Ae ajnabee apna mujhe tu laaga (episode 5)

Sooo Sorry 4 not posting yesterday, firstly bcoz of my exams and secondly becoz I suffered a minor burn on my hand.
A GREAT GRAND SORRY to Shana bcoz I am adding a song in this episode too. Sorry dear, but this one is my fav and u know when it was released I used to listen to it 5-6 or even 10 times back to back. Hope that u will love it too. Just close ur eyes and feel it…

Om and Anika r diving back to Anika’s home from Ridhima’s place. None of them speaks. Finally the silence breaks as Anika’s phone rings….
Anika: Sorry Sahil, I will definitely come tomorrow.I got busy in some work today. Sahil…r u there…Hello … Sahil.
The phone disconnects.
Om: What happened?
Anika:it was Sahil. I have never gone to meet him after he went to boarding schoolschool so he was upset,but I promised him to come tomorrow.
Om: U r not going alone. I too want to join. May I?
Anika smiles and says yes. Finally they reach their destination. Anika gets down the car and Om watches her going.
Om: Anika!!!
Anika(turns): yes?
Om: nothing.
Anika smiles and leaves…

Next day;

Om gets ready and comes downstairs. Dadi sees him and calls for breakfast.
Om: Dadi, I m going 4 some work.
Janhvi: but so early.
Dadi: he is going to meet Anika that’s why he is in hurry.
Om: Come on Dadi, she has to go to meet Sahil.
Dadi: Ho gaya hai tujhko toh pyaar sajna,laakh kar le tu inkaar sajna.
Om: Dadi stop it.
He kisses his Dadi on her forehead and leaves…

Om is driving to Anika’s place. All the time he keeps thinking about her…
” was Dadi saying right. Why I m thinking abut her? Is this love”
His heart beats faster as he nears the place. Finally he reaches there and before getting out he corrects his hair looking in the mirror and yes he does it for the first time.
As he steps down he sees Anika watering the plants in her balcony. He stands there holding his car’s gate. He watches her through the water droplets as she waters the flowers. The drops, which look like pearls as sunrays fall on them.
” beautiful” he whispers and doesn’t move a step ahead from there…

Ishq Mubarak
Dard Mubarak
Ishq Mubarak
Dard Mubarak…

Ishq Mubarak starts playing…

He goes and stands before her balcony without taking away his eyes from her. The water drops start falling on his face and he just closes his eyes and smiles….

Teri baarishein bhigaaye mujhe
Teri hawaaein bahaaye mujhe
Paaon tale mere zameene chal padi
Aisa toh kabhi hua hi nahi…

Anika notices him;
” Oye artist” she waves her hands and calls him. ” Wait I m coming”.
After few minutes the door in front of Om opens and Anika appears. He just looks at her hair curls which dance merrily on her shoulders, her lips that has that beautiful smiles which has taken away his heart and he just keeps looking at her…

Ae mere dil Mubarak ho
Yahi toh pyar hai-2

Anika: Mr. Artist, where r u lost? Can we move now.
Om moves towards his car.
Anika: We are going on my scooty.
Om sees her already sitting and says ” as u wish”.
Om sits behind her. Her hair blows and comes on his face. He closes his eyes and smiles while Anika keeps talking.
After an hour or so they reach Sahil’s school. Anika runs to his brother. Sahil is angry. Anika holds her ears and says sorry. Sahil smiles and hugs her. Om watches all this from distance
” How do u do all this Anika” he thinks to himself.
Anika then starts playing with children. They blindfold her and she has to catch them. Om walks towards them and stands there looking at Anika. Suddenly Anika turns, her feet hits a stone and she falls over Om and together they fall on the ground. She removes her blindfold and they have an eyelock…

Aisa lagta hai kyun
Teri aankhen jaise
Aankhon me meri reh gayi
Kabhi pehle Maine naa suni Jo
Aisi baatein keh gayi
Tu hi tu hai Jo har taraf mere
Toh tujhse pare main jaun kahan

Mere dil Mubarak ho
Yahi toh pyar hai-2

Om and Anika r about to go, Sahil comes to Om and says;
Sahil: u r not like that SSO. U r very good.
He calls Anika and gives her hands into Om’s hand
Sahil: Promise me u both will never break ur friendship.Promise Om bhaiya u will take care of her.
Om bends down;
Om: ur sis is very strong she do not need anyone.
He looks at her and whispers “I need her instead”
Om then offers chocolates to Sahil and hugs him. Anika smiles.

Anika and Om r riding back home. Suddenly the scooty stops after giving them some jerks.
Om: What happened?
Anika: I think fuel got over.
Om: don’t worry I will call my car.
Om dials but finds no network. Anika says its all my fault. They look around its night and lonely. Suddenly it thunders and rain starts. Om holds Anika’s hand and they run to a nearby hut. Its totally dark. They see dry grasses on the ground and a lantern hanging in a cornercorner.
Om: Wait I have got a lighter.
He lights the lantern and then sees Anika who is trying to dry her hairs, her face is glowing in the dim light of lantern. Om stands with the lantern gaping at Maya…

Jahan pehle pehal tu aa mila tha
Thehra hoon wahin main abhi
Tera dil woh shehar hai
Jis shehar se jaake lauta na main kabhi
Laapata sa mil jaun kahin toh
Mujhse bhi mujhe mila de Zara

Ae mere dil Mubarak ho
Yahi toh pyar hai-2

Ishq Mubarak
Dard Mubarak
Ishq Mubarak
Dard Mubarak…

Om and Anika r sitting together. He notices her shivering. He removes his jacket and drapes it round her. He then lights the fire. Anika feels nervous, Om sees her and smiles telling her ” its OK I m there with u”.
The time passes. Anika fall asleep with her head resting on Om’s shoulders. Om himself is shivering but he has a smile. A smile without no reason…

Morning finds both of them lost deep in their sleep. Om wakes up first and tries to move but then sees Anika and is alert. Anika is sleeping with her head and one of her hand resting on Om’s bare chest. Om sits and waits for Anika to wake up. Anika wakes up and is alarmed seeing her with Om. She stands up and moves to other part of room. She starts correcting her dress. Om too buttons up hi shirt.
Om: I am calling the car.
Anika( nodding) : Hmm.

Om and Anika reach Anika house. Bua comes to the doordoor and fumes seeing them together.
Bua: Welcome queen Victoria. Welcome.
Anika: Bua, not here,pls.
Bua: Have u lost all ur shame. U r coming home after spending a night with a boy.
Anika looks arond. People r watching them.
Anika: for God’s sake bua, stop it.
Bua continues and says god knows with how many boys u have kept relation. Om fumes. He moves forward and says ” enough bua “. Anika stops him holding his arms with both her hands.
Om: No Anika. Why r u silent? U should answer her.
Bua: Oh my god! Look at that. What’s ur problem? Its our matter. Why r u so furious? What is ur relation with her.
Om(angrily): bcoz I lu…
Om stops at that. Anika looks at him surprisingly with hundred questions in her eyes. Om notices it. He moves to bua and says
” don’t ever try to talk like that to Anika. Remember she has a friend named Omkara Singh OBEROI”
Bua’s eyebrows shoots up. Om leaves.

Precap: Dadi asks Anika to marry Om.

Attention Attention Attention
Many of u might be thinking that this smart ARK is acting over smart and just doing time pass. I want to tell all of u that Omika will be married in third episode from now.
Friends I m writing this episode amidst many disturbances, Sorry for anything wrong…

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