Adhoore Hum Adhoore Tum – Sangini – Part 2



Ragini : Sugar, Maan you both continue talking. I will bring something for us.

Sangeetha : Ok sweetheart.

Armaan : Thanks Rags. Finally i am going to eat something. Because i need some energy to eat others brain.

Ragini and Sangeetha burst into laughter.

After sometime, Ragini is coming with pizzas and coke in her hands. Just then, Dr.Sanskar came infront of her. She was shocked to the core seeing him suddenly there. But she composed herself and was about to move from there fastly.

Dr.Sanskar : I think someone bought whole canteen for one day.

Ragini got angry and said ‘Who’s that someone?’

Dr.Sanskar : I think you must go for eye checkup. Who else there here other than you and me?

Ragini : You??

Dr.Sanskar : What you? Call me Dr.Sanskar with respect.

Ragini : No.

Dr.Sanskar : You will.

Ragini : I won’t.

Dr.Sanskar : Ok we will see.

Ragini : See see see.

Dr.Sanskar laughed and said ‘I can’t see that many times.’

Ragini : You know what? You are cold person.

Dr.Sanskar : I know. Tell me something which i don’t know. I mean try something

Just then, Armaan and Sangeetha started calling her.

Dr.Sanskar : Go for now. Because you only have 15 mins for next class. I don’t want you to get late. Bye.

Ragini : I will. Because i am not dying to talk with you some more time. So a big bye to you Dr.Maheshwari.

Dr.Sanskar raised his brow and said ‘A big bye to you too Dr.Ragini.’ He said and left the place.

Armaan and Sangeetha took things from her hands and arranged everything on table properly.

Sangeetha : What’s wrong?

Ragini : Nothing.

Armaan : Then start eating Rags. You want us to call Panditji to take out auspicious time or what?

Ragini smiled a bit and said ‘No.’

Sangeetha laughed and said ‘Then eat.’

Ragini : Ok.

After eating pizzas and drinking coke. They got up from their seats and was about to go to their classes.

Ragini : Sugar.. You said Dr.Vital called you to cabin.

Sangeetha bites her lips in nervousness.

Sangeetha : I forget.

Armaan : Hurry-up Sugar!

Ragini : Yes Maan is right. Sugar you have 5 mins.

Sangeetha side hugged Ragini and Armaan and left the place in hurry.


@Dr.Vital Varma Office

Sangeetha knocked at the door and said
‘May i come in sir?’

Dr.Vital : Come in.

Sangeetha : S.. Sir you called me?

Dr.Vital : Yes i called you 1 hr before and you’re here after 1 hr.

Sangeetha : I.. I am sorry sir.

Dr.Vital got up from his seat and stood before her.

Dr.Vital : It’s ok. I heard from someone that you went back to your previous place after my class. Is this true?

Sangeetha : Hmm.. Yes sir.

Dr.Vital held her wrist angrily and asked

Sangeetha was shocked to the core by his sudden move. But she composed herself and said ‘B.. e.. c.. a.. u.. s.. e.. i am not comfortable there.’

Dr.Vital : It’s not your home to make yourself comfortable. It’s college and i want you to sit in first bench. Am i clear to you?

Sangeetha eyes became wet. Because this is the first time, someone spoke to her in loud tone.

Sangeetha nodded her head.

Dr.Vital : Answer me Sangeetha.

Sangeetha : I.. I will sit in your class.

Dr.Vital left her wrist seeing tears in her eyes.

Dr.Vital : Ok fine. Now stop crying.

He wiped off her tears with his hands. She looked into his eyes. He looked back into her eyes with love.

Sangeetha : Thank you sir. I am sorry for my behavior. I won’t disappoint you again

He patted her head and said ‘It’s ok. But you broke another rule. So you will clean my office for one week.’

Sangeetha : Oh no sweetheart said right.

Dr.Vital : What??

Sangeetha : N.. Nothing sir. Ok sir. I will leave now.

She ran away from there without answering him (or) turning back.

Precap : Sanskar took Ragini to medical camp with him.

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