AdiYa OS: Tu hi hai Meri Manzil

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She glanced herself once more in the mirror before sprinting out of the room through the corridors along the Staircase..It was their Second Wedding Anniversary …She wanted to look Breathtakingly Beautiful..Clad in a Designer White Netted Saree which hugged her curves giving whispers to skin that lay beneath with her long tresses falling above her waist line…She Looked Outrageously Gorgeous. She opened the Door to be welcomed by Her Hot and S**y husband but What caught her eyesight was something she will not forget given her lifetime…

The Drizzling rain started pouring down washing away her tears…Here she stood in The Middle of the road knelt down with a bottle of alcohol with torrent of tears flowing either ways…She let out a sarcastic laugh thinking about the irony of the situation ..This was the day her future started and promised two souls to be bind Together …She thought too …But…

Today She thought She would Have been Worshiped by Him by… his Love …Love?…Was it “Love”?… She let out another sarcastic laugh kissing the bottle …it was just “Lust ” for her husband..She knew when she married him he did not love her …He married her because he desired her..yet her poor heart her poor soul had hopes that he would see her in a different angle with care and concern..She never wanted love from him because her heart knew that.. Even She never reciprocated that type of feeling for “Her So Called Husband” but yet She wanted to Stay in this marriage…She wanted his care..his love …his protection…his possessiveness ..To bear his children…but each and everything crushed under her feet on the same day she bared her “Soul”…”Soul ” ..Nope it wasn’t..She bared her “Body ” to him For His Pleasurably NEEDS…Why is her Fate so cruel she cried consumed in pain and intoxicated…

She tried getting up ..She is not gonna lose the battle without a fight but she tumbled and tripped back to be held by two muscular arms …his hands on her bare waist sent weird sensations …She Felt Goosebumps which she’d never felt…He raised his one hand while the hand held her securely to brush the tresses which were flowing across her face.. tugging it behind her ears..He studied Her …Their eyes got locked together …

He examined carefully to see her tear stained face and now another fresh set off hot tears started pouring down the angelic orbs …he wiped the water flow with his thumb shaking his head indicating her not to cry …She felt dazed …She was hypnotize ..She just nodded drown into the dark pool of orbs which held so many emotions yet she could not discover the emotions the pupils indicated yet it felt homely ..Strange it Was ..How could She Feel “Homely”…

She heard whispers around her …”Meet My Wife Pooja… Zoya “…Her head started aching …She started hallucinating …The Buzzing winds… The whistling trees ..The air whispering her a “Failure ‘ …They Started laughing at her …Making her burst out crying …She shouted on top of her voice “I am not a Failure”..She sobbed hiccupping up “I am not a Failure ” She saw him cupping her face silencing her with a kiss on her forehead ..She was flabbergasted and with all her strength She Pushed him away but he was lucky to balance himself …

Her vision clouded but yet he tried again to reduce the distance “Go to your Pooja ” she pushed him away but he held her arms tightly and leaning forward he placed a gentle kiss on her lips conveying her he was here for her ..She felt like He was telling her whatever happens he would stand by her side proudly …she felt surprised how could a simple kiss convey so many feelings at once …This time She did not push him away yet she did not reciprocate after breaking apart he cupped her cheeks and placed her Face on his chest wounding his arms around her letting her cry …cry for the loss..cry for the pain..she needed to let her inner turmoils down..his eyes were moist seeing her breaking down but yet he stood firm and stronger …Holding her in his embrace in the pouring rain to wash way her tears once and for all …

She opened her eyes with a pondering head ache.. she held her head from both her hands the pain was unbearable Reason she is not use to drinking yesterday was her first …The flashes came across her eyes Her husband bringing a women home and calling her as his Wife …her eyes started watering ..She tried to get up but she was caged with an arm across her waist and a head buried in a crook of her neck ..her eyes went wide open ..She removed the duvet to see her and him naked ..The tears she held back started following ..She had committed a sin ..she had cheated on her husband …How could she sleep with a stranger …She had committed adultery …Her trance broke when  a thump brushed her tears from the corner of her eyes She look down to get captivated …”You did not cheat on him “He whispered placing a kiss on the corner of her mouth …She looked confused with teary eyes “You are divorced ” he whispered resting his head on her chest leaving her to process the information ..

“how..I ..him…Divo..How?” she stammered …her words dried in her throat as the flashes came across of the past night …The Sight which She was welcomed was not pleasant …A women… A Women Clinging onto her husband’s arms …and when he announced hugging her sideways that she was his wife she felt like her earth slipped from her feet …”How …I am you are wife ” she tried to reason but that was followed by a roar of laughter from both of them and he had corrected her “Ex-Wife Zoya” ..”What ?” she shouted furiously “We are Divorced …before you ask how ? I made you sign ..You being too innocent signed the papers without going through …” He replied smirking be followed by a thud of his cheeks …She had been cheated by him …


Without any mercy in the middle of the night he had pushed her outside the house and slammed the door shut saying “He is going to enjoy his wedding night “…She burst out  crying and jerked him away from her chest clutching the duvet covering herself …”Zoya  forget him He cheated you ..he doesn’t deserve your tears ” She looked blankly at the man she had spent a night with …She knows him very well but what is here doing here and his words were true he did not deserve her tears it is his life in fact she was just a use and throw tissue for him after his need was over he threw her out like a trash …Seeing that she would not stop crying for her so called husband..Oops her ex-husband …he pulled her forward to a hug she did not protest she hugged him back ..clung onto him …letting the pain go away …after a while they parted she left him and went to dress up after that she came out ..

She saw him still at the same place on the bed still undressed she could not meet his gaze after what they had done… It was a sin …She can remember in the rain after breaking apart from the hug she noticed both were drenched… His Shirt hugged to his frame showing his well structured chiseled chest …Even her Saree clung onto her like a second skin giving perfect view of her s**y curves …She Looked Like a Seductress …Even in an inebriated state she could feel his eyes roaming around her body making her conscious …he closed his eyes to take away those pictures Turning his head Sideways he held her wrist without making a eye contact and dragged her to the car and bought her to his place …as She had dozed off in the car He Had to scoop her up in his arms and take her to his bedroom ..he placed her on the bed and was about to go but she Fisted  his collar so tightly that he could not Remove trying to take it out he landed on top of her making her wake up she opened her eyes lazily to see the handsome man on top of her… 


Smiling lovingly she moved a bit forward placing a kiss on his lips making him bewildered she was about to pull back but he had captured her lips again into a searing Kiss sucking her upper and lowers lips he started coaxing her to open her mouth and  let his free hands roam around her bare waist moving his thump up her midriff.. she let out a moan giving him entrance their tongues mated for the first time Zoya lost her senses and rolled on him without breaking the kiss ..he flipped their positions taking her under him ..he left her lips and started giving wet kisses across her jaw ..she moaned breaking his Stupor ..he moved up and rested his forehead with Hers Calming his heart beat …He placed an affectionate kiss on her forehead and got up to be pulled by her again to see her smiling “Why is it when you kiss it is so lovingly… why do I Feel loved ?” she asked with a glint of happiness… Chuckling he spoke “Zoya have you heard the quote from Brandi Synder …To the world you may be one person, but to me you are the world.” …”You mean to say I mean the world to you ?”…he nodded making her eyes teary ..he was about to get up but “Where are you going stay with me ” she whispered ..”Zoya..I and …same is not right ” he stammered he would not be able to control his hormones “Love me please ” she whispered placing her lips on his fumbly with his buttons ..She felt ashamed of herself she was the one who had initiative the move …She wiped the lone tear which slipped and turn around on her heels to get caged by the muscular arms from behind “Marry me ” He whispered huskily burying his face in the crook of her neck she turned around to see he was shirtless “I Can’t Why Should I ? ” She replied muffling her sob biting her lips.

She walked beside her husband with her two year old princess in his arms …He had his other hand wounded around Zoya bringing her closer to the him..”Papa Papa” whined her princess scrunching her nose “Princess what is it ” he spoke …with her tiny little finger she pointed the the ice-cream vendor with a cute pout ..Zoya jumped in ” No nooo ” she shook her head vigorously making the little angel sob… it was an art of her princess… with her cute little hands she wrapped her hands around his neck burying her face sobbing making him melt …”Zoya just One ..” he made cute expressions trying to melt his Queen’s heart “No means No” Zoya replied stubbornly making the little one wail more loudly… For Him He cannot see his Girls Crying ..He pouted ..He held her Saree Pallu tugging it down whining with his princess “Please Please Please ” …”Ok” Zoya gave in making Him showing His 32 teeth ..Leaning down he kissed her temple ..Princess followed her father …she placed a sloppy kiss on her mother’s Cheek and went to buy ice-cream leaving Zoya alone …

She was admiring her family they were bathed in ice-cream she let out a teary smile seeing them happy ..The serene smile of her husband… She would die a thousand deaths to see him beaming in happiness ..Life was so perfect ..She thanked her stars for letting her take a wise decision that night if not today she would not have been alive..she would be living but like a lifeless body …She saw him throwing their princess up in the air they laughed …warming her heart …
how could she be so lucky to get him …He had become her reason to live …He has become her breath..her soul ..her body ..She let out a chuckle “Body “oh god he is making me dramatic” she let out laugh…”I have gone mad in you Mr. ” she admired them keeping her palms under her cheek …

mainu ishq tera lae Dooba
haan ishq tera lae Dooba

aisa kyun hota hai
tere jaane ke baad
lagta hai haathon mein
reh gaye tere haath

tu shaamil hai mere
hansne mein, rone mein
hai kya koyi kami
mere paagal hone mein

mainu ishq tera le Dooba
haan ishq tera le Dooba

She goes cranky when he leaves overseas for work ..She could not sleep at night without him by her side cuddling and her goodnight kiss ..Arey in a week he’ll be back she tried to remind herself but she cannot stop her tears she knows it is childish but yet she felt empty …Her princess her Adya Beti wipes her tears and cuddles her like a big girl when her father is away ..usually it has to be her doing to do her beti but her beti is the one who does that..She giggled now sitting at the park looking at them enjoying themselves..she shaked her head with a smile brushing her silly memories…

ik lamhe mein kitni
yaadein ban jaati hain
main itna hansti hoon
aankhen bhar aati hai

mainu ishq tera le Dooba
haan ishq tera le Dooba

“Nice to meet you ” She heard a voice from behind …She stiffened for a moment ..She hoped it is not him she stood up and turned around startled she stumbled seeing him after long four years.. he still looked the same but he has changed something has changed in him ..Her eyes became moist ..
He was the same man …The Flashes of the night came across …what will happen to her perfect family..No he cannot break her dreams which She have weaved ..No never..she is not vulnerable …
Swallowing the saliva down her throat She spoke “How are you here ?” her voice was shaky …       “I was finding  you since years ” he replied looking into her eyes making a lone tear slid across her cheek ..”Why?” She whispered muffling her cries “Give me a chance Zoya ” he moved forward and tried to take hold of her hand but Zoya was quick to move backward ” NO Just Leave ” she shouted …”Zoya Please he begged “..”Why Did Pooja throw you out ” She asked in a mockery tone ..he hanged his head in shame ..”That’s what…” She mocked him ” Didn’t you say I am a use and throw tissue ..” She asked furiously “I am sorry I know I should not have thrown you out …After you left I understood the empty void of my life..I love you …please come back ” he pleaded ..

“I am Married ” She said sternly making him bewildered …
“Who..When ..How?”…”I met him the same night you threw me out..he was there For me …To hold on…To make me come out of my shell…Lend me a shoulder to cry…To Love me …To care for me…To protect me..What Not ..if Needed He would give away his Life… I am his breath …He had Bared his Soul to me ..”…Standing beside her he admired her talks the way she is describing her husband’s love the twinkle in her eyes the smile which played in her lips did not leave a second …He sighed ..He had lost a gem ..A Pure soul…For once in their two years of marriage journey she had not talked about him in this way ..hell she never talked except asking his daily needs and providing her when ever he desired her …it is time for me to Leave her …he took a deep breath …He tapped her “Zoya Enough …How do you know him ?” …”He was my boss” She replied intently …The realization drawn upon him …He shouted furiously “You were cheating behind my back ?” thud a slap from her “Watch your dirty tongue …I am not like you…you moron” she pointed her index finger throwing fireballs from her eyes…”GET LOST ” She shouted before moving  from that place to join her family leave him flabbergasted …”She Had Found Her Manzil” He murmured Seeing her Retreating Figure…

She changed into her night dress and slipped inside the duvet “is she asleep?”she whispered to her husband …balancing her self in one elbow “Yes I put her in the crib “he replied pulling Zoya to himself …She wrapped her tiny arms around him “I met him ” she said sighing and continued “Yash “..a pregnant pause followed ..”I know ” he replied calmly …She leaned up to see his face …”I trust you ” he said lovingly knowing she is gonna ask why he did not come in between.. She smiled he knows her in and out very well ..a brief eye-lock and She Flew away back to her memory land “Marry me ” he whispered hugging from behind ..Turning around ” I can’t ..Why should I?” …”Because I love you ” ..The Time stood still.. They did not move an inch ..Kept staring at each other…Silence prevailed…The Passing air stopped …It was just them in the moment in a Different planet…

…After what seems like ages.. She broke the silence “How… When”…
..He smiled “The Day a Cute Little Innocent and Scared Child dressed in a yellow chudithar tip toed inside my cabin for an interview ” She frowned “I am not Baby to call me a Child “..he chuckled “You are one..You Were So Scared ..I can remember how you were startled when I spoke it a bit louder ..they were you were fidgeting with your dupatta  “He sighed with a genuine smile…Then sobering up he replies “I loved you since the time I set my eyes on you ..I have loved you for the past four years Zoya ..” She gaped “Four years ..then ..why didn’t you to …I mean..” she stammered..”I was fighting with my self Zoya whether it was attraction or love by the time I came to conclusion you were married ” he sighed …

“I know you are going to ask why did I ..erm…yesterday ..” He Looked everywhere but at her …”Look into my eyes ” she whispered…”I came to wish you for Your Wedding Anniversary on the way I saw you …” He replied A lone tear fell on his cheeks Seeing the chirpy lovely happy Zo in the road in that condition his heart pained ..For a minute his breath caught …”Marry me ” He whispered…

“No I am not …” She moved back…He pulled her to himself Tieing her hands behind her back “Marry me ..” He said again softly..”I know Zoya you had feelings for me if not  the Night… the way you said before dozing That was the First Time You made love … She looked intently at him true she had a crush on him but …how can she say something like that …”We might have made a baby ” He riposted …Her eyes went wide …”We are marrying today with or without your consent ” He left her moving out Leaving her to decide.

He snapped his Fingers breaking her memory land ..She smiled “Thank you For not letting me go that day …” in return he pulled her down for a kiss …They broke apart hearing the baby crying
…He took her from the crib and placed her on his chest Adya was more than happy to oblige She loved the warmth in the embrace of her Papa’s …Zoya too slept keeping her head on his chest but the Little Devil had another plan in her mind she started hitting Zoya with her little hands sobbing to move away from her Papa She wanted her Papa all to herself…”This is not Fair “Zoya Whined… He was Caught between his Two Girls ..”Zoya…” He tried to reason with her that She is a little child let her but in return Zoya started being more Cranky
…”I need to sleep here ” Zoya whined pointing at his chest making him chuckle loudly he had to deal with two babies …he pouted and Tried to make Adya understand to give her mama some space but both his girls were not giving in …”Zoya please ..” his plea’s were to deaf ears as the more Zoya tried to sleep the little devil did not let her …Finally giving up he stood up with The Little Adya and went to walk around the house patting Adya to sleep …After a hour he returned to see Zoya in the same position sitting on bed pouting… Shaking his head chuckling earning a glare from her …He placed Adya in the Crib and Slipped beside his Wife pulling her to himself “Happy ” he smiled …”Zoya why do you fight with Adya for this trivial matters “Because…Tu hi hai meri manzil …” She beamed …”You are my destination in one way or other I was destined to be yours So at least a Part of the Day I need you …” his lips curve upward his wife is a grown up child …He was  always right her being a child …he let out a chuckle
“Anything else ” He asked …

“I Love you Mr.Aditya Hooda “She shouted loudly before capturing his lips making him gape…He tried to pull back to make sure he heard correct …Did She Spell out The Three Magical Words but his nympho …She is not gonna leave him  He tried pulling apart But …Finally he gave in mating their tongues Promising for a More Beautiful and Picturesque Future ahead…


This is a Pure Work of Fiction

– Love Arohi


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  1. AAYU

    It was just superb dear
    Keep writing more like this

    1. Sh_aarohi

      Thanks Aayu
      Glad u liked it
      I have written another Os called Ek Dil check it out
      and yah check out my wattpad account for two more teri ore and bol nah

  2. Write more it was amazing

    1. Sh_aarohi

      Thanks Jisna
      Glad u liked it
      I have written another Os called Ek Dil check it out
      and yah check out my wattpad account for two more teri ore and bol nah

  3. Sh_aarohi

    Thanks Aayu
    Glad u liked it
    I have written another Os called Ek Dil check it out
    and yah check out my wattpad account for two more teri ore and bol nah

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