AdiYa OS – My questions have been Answered

Hello everyone! I have written this Os assuming Yash and Pooja have betrayed Zoya and Aditya. If it doesn’t happen in the actual story, sorry Yash and Pooja for defaming you guys.
Well coming to me – I am a newbie in writing. I have written an one shot. But that was not based on any story. This is my second write up. It is the first time I am writing something based on a show. I hope this turns out well. Hope you guys like it. Do read and give comments. It will help me improve and it is also a kind of motivation and encouragement for me. Thank you. Big smile

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Bepanaah AdiYa Os – Answered

I know you are not there to answer these questions. But I am unable to stop myself from putting them forth. If you had left me, the scenario would have been different. But you chose someone else over me. Why did you do that to me, Yash? Maybe I do know the answer. You would have felt I wasn’t ideal for you. You could have told that to me. At least you could have tried to tell me. But you did not even give a hint or I was so stupid to ignore it. Why didn’t you tell me? You didn’t want to break my heart, right? Who am I kidding! You didn’t tell me because it was easy to be with her keeping me in the dark. People were right. Aditya was right. I am a stupid. Bewakoof! I loved you so deeply and truly while yours was just a pretention. Leave the question of whether you ever loved me. Did you feel sorry for me? At least once?! Was it so easy for you to move away from me? Was being with me so suffocating? Am I not good enough to be loved? Now that I look back, all those moments we shared don’t give me solace. They just give me momentary happiness followed by immense pain. I had been such a fool. I want answers, Yash. And I got them. Not from you. From the one who loves me truly, from the one who healed the scars of the wounds caused by you, from my love, Aditya Hooda. You know him. Oh yeah! You do. You cheated on me with his wife.

He had been the one who opened my eyes to the truth. I had always fought with him for you. When the truth came out, it was unbearable. You who I said was the reason for my existence became the reason for me committing suicide. But then I wanted to survive. You know why? His words! Remembering his words, I wanted to live. If he hadn’t reached me right on time, I think I would be in heaven saying these to you in person. And then after all the falls and lifts, we both realized we love each other. Though I was skeptical at first, I agreed to marry him. I trusted that he will not be like you. And he proves me right every day.

You want to know about the answers, right? It was on one of the nights after our marriage that we both opened up about your betrayal. You might ask why I am not saying anything about Pooja. I don’t have the right to do so. Moreover, it was you who broke my heart. I cried as I said about us to him. Holding me safely in his embrace, he patiently pacified me. He answered all these questions with all the love he had.

“It is not your fault, Zoya. If he couldn’t see how much precious you are, it doesn’t mean you are worthless. He moved on with someone else not knowing that he left a diamond behind. How is it going to make a difference whether he felt sorry for you or not? He should have felt sorry about doing that to you rather than feeling sorry for you. It could have been easy for him to move away from you because he never truly loved you. He might have admired or desired you. But he never truly loved you. You can never suffocate anyone Zoya. You are innocent and many people take advantage of it. That’s it. You are not just good, you are too good. I don’t know why Yash did that to you. But I am glad. Don’t look surprised. If those events didn’t take place, we wouldn’t have ended up together. I love you Zoya. I love you with all my heart. I will never leave you. We have worried about the past so much. Let us enjoy the present.”

I don’t know what I did to get him in my life. All that you did, you did for your happiness. But ultimately it has helped me find true love and happiness. Yash, I am happy with my love and life. Whatever you did, I can never forget it. But I have not got much time to think about it. Your chapter in my life, the place you had in my heart is all now gone. You are there in a corner of my mind. How can I forget you? You have done so many good things to me!! I am very glad to inform you that you have got no place in my heart. It belongs only to Aditya. You are no more my life or in my life. With this, I mark the end of your chapter in my life. Good bye Yash!

“ Zoya! Kahan ho yaar? Itna waqt kyun laga rahe ho?” shouted Aditya Hooda as he made his way to their room.
“Hum bas..Ek adhoora kaam reh gaya tah usse pura kar rahe teh”, Zoya said closing her personal diary.
“ Jaldi chalo! Tumhara pyaara devar already 10 baar call kar chukka hai. Taan ke beta hai khi jab tak tum nahi aaoge tab tak who cake nahi khatega” said Aditya.
He slowly made his way inside and back hugged Zoya who was busy keeping her diary inside her locker.
Zoya gasped when she felt him hugging her. “Ye aap kya kar rahe hai? Chodiye hume” she said struggling in his hold.
“Oho oho! Koi aj bohot kamaal lag raha hai. Tum bohot hi zyada achi lag rahi ho aj. Haye! Itni sundar biwi hai meri. Todi tareef kar loon uski.” Replied Adi.
“Agar apka makkhan lagana ho gaya toh chale?!” said a blushing Zoya.
He bent forward and kissed her forehead. She smiled contented making him get lost in her.
Taking advantage of it, she escaped and ran away asking him to come fast.
He ran behind her singing “Abhi na jao chodkar…khe dil abhi bhara nahi..”

Sure they had made beautiful new memories which overshadow their bitter past.

Zoya and Aditya have not forgotten Yash and pooja or their betrayal. You can never forget a betrayal from your loved ones. Can you? But there is a change now. It didn’t pain them when they recalled their past. They healed each other and themselves. They have found true love in the most unexpected way. Whatever happened so happened! They were happy with each other.

Pyaar karte hai who ek dusre se. Bepanaah pyaar! Bepanaah!

  1. Aafiya

    It was superb…
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    1. Hassi31

      Thank you. I will try and write one. Have got an idea. Let’s see.
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  2. That was really good.. But At a point I felt it was quite similar to the OS by Maya_the_illusion.

    But eh!..that’s fine.

    Hopw to see more from you… And newbies are always cute.. Coz Tera buzz mujhe jeene na de jeene na de…

    Bee.. Buzz….getting it??…. Aaah! I can’t stop being lame…

    Love love

    1. Hassi31

      Thanks. I have not read the OS by that member. It might be co incidence. And don’t worry about being lame. I be the same at times.

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    Just simple beautiful soulful Os

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    Lovely one.
    Loved it.

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  5. Superb os?

  6. Iiiii absolutely loved the dialouges part. Zoya’s urdu and adi’s masti was soo real and imaginable!! I seriously fell in love with the dialouge part. How were you able to think of something thissssssss realistic! I loved it to the core ? Please do write another sequence of their dialouges using your realistic imagination.

    1. Hassi31

      Thank you so so much. You felt that the sequence was realistic. Oh! Thank you. Means a lot.
      Will write something soon. Thank you for commenting.

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