Ae ajnabee apna mujhe tu laaga (episode 6)

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Hello friends!!!
How r u all???
Let’s start the episode and someone pls save me from EXAMS…pls…

Om sitting in his room. He is writing his diary thinking of all that happened that day…
” What was it? Why did I stand for her? Is this is what we call love? It was very difficult for me to control my emotions that time and I almost confessed my feelings 4 her.Will she accept me? I don’t know anything. I don’t know what will come next. I only know that at this time she is closest to my heart and I don’t want to loose her bcoz…bcoz I love her. Yes I confess here that I love Anika”

Om takes down his specs, rubs his eyes and starts staring outside the window. Dadi comes and says ” Om”.
Om: Dadi! You? When did u come, u r still awake?
Dadi: and u r also not sleeping.
Dadi smiles. She sits on the bed and calls Om. Om comes and sits on the floor near her legs like a kid.
Dadi: So what r u thinking about?
Om: nothing.

Dadi: U know Om what’s ur speciality, u can’t lie and see u r lying to yourself.
Om looks on with questioning eyes. Dadi continues…
” Beta we don’t know what will happen tomorrow then why to wait 4 tomorrow.”
Om: What r u trying to say?
Dadi: I know that u have started loving Anika, then why don’t u propose her?
Om: Dadi…
Dadi: OK leave it. U can’t do it. I will talk to her myself.
Om: Nooo…
Dadi: I will not hear anything. This is final.
Om keeps his head on Dadi’s lap and thinks…
” I too want to tell her but I fear. I fear that I will lose her and I don’t want to lose a friend for the sake of love.”

Next day;
Anika arrives. She is thinking about what all happened the day before. She sees Om standing upstairs. He smiles at her but she turns and leaves.
Anika is doing her work. A servant comes and informs Anika that Dadi has called her in hall. Anika moves nervously. ” Does she know everything” she thinks.
Anika: Dadi u called me?
Dadi: Yes I want to talk something very important.
Anika( nervously): Yes Dadi. Say it.
Dadi: Anika, I want to thank u 4 all that u have done 4 this house. U changed this ” Oberoi’s mansion” into a home. Words r not enough to thank u…
Anika: Dadi its OK…I…
Dadi: I have not completed my talk. I called u to tell that I will not thank u 4 anything because yesterday I learnt something about u and decided…
Anika is very nervous…
Dadi: I decided to call u in this house permanently as my Bahu.
Anika is shocked and says “Dadi”.

Dadi: Yes Anika. Will u marry Om. He loves u very much. Pls don’t say no Anika. I have seen him smiling after years and that is because of u. Don’t snatch his smile from him.
Anika is about to say something when Pinky comes there. Pinky calls everyone in the hall. Everyone comes.
Dadi: What happened? Why have u called everyone?
Pinky: Bcoz I want to announce something very important. U all know that Shitia are returning tommorow and I have decided to give a grand reception party for them.
Om: Wow!! That’s a brilliant idea.
Dadi: I too agree.
Pinky: But I have decided to give surprise to them so no one will inform them.
Everyone agrees.
Pinky: Anika decorate this house like a bride. The party should be grand.
Anika nods.
Dadi: Well I also want to announce something. I have decided that tomorrow I will leave 4 Rameshwaram.
Tej:Rameshwaram? Why?
Dadi: Bcoz I want to thank God becoz now my both grandsons r settled in their lives.
Om: But Dadi suddenly?
Dadi looks at Anika and says ” I have asked someone 4 something. I will pray that she accepts it.”
Dadi leaves followed by everyone. Om tries to talk to Anika but she ignores him and leave.

Anika is watching the decorations;
Anika: Yes bhaiya, this white curtain will match it. Pls change it.
She moves aheadahead…
Anika: Oh ho bhaiya, what r u doing? Not this way. Let me show u.
She climbs up the stool and stats decorating flowersflowers. The man gets a call and goes. Om passes by he sees Anika and stops.
Anika(without looking down): Give me the flowers.
Om sees no one. He moves ahead and hands over the flowers to Anika. She slips. Om catches her in time. Their eyes meet.
Few minutes pass…
Anika: Om… Om take me down.

Om comes to his senses. He leaves her but looks into her eyes continuously. Just then the curtain falls and covers both of them. Oh jaanaaaa….plays.
Anika tries to remove her. She is surprised to see Om standing and just staring at her.
Anika: Om help me.
Finally they both come out. Anika is somewhat angry. She start walking away. Om realises it. He runs and turn Anika towards him holding her hand.
Om: Anika why r u ignoring me like this. Anika look, I swear that I don’t know what Dadi asked u.Then what is my fault why r u punishing me?

Om takes a sdeep breath and says;
” Listen Anika, if something has hurt u then I m really very sorry. But pls don’t ignore me. Talk to me and if u r angry then fight with me, u can even slap me hard but don’t leave me alone. I have already lost many things and I don’t want to lose a friend like u.
Anika looks at his hand. He removes it. Anika leaves.

Om is standing alone on the terrace. He is sad. Anika comes and stands beside him and says without looking at him;
” By the way Artist, I was not knowing that u r such a great orator.”
They both look at each other and smile…..

Precap: Shitia arrive and a SHOCKING NEWS 4 u all…

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  1. Akansha

    awesome……. i was waiting fr ur episode.. cos its diff like omika love story..
    plz keep ur nxt epi long n post it faster………. it ll be nyc to c wat happens shitia reaction anika’s answer etc……
    waiting fr ur nxt episode

  2. Akshaya

    Very awesome. Waiting for the shock dear

  3. Ayath

    finally u uploaded i was waiting eagerly for this ff…thanku abishek and by the way epi was superb

  4. Pinkyyy

    Nice update dear
    Please continue soon


  6. Shivika

    Fab dear….waiting for the shocking news sweetheart

  7. Priyanka_22

    awsum ArK
    nd cant wait for shocking news.. plz update asap

    1. ARK

      Priyanka u r always excited for Shivaye!!!
      This is an Omika ff and I don’t like Shivaaye. I will sideline him again.

      1. Priyanka_22

        M sorry dear.. I’m obsessed with shivika nd i cant help it.. i m juz curious to know his reaction on omika.. that’s it
        dont do this plz.. i know m bit impatient but i wont repeat this mistake 🙂

  8. Nansshivika

    It’s soo tempting is what I can say.omani????
    Superb yaar

  9. Nice take care ark

  10. Super duper update wating impatiently for the next update please update asap one thing where are rudra and soumya

    1. ARK

      No rumya in my ff!!!
      Sorry that I didn’t inform earlier.

      1. Priyanka_22

        but plz update net part soon
        i juz cant wait to see shivaay’s reaction nd the shocking news

  11. Samm

    all the best for your exams 🙂
    and super cool episode

  12. Diyaa

    Brilliant. Two deserving people getting together in friendship , respect , and love. My kind of love story. Please update as soon as you possibly can. Waiting for the tender affection and romance of Om and Anika. ??

    1. ARK

      Oh! So u have similar love story. Right???

  13. Jazz1

    Loved it ????

  14. fantastic episode ark….

  15. Tulasi

    Plzz post d next soon…hw ll billu react ???? How ll anika accept om??? Omgg todays epi…u rocked it girl…..

    1. ARK

      I m not a girl.
      Pls don’t change my gender.I m happy with it.

      1. Tulasi

        Reallyyy???? I thought only girls watch ishqbaaz…..sryy ??? i m really happieeeee tht boys do watch it……

  16. RichieRich

    Hi.. I want Shivaay to regret n Omika going strong…

    Upto you but it’s going good

  17. I was eagerly waiting for ur update tidays epi was rocking??? and awesome plz update next one soon????

  18. Pri_24

    Totally unique story line I seriously liked t a lot… Plz update next part soon after your exam…

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