Adiya OS: Lag Ja Gale (part 2-LOST)


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After six months-Aditya Hooda finally comes back to India

Adi comes out of the Airport. He puts on his Sunglasses and smirks. He says, ” World Beware coz Aditya Hooda is Back in Town”. He gets a cab and he heads towards Zosh Company’s building. He smiles and thinks “see zoya I am back as I promised. now I just can’t wait to see you”

He says to the driver “please hurry up”

driver says “yes sir”

Adi thinks ‘it’s been six months since I left, but now that I have come back for you, no one can separate us zo. zoya here I come. ‘

After half an hour Adi reaches Zosh Company which was now known as ‘ZoYa’. He comes out of the car and stands near the building with his luggage, he smiles and says, “it had changed a lot” and he goes inside. he goes to the reception and says “hey there”

Receptionist says “how may I help you sir”

Adi says “I am here to meet the company’s owner, Ms Siddiqui”

Receptionist says “sure sir, may I know that, do you have an appointment with her”

Adi says “appointment? unfortunately I don’t have it”

Receptionist says “sorry sir, but you need an appointment for the meeting, but I can schedule it for you”

Adi says “I don’t need an appointment to meet her, I am Aditya Hooda”

Receptionist says “I am so sorry sir, I am really very sorry. you can go now, her cabin is ”

Adi interrupts her and says “it’s okay, I understand so you don’t need to be sorry, and I know where is it”

Adi takes his luggage and moves towards the left then the Receptionist says ” sir it’s on the right”

Adi stops and turns, he says” what, when did it change”

Receptionist says ” few months ago”

Adi nods.

Receptionist says “sir it’s the third cabin on the right side of the first floor”

Adi nods and goes. when he reaches the cabin, he stands before the door and smiles, he thinks ‘ I don’t know what to say to her, maybe I should say surprise, or should I just walk and says hey. it’s so confusing’ Adi gathers some courage and opens the door, he sees a girl in an Indian suit, standing near the table with her back towards Adi, she is reading a file.

Adi smiles and says “Zoya, look whose back”

The girl turns, and she gets shocked seeing Adi, she says “Adi bhai, you are back or am I just dreaming”

She comes to him and hugs him, Adi hugs her back and says “hey Noor, how are you”

Noor breaks the hug and says “I am good bhai, I am so glad that you are back, wait let me tell Arjun, he will be so glad”

She walks to the door, but she stops.

Adi says “Noor, where”

before Adi could continue, Noor says “how can I be so stupid, I forgot to give you something”

Noor goes to her table and takes out an envelope from the drawer. she goes to Adi and gives him the envelop.

Adi gets confuse and asks “what’s this Noor”

Noor gets sad and says “Zoya appi has given me this before going and has asked me to give it to you when you come back”

Adi asks “where did zoya go”

Noor remains silent then she says, “I just go and look for Arjun, till then you read this letter”. Then Noor runs out of the cabin leaving Adi utter confused. Adi looks at the letter, it says ‘To Adi’ with a heart on it.

Adi says, “is this some kind of love letter?” Adi opens the envelope and takes out the letter. he opens the letter and start reading it.

{Author’s Note: The letter is in Bold and Italics, and Adi’s thoughts are in single inverted commas ”]

Dear Adi,

Hey, how are you. Thank God that finally you are back, I thought that you might not come, oh god where am I taking this track, it’s a happy moment and me, I am dragging it on sadder side. silly me. let’s leave it, the good thing is that you are here, so welcome back Adi. Now don’t be so happy because I am still mad at you. I have so many complaints and the biggest one is that You took so long to come back, how could you do this Adi, not fair. But since I love you so much I have to forgive you. Sounds Silly no? but what can I do I am such a hopelessly dumb lover, so you have to bear my theory and this one goes in your favour, so you better be happy. So, I forgive you for your mistakes.

Now let’s come to the point why I haven written this letter. And adi sorry to break your hopes but this is not a love letter rather it is something serious and important. Now back to the point. Adi, since you are reading this letter, this means that you are here, and I am not. I know that it will not make sense to you but still I ask, does that sentence made sense to you, no, right? I knew it, now don’t bother yourself more and read.

Adi, the reason you have been given this letter is to tell you a truth which is hard for everyone to tell you. I had given this letter to Noor so that she could give it to you when you come back to India. My heart always believed that you will come, when? I didn’t know that, but I knew that you will come back as you have promised me that you will come back and this time I saw that there was no finger crossed. so, you had to come back. But Adi you know what the weirdest thing is, being a renege that you are, you kept your promise this time, and me, a sincere person, couldn’t keep up a promise. But don’t you dare thing that I broke the promise. The thing is that I couldn’t keep up my promise, fully, though I did it three quarter. you must be wondering what I am saying, or have I gone crazy that I am saying such nonsensical things. what I mean to say is that, I am no more. Yes Adi, it’s the truth and I am not joking, I am no more alive, I died and that’s why you are reading this letter. So back to my explanations, As I said that I just couldn’t keep my promise fully and kept your promise seventy five percent, I meant that to some extend I did try to fulfil it, because I did wait for you till my last breath. So, Adi don’t think that I am a someone who didn’t keep her word and someone who is a traitor. Because I am not a traitor Adi, it is something that is not in my hands, and it was all destiny’s plan not mine I swear. So, don’t be angry on me. Adi, I know that it’s shocking and hurtful for you, but this is true, you have got this letter only because I am no more. Adi don’t be sad, rather you should think that now you don’t have to bear this walking dictionary who is too cultured and innocent to be real. So now smile please. 🙂

I think you would want to know about it like why you? how? when? what? If yes, then continue this paragraph and if no then skip it. Now let’s answer your questions. Adi, I really don’t know why me, all I know is, it must have happened for a cause because nothing ever happens without a cause. I know that you find my theory rubbish but hey, you don’t have the right to complaint okay? Good. Now for how, I really don’t know how it happen, only science and doctors know. And you know Aditya how I and science are, always on the opposite poles. Aww, you know no how much I love your smile, so always smile like this. now you will think I do I know, because I am you bestfriend na. now don’t give me your that look, it’s your fault only that you didn’t propose me and went away. hey Adi, I asked you to smile not to be sad na. Now read the rest okay. Good. Remember, on Harsh uncle’s and Anjana Auntie’s anniversary, I was not well, all I was doing was holding my head, or coughing. And you were worried about me, and was asking whether I had fever or what? And was insisting me to go to a doctor. And I was postponing it and coming up with some excuse or the other it was because Adi, at that time I was suffering from cancer. yes, I had cancer, that too of last stage. And doctors had told me that I only had some time left, like some months. It was not too long ago that I knew that I was suffering from cancer. I didn’t know that I had cancer, until one day when I got hospitalised when I fainted. Everyone thought that I fainted because of the stress from work, but it was something else, something dangerous. I didn’t tell anyone not even my family because I thought everyone would get tensed and hurt. I know what I did at that time was wrong but still I did that. but Adi how could I kill them just like that, If I had told them then they would have died internally and how could I have let that happen. but that was the time when I wanted to meet you before I die, so I asked Arjun and then we planned to get you back and you indeed got here. After you came I thought and thought and then realised that everyone has the right to know about my illness, so I thought that I will tell everyone but then you gave me a new assignment of your parent’s anniversary party. then I thought that I couldn’t mess up the happy occasion, I made my mind that I will tell everyone after that. And the Great Aditya Hooda messed up my plan again as he decides to run away again. I wanted to tell you and wanted you to stay with me, but I couldn’t gather enough courage to tell you the truth that  is why I was insisting you to stay. Also, I didn’t want to upset you, nor I wanted you to leave your very very important work, so I didn’t tell you at that time.

But I cried the night you left in the fear that will I be able to meet you again or not? it was a tough night for me. I was so afraid as if I had lost you forever, I was so stupid to think like that as no one could separate you from me. right? but what could I do, I am a human only I do fear. but the next morning I woke up with a new spirit. in the spirit to see you again. but maybe destiny doesn’t want the same. Ah never mind. each day was a new ray of hope for me, and I waited for you each day each hour. but slowly my health start to deteriorate. and that was the time I told everyone about my illness. Everyone got so shattered and so depressed like I was no more. But since I am zoya, I cheered their spirits up though it was a huge task. you know how difficult it gets when you have to change your parent’s mood. but anyways, because of my illness everyone got united too. Our families tried to contact you to tell you about it too, against my wishes. But they could never contact you, it was like something was stopping them from contact you other than me of course. ah just kidding. I really did want to be connected to you.

Now the next thing I want to say is that I am sorry Adi, because I got your brother and my sister married in your absence but what could have I done, I had less time and they wanted me to be present in their marriage. So, promise me that you will get them marriage again. Okay? And Adi I don’t blame you for not coming early, because if you could have then you would have come sooner. and you should also not blame yourself okay? As maybe it was destiny who screwed up our situation and life. Who brought us close only to separate us. but what can we do except to wait for our time to be together. So, you wait here, and I will wait up there in heaven. And yeah don’t you dare come to meet me in heaven, because if you will then I will not talk to you forever. So be a Good Boy.

Adi, you know, I don’t have any complaints about my death except one. and you know what it is. I had one complaint that why did I die when you were not there, I wanted to take my last breath in your arms Aditya. But Destiny didn’t want that, that’s why you were not here at that time. But for now, promise me Adi that you will try to be happy with your life, promise me. Okay fine take this as my last wish Adi.

Next life, I will be yours only and we will be together forever not in this life then in next one we will, till then don’t miss me too much.

Love you

Yours Zoya

Adi fell on his knees and he screams “why zoya why did you leave me ”

Hearing Adi, Noor and Arjun rushes in the cabin who just opened the cabins door, seeing Adi so broken and scattered, they hug him tightly.

Adi sobs and says “Arjun, where is my zoya, I know she is pranking me because I didn’t come early but tell her that it’s a bad prank and that I couldn’t do anything Arjun, I was helpless. please make her understand this. And ask her to at least come and give me punishment but don’t torture me like that”

Noor cries.

Adi says “Noor she is your sister na so ask her to come na”

Arjun says “Adi, Zoya is not pranking you, she is no more. She passed away one and a half months ago.”

Adi says “Arjun you know I don’t like these kind of jokes”

Noor says “he is not joking bhai, appi is no more, she died of cancer”

Adi says “no!” and he cries even more. He is so broken that he is shivering and crying, his eyes are red now.

Noor says “there is something I need to tell you about”

And Adi and Arjun look at Noor curiously.


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