Ae ajnabee apna mujhe tu laaga(episode 3)

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Hello friends!
Thank u sooo much for commenting. Pls do let me know whether u find my narration style OK or not. I know that u guys are eager to see Omika romance and believe me,I too am very eager.I thought of skipping this episode but its very important u see. I just want to ask for one more day time.I will surely start writing about Omika from tomorrow. If possible forgive me for that and u must have heard” intezaar ka fal meetha hota hai” right?

Story so far;
Anika is very much in love with Shivaye while Om loves Ridhima a lot. But destiny has decided something else for them as Shivaye marries Tia for business deal and Ridhima leaves Om as our hero values relationship and love more than money. How will their paths cross as they try to overcome their heartbreak? For answers keepkeep reading….

Episode 3;

Om in a disco. Om sits and looks around blankly. He sees love birds there and remembers Ridhima. A man comes and offers him wine. Man says its very useful. It heals every wounds. U will forget all ur pains. Om picks up the glass,looks at it and smiles. He drinks it in one go. His face register utter distaste as he drinks for the first time. He asks for more. Waiter offers him. He finishes it too.

Atif Aslam’s tere bin song plays(my favourite heartbreak song).

Tere bin main yun kaise jiya
Kaise jiya tere bin;

Om finishes glasses after glasses remembering all his beautiful memories with Ridhima.

Lekar yaadein Teri raaten meri kati-2
Mujhse baaten Teri karti hai chaandni
Tanha hai tujh bin raaten meri
Din mere din ke jaise nahi
Tanha badan Tanha hai ruh naam meri aankhen rahe
Aaja mere ab rubaru
Jeena nahin bin there

Om remembers their last meeting and drinks again.

Tere bin main yun kaise jiya
Kaise jiya tere bin….

The man stops Om.
Man: its enough. Stop it.
Om: u said that I will forget her but I have not.
Om smiles and start leaving.His steps fumbles. Man holds him. Om pats his shoulders and leaves.Om asks driver that he will drive himself.

Oberoi’s Mansion;
Dadi looks at clock. Its 12:00am. Dadi worries for Om. Om enters with fumbling steps. He has some cut marks on his face. His eyes are red like blood. Dadi is shocked to see his condition.

Dadi: Om u r drunk? U know no one drinks here in this house.
Om stands like a convict. He tries to explain but faints. Dadi take him in her lap. She feels something wet and cool behind his neck. She sees it. Its blood!
Dadi shouts to call the doctor. Everyone gathers.

Doctor comes out of room after examining Om.
Doc: Om is fine now. It seems he met a small accident. It also seems that he is suffering from a great stress. He is in a trauma. U all have to look after him well. He shouldn’t get sad.
Doc leaves.

Next day;
Dadi is sitting in Om’s room. Anika comes there and asks about Om.

Dadi: look Anika my Om is not talking to me. Why didn’t he shared anything with me.
Dadi breaks into tears. Anika consoles her.
Anika: don’t worry dadi, I know Om very well. He is very strong. He will be fine.
Dadi: I know it. But beta Om has seen many ups and downs in his life. He never had anyone with him. He has remained alone since childhood.But Anika I know that u r his friend. U can fill his life’s blank space with friendship. Promise me Anika that u will remain there with him always. I don’t want to loose my son.
Anika nods and looks at Om who is still unconscious.

Precap: Om is trying to paint one of his sculpture but his arms pain. Anika comes and holds his hand and helps him. They both look at each other. A romantic song plays…..

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