Ae ajnabee apna mujhe tu laaga (episode 8)

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Soooooory friends 4 the late update, but I was not getting any idea to write on marriage. In this episode I have introduced a parallel story of Anika’s 3 friends. Hope u like it!
In the last episode I didn’t get many comments so 4 those who have not read it I m leaving a recap.

Recap: Dadi dies. Anika says yes 4 marriage.

Now let’s begin…

In the hall;
Panditji looks at his astrological papers. Everyone is looking at him;
Panditji: After two days, there is a very auspicious day 4 their marriage.
Janhvi: After two days! But that’s very early. Pls look for an another date.
Panditji: Next date comes after 6 months. Before that their is no date.
Everyone is tensed.
Tej: Its fine. The marriage will happen after two days.
Shivaye is shocked
Janhvi: But the arrangements…
Tej: Its my son’s marriage. There will be best arrangements.Whole city will remember it.
Om looks at Anika. She looks tensed and turns to go. Om is about to go after her but Shivaye stops him.
Shivaye: I need to talk to u.
Om: Yes, speak.
Shivaye: Om, I want to talk to u regarding this marriage. I know that u don’t…
Om hugs him.
Om: This life is so strange naa. Sometimes it makes us unhappy and sometimes it gives us reason to smile.At one time I was totally shattered coz of my break up and Anika came into my life. She taught me to live again and now when life snatched away Dadi from me then she is going to be my life partner. I really love her Shivaye. I m very happy.
Shivaye is pained.
Tej comes to them.
Tej: Om start preparing. Its your sangeet and engagement tonight.
Om smiles and hugs his dad. ” Thank u dad.” Tej smiles with tears in his eyes and caresses Om. Janhvi sees that and gets happy too.

In the evening;
Anika is getting ready. She is sitting in front of the mirror and is lost in deep thoughts.
” Am I doing right? I should have thought about that once. Will I be happy? Is Om okay with it?”
She gets sad thinking all this.
” Very good Anika. U decided to marry without informing me.”
Anika looks back and is surprised.
Anika: Anu!!!
She runs to her. They share a friendly hug.
Anika: m sorry. This all happened very fast. I didn’t get time..
Anu: Its okay, its okay. I know everything. He told me about that…
Anu points at the door. Anika sees Om standing there. She walks to him.
Anika: Thank u very much Om.
Om: Its okay. I thought that u might be feeling lonely. U guys continue. Mom is calling me.
Om leaves;
Anu: So sweet. He is very understanding. U r very lucky Anika.
Anika says nothing. Their talk continues…
Anika: Now u tell me. Where is Rahul? He didn’t come?
Anu: He is outside. U know him naa.
Anika: U both r just perfect 4 each other. The most handsome boy and the smartest girl of the college. Made 4 each other types.
Anu looks sad. Anika notices her looking at something in her phone. Its a photo. Photo of a boy.
Anika: Who is he?
Anu: Its nothing.
Anika: Don’t lie.
Anu: Seriously Anika. Forget it.
Anika: U call me your best friend. Can’t u share it with me.
Anu looks sad. Anika keeps her hand on hers and asks her to tell. Anu narrates her story….
( Anu’s POV);
It all started 3 months back. U know what kind of girl I was, (smiling) totally bindass type. My mother had given me strict instruction that if I fail this time then she would marry me to someone.
It was my chemistry paper. I was very nervous. Finally when the paper came in front of me, I lost all the hopes. I was not knowing a single answer. I started looking for help and just then I saw him. ” champu”, everyone called him by that name. He was Abhi, the topper of my class. He was sitting in front of me. I whistled to call him. He looked back. ” Question no. 5, pls, pls ,pls” I whispered.” Sodium sulphate” he said and resumed his writing. I called him again. This time he was a bit irritated.” Question no. 8″ I looked at him with an innocent face. He told me the answer. And when I called him 4 the third time he opened his Answer sheet and kept it in front of me. I smiled and copied all his answers. ” He is not bad 4 the exam time” I thought to myself and after the exam I went to him…
Me: Actually I studied everything but…
Abhi: It happens, it happens sometimes. It happens with everyone.
” it happens with u too?” I asked surprisingly and laughed. We both started meeting more often. We exchanged our numbers and talked on phone too.” It will be over once the exams r finished” I thought to myself. Exams got over and I stopped answering his calls.
Finally the results were out and I was fail in one subject. I remember that day. I was sitting on the
steps sadly when I noticed Abhi walking towards me.” Oh God! He will ask hundred of questions.” I thought to myself.
Abhi: why r u upset.
I showed him my report card without saying anything. He saw it and smiled. He took my hand and said ” come with me.” ” But where r we going.” I asked. ” to the heaven” he said.
We rode on his bike…
Abhi: U know what’s your biggest problem…u don’t know how to live your life.
I was fuming. How dared he? I thought to myself. What about my wilderness, what about my bindass image. He was insulting me.
Finally we stoppedstopped. It was the sunset point.
Abhi: U don’t live your life according to u.
He continued. But I was not angry. I was lost in the red sky. The sun was about to set.
Abhi: U know, u live your life the way your friend want. U r not that girl whom u try to be. U always listen to others. Take out sometime 4 yourself. Think about what u want.
He then said looking at the sun ” I always come here whenever I feel low. I always take out some time 4 myself no matter how busy I am.”
For sometime we stood looking at the sun. He was very true. I always listened to everybody. Everyone said that he was a ” champu” and I believed it. But I was wrong. He was the smartest person I had ever met.
We started walking back. I fumbled and my ankles got hurt. Abhi was about to bend when I stopped him. I went closer to him and I kissed him. It was a short kiss. Our lips just tasted each other. We stood their staring in each other’s eyes. Finally he said ” let’s go. Its already dark.”
As we rode back I spread my hands, closed my eyes and smiled. I felt that I got a new life that day. After two days it was the farewell party and I decided to propose him. But….”

Anu stops.
Anika: But?
Anu is about to say when they hear Rahul’s voice;
Rahul: Girls what r u doing? Everyone is waiting 4 Anika.
Rahul then cuddles Anu from back and says…
Rahul: Anika! U might be thinking when this handsome boy will marry. Well it will happen soon.
He says these words and kisses Anu on her cheeks. Anu feels uncomfortable. They all leave 4 the function.

Om looks at Anika in awe as she walks downstairs. She comes and sit beside Om. Om smiles looking at her. Shivaye looks at them and feel jealous.
Rahul: Attention, Attention, Attention. Today I m very happy to announce that my sweetest friend Anika is going to start her new life with Om. And she is very lucky to get Om as her life partner. I want to dedicate this performance to the bestest couple in the world. Omika this one is 4 u…..

Anu and Rahul on the dance floor. Song plays. Anu imagines herself dancing with Abhi….

Jebon mein bikhre hain taare
Khali hua aasman
Haathon mein dhoop hair mere
Barfeela baki jahaan

Rooh gaaye jhoome jaye
Dil kahe baar baar
Ishq kar le
Ishq jee le
Ishq labon ka karobaar

Om looks at Anika and imagines dancing with her. At other side pinky sends Shivaye and Tia to dance…

Dhoop mein ishq chaaon
Dard mein aaram
Makhmali har raat
Sharbati har shaam
Ishq ka leke naam
Dil se nikle salaam
Na chhupa na dabaa
Hoja tu belagam

Shivaye leaves, Tia looks on sadly. Om’s and Anu’s imagination continues…

Ishq bina Teri shaamein
Khaali khanakte jaam
Ishq karam we raatein
Jo na chamakte chaand

Rooh gaye jhoome jaye
Dil kahe bar bar
Ishq kar le
Ishq jee le
Ishq labon ka karobar….

Song ends. Om and Anu come to their senses. Om smiles. Anu leaves and cries alone….

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  1. Less omika part (expected ) new character r confusing..

    1. ARK

      Don’t worry!!!
      New characters r only for 2 episodes.

  2. Priyanka_22

    Update soon

    1. ARK

      Thanks priyanka!!!

  3. Shivika

    Nyc….i liked anu and abhi story

    1. ARK

      Glad that u liked it.

  4. Please update everyday. ?? ?

  5. Diyaa

    Thank God you updated. Badly needed a dose of OmIka. Waiting for more OmIka moments.

  6. OmiKa part is amazing but I like Tej and Om’s bond most…

  7. Akansha

    Its awesome ….. Was waiting fr a long tym fr d episode finally u posted it

  8. Tulasi

    Update soon…..plzzzzzzzzzzzzz❤❤❤❤❤

  9. I was only waiting for ur update
    Plz update next one soon todays epi was rocking jst loved it????

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