Aditya Narayan opens up on being trolled for his comments related to ‘Indian Idol 12’

It seems like the music reality show, Indian Idol 12 is in news constantly for one reason or another.  Whether due to brilliant performance, a controversy, or responses from one of the guests, the show is grabbing attention for sure. For the unversed, it all began with singer Amit Kumar sharing in an interview that he actually didn’t like the Kishore Kumar special episode and that he was forced by the makers to appreciate the contestants. This was not taken well by the makers as well as the team Indian Idol. Aditya Narayan, the host of the show chose to respond to the same in his own style.

Aditya Narayan asked the guest judges just before the completion of one of the recent episodes, whether there comments and compliments were genuine or they were forced to appreciate the contestants. His act attracted instant applause and cheers from the crowd sitting in the audience but it dint went well with some of the netizens. In an interview with SpotboyE, Narayan was asked about being trolled for his act, to which he said, “To all those who are trolling and lashing out at me I say, Shashtaang Pranaam to all and God bless you. I feel like that cheetah who wouldn’t move to prove he’s the fastest in a dog race. Sometimes trying to prove your point is an insult to your own intelligence and experience. This is how I feel while defending arguably the best collection of contestants on a reality show. Indian Idol is the no.1 reality show for 26 weeks running. Do I need to defend it?”

He also added, “Accha hai. They are getting to know the harsh reality of the world outside the reality show. As their fans grow, so will the critics. It is inevitable.”


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