorry anuty

Uma: rey!! Beta ,It’s ok

Aarohi: so, how is your family .

Uma:all good and what about your son ,I saw him in his childhood.

Aarohi: good.after the death of ajay, you went to Australia then I missed you a lot.

Uma: yeah , I missed you too .

Aarohi: we have to talk a lot .

Uma: sure,but you have to come to my home tomorrow for lunch .

Aarohi: hmmm,ok done ,I will come

Uma: not only you , your family too….

Aarohi: yeah

Uma: you have too riddhima (seeing riddhima)

Riddhima: yes , aunty

After that they spend 1: 30 and they Left to their respective houses .



( Abeer and riddhima are drinking coffee while sitting in the balcony.

Riddhima: bhai mom getting ten’s

Abeer:for what honey??

Riddhima: bhaiya, shadi karona.


Riddhima: what’s your problem bhaiya??

Abeer: riddhima, leave it ,ok

Riddhima:ok bhaiya, don’t get angry,but after sometime you have to marry someone.

(Abeer don’t give any reply to her and she understands so changed the topic)

(Then they spend some time )


Aarohi: deep , today I met uma

Deep: uma!! , where??

Aarohi: in Riddhima’s office

Deep:ohh!!how is she??

Aarohi: good,she invited us to her house for lunch tomorrow

Deep:ohh! really iam so excited to meet her again after a long time


So guys hope you liked it …

Sorry for the delay,I will post every Sunday .

So be safe and happy

Sorry for grammatical mistakes…..

Precap: first meeting

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