Ae ajnabee apna mujhe tu laaga(episode 5)

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Om in his bed. He is lost in thoughts. He thinks of all that happened in his life in past few days, how his life was shattered to pieces and how it was put together by Anika. But all that time he thinks of one beautiful name, Anika(at least beautiful for him) the most.At last he finds himself searching for her no. in his phone but then looks at the clock. 1:00am, it says and Om abandons the idea of calling her.

Om then walks to the room where he makes all his sculptures. He comes and switch on the lights. He sees white curtains dancing merrily as the air flows in,the air which says to him that Om u have fallen into love.
Om turns on the radio;

” Can’t sleep. Thinking of your beloved. Welcome to your favourite love show ” Raat baaki ” with ARK. Friends many a times when we r in love, we r in this same situation. But how to come out of this confusion whether u love her or not. Don’t worry its simple. Just close your eyes and think of this beautiful feeling love. If u see her face then my friend u have fallen for her.

Om closes his eyes. He sees Anika splashing water in the sea, her childish dance, her looking into his eyes…all the moments come flashing before his eyes. He opens his eyes and his lips whisper ANIKA!!!

As ajnabee apna mujhe tu laaga starts playing…

Om starts carving Anika’s statue. He carves out her eyes first thinking of them. Then turns to her lips and in all this process his eyes r more addicted towards it and his hands move swiftly on this tune…

Anjaane ho tum, jo begaane ho tum
Jo pehchaane lagte ho kyun
Tum gehri neendon me jab soye soye ho
Toh mujhme jagte ho kyun

Jab tujhko paata hai
Dil muskurata hai
Kya tujh se hai waasta
Kya tujh me dhoondu main
Kya tujhse chahoon main
Kya kya hai tujhme mera
Jaanu na main tujhme mera hissa hai kya
Par ajnabee apna mujhe tu laaga….

Next day in hospital;
Om and Anika are sitting while Doc examines Om reports.
Doc: Great Mr.Omkara, u have recovered very fast. I m writing some medicines just take them on time.
Om and Anika thank doc and leave. Anika sees pani puri shop. She holds Om’s hand and next they r standing at the shop. Anika asks for the pani puri.
Anika: Om do u eat pani puri.
Before Om says anything he already has the one in his mouth. Anika keenly watches his expressions which changes like the spices in pani of pani puri. Om next coughs and after few seconds says” its nice”.
Anika: nice na! I told u. Bhaiya give some more.
She feeds another one to him. Just then a car comes and stand in front of them. Ridhima comes out.

Ridhima: Its so good that u r moving on Om.
She says these words looking at Anika. Anika tries to reply but Om holds her hand.
Ridhima: I just came to inform u that today is my engagement and u both r invited.
Om: we will surely come.
Ridhima leaves.
Anika: Why did u say yes? U know that she wants…
Om: That she wants to make me feel jealous but Anika I want to move on and so I don’t have any problem. I m going there.

In the evening;
Anika and Om reach the venue. Om goes to Ridhima’s parents.
Om: Namastey Aunty!
Aunty: Om! Its so good to see u with Anika. Do u know Ridhima is very lucky. Her fiance has a very big business in America.
Om: That’s very nice. By the way where is she?

They go to Ridhima next. Anika hands flower bouquet to her. Ridhima introduces her fiance to Om and Anika. He and Om share a warm handshake.

Om and Anika are standing. Anika asks him to return. Ridhima announces that her friend Om sings very well and says he will sing today for me.
Anika: How can she do this? Om u r not singing. I will talk to her.
She goes but stops in the way hearing Om’s painful voice…

Accha chalta hoon
Duaaon mein yaad rakhna
Mere zikr ka zubaan pe swaad rakhna-2

Anika turns. Yes its Om singing.
Anika: stop it Om.
Om comes beside her. She keeps her hand on his shoulder. He holds her hand and sings looking at Ridhima…

Dil ke sandookon mein
Mere acche kaam rakhna
Chitti taaron mein bhi
Mera tu salaam rakhna

Andhera tera Maine le liya
Mera ujla sitaara there naam kiya

Channa mareya mareya
Channa mareya mareya
Channa mareya mareya beliya…

Om turns away from the crowd just in time to hide his tears as he sings last lines. He then sees two kids( one boy and other girl) arguing. The girl gets angry and goes with another boy. The boy stands there sadly. Om goes to him, smiles and caresses his head. He takes him in his arms and goes where Ridhima is sitting and sings…

Mehfil mein Teri
Hum na rahe jo
Gham toh nhi hai-2
Kisse humare nazdeeqiyon ke
Kam toh nhi hai-2

Kitni dafaa subah ko merit
Tere aangan me baithe
Maine sham kiya

Channa mareya mareya….

He then shares a warm hug with Ridhima’s fiance. Ridhima too feels bad. Om starts leaving…

Tere rukh se apna rasta
Mod ke chala
Chandan hoo main
Apni khushboo chhod ke chala…

Anika too goes after him. She finds him standing alone. Om hugs her and breaks into tears.
Om: I m not so strong Anika. Just take me away.
Anika nods.

Precap: Om realises his love 4 Anika.

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