AdiYa OS : Love & Promise By TuttiFrutti

Once there was a girl name Zoya who loved very much a boy name Aditya soon the Zoya whispered to him “I love you”. The Aditya said to the Zoya “I love you very very much”. He thought to himself how could she love someone like me.

Zoya wanted him to spend the rest of their lives together, but it was impossible cause he maybe was not serious about what he said? So she took his arm and kissed him.

Aditya shocked by the kiss sat there in the embrace as soon as she pulled away he teared up and pull her back into the embrace.

He said to her “I love you” and I want to stay with you he wandered if she felt the same. He could never let her go but he had to stay with her no matter what he was serious as ever but he didn’t know if she would stay with someone like him.

Zoya said “I will always be with u no matter what and I want u to make me yours”. those we’re the words of the Zoya so in love like never.

Aditya stared deeply into her eye and smiled bright he said to her “forever and ever I will always be her no matter what I will stay”. He hoped they could be together forever.

Zoya was so happy it was the first time a Aditya says that to her for real so she said to him “it’s raining I should go same u but I don’t wanna leave”

Aditya pull her in and whispers in her ear “you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to” and kisses her cheek.

Zoya so shy thinking about the kiss she says “let’s go somewhere else away from here with me”.

Aditya grabs her arm and say “lead me I will follow you anywhere”.

Zoya takes his arm and they both run to a cavern it was a little cold but warm so they could sleep till the other day and she says “this is where I stay when I’m thinking of u or sad”.

Aditya see her shivering he pulls her in and, cuddles with her he says “no need to be sad anymore I’m her with you now always and forever”.

She was so happy so she asked him “stay here with me for just one day or maybe till the rain stops”.

He say to her “I will stay with you forever not for one day or just for a couple of hours but for ever I will follow you anywhere and everywhere”.

She says to him “thx” ,but, “there’s one thing u should know”.

He looks at her and waits for her to finish.

Zoya so scared finally says what she wanted to say she said, “the thing is I will die”.

Aditya looks at her in shock, “what do you mean” he says.

She says, “I’m gonna die and when I die I want u too throw my body in the water please”. She was so sad.

Aditya looks at her and starts crying he say to her, “I won’t let you die why do you think your going to die”.

She stares at him crying and says, “cause it’s true because people always told me and told me and told me don’t ever fall in love again cause u will die”.

And the harder the Zoya wanted not too fall in love she couldn’t resist more so she told to the Aditya the love she had for him.

She says to him, “Khuda Hafiz”,and gives him a last kiss the best kiss ever!!

The she died in his arms.


He held her in his arm and started walking his head held down tears streaming down his face. People stared at him as he walked through town he kept walking and walking and remembered her last request to to throw her body in the water. He walked to the water kneeled down next to her and kissed her lips the he said to her “I’m sorry” he jumped in the water with the Zoya in his embrace and died with her in his arms ,and smiling in his last
moments he thought to himself I told you I would follow you where ever you go.

~~~ THE END ~~~

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  1. Fenil

    Awesome First AdiYa From You Shirali !!
    Nice Pics !!

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank You Bro !!

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  3. Beautiful story… the last part was so touchy !!

    1. TuttiFrutti

      Thank you so much !!

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