Adhoore Hum, Adhoore Tum : Chapter-2

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Chapter-2 (Misunderstandings Deepen)

Chapter 1

“Hi, Sanchi! What’s up? How did everything go at KG’s house?” said Veer as soon as he saw that this call was from Sanchi’s phone. The person at the other end informed him, “Sir, the person about whom you are talking has met with an accident. This was the last call from her phone so I called you up assuming that you must know her. I’ve admitted her in hospital but her condition is critical. Will you please come soon?”

A few hours later, when Sanchi regained consciousness, she recognized that she had been admitted in one of the best hospitals in Mumbai. She was still alive and everything was not over. When she turned aside, her eyes fell on her dear friend, Veer Singhania. He was the scion of an influential media baron. Their friendship and association dated back to their university days when both of them were doing a post graduate diploma in media studies and film making.

Prior to this course, Veer had been launched by his father in a very big and expensive television project. But due to his dismal acting skills, the whole show had drawn a blank before it was withdrawn from the channel. His father was terribly disappointed with him and his name in the industry was so tarnished that nobody wanted to give him a second chance. It was like the teacher’s son turning out to be a dunce.

Veer met Sanchi while he was trying to hone his skills. He wanted to prove all his detractors wrong. He wanted to be the reason for his father’s pride and not his disappointment. Throughout his life, he had yearned for his father’s love and attention. Sanchi unknowingly became the reason for gaining his father’s praise and appreciation.

Veer accidentally read an unpublished novel written by Sanchi. It was a youth romance. He managed to convince her that if they adapted it for the Indian television, it would be a rage among the youth audience. He convinced his father to produce it while he and Sanchi worked on the story and the script. He himself directed the show. What he could not achieve as an actor, he achieved as a director in an immense degree. Both of them continued this success story on television. They already had three highly successful shows under their credit. Their shows took most of the awards at the TV Award Functions. Veer knew that the true reason for all of this was her genius in storytelling.

Veer always wanted to see in Sanchi’s eyes something else other than friendship. But he always saw what he wanted to see for him in her eyes for KG. He was jealous of KG, the hero of their fourth show which was the latest rage in Indian television. But he never displayed it outside. He belonged to a media family and was very diplomatic about his behaviour with KG.

But after everything that had happened today, he could not let her face KG again and again. He cared so much for her that he ignored his own heartbreak and feeling of loss when he saw how happy she was with KG. But not anymore! If anybody was to blame for her condition, it was himself. If he had kept her away from KG, she would not have been in this condition today. Veer cried silent tears to himself.

Veer told Sanchi, “Sanchi, what have you done to yourself? Still cursing yourself for being alive? Just a few broken bones, nothing very serious! What happened at KG’s house? You just went to propose your love and came back like this! Did he reject your love?” She cried while saying, “That would have been better. He suspects me! He thinks I’ve some ulterior motive in this relationship. He thinks that I dumped my first husband for some trivial reasons. He does not trust me. He believes Nikhil’s words over my words!”

Veer said, “I always told you so! KG is a very difficult man to please. He can never keep you happy. And after your first relationship, you ought to have been more careful while choosing a life partner. But let’s keep bygones be bygones and think about what we can do in the present and our future. I’m very sorry that all this had to happen to you! I’ll cancel KG’s contract with us. We can replace him and you will not have to face him from tomorrow.”

Sanchi did not agree to it, “Veer let’s keep the personal and professional separate. I was wrong that I started having feelings for Kabir. But all that is just over between the two of us. You don’t think of me to be so weak that I will go weak over my knees when I meet Kabir again? Then you don’t know me, Veer!”

Veer replied, “No, I know you. But you know that I cannot see you in pain. I’ve never told you this before. But I love you. I could give up everything for your sake. I did not tell you this before because I did not want to lose your friendship. Don’t be shocked! Even when I knew that you were in love with KG, I did not tell you anything because he brought that elusive and alluring smile into your face. But how would I know that he would hurt you like this?”

Sanchi was utterly shocked by this confession. She had seen too much in a single day. She needed time to come to a grip with her situation. She said, “Veer, you know that I have never loved you and that I can never love you or anyone else in my life after Kabir. Love is not like a switch which I can put on and off in a matter of minutes. Just as one does not fall in love in a single day, one cannot fall out of love in a single day too. I need some time to myself. Let’s be good friends as we always were!”

Veer knew that this would be her answer but now that he had known how badly KG had broken her heart, he was not going to leave her to languish after him. The only reason he had allowed KG and Sanchi to come closer was for her happiness. But if that itself was not happening, he would see to it that she forgot KG and married him.

After a long pause, Veer said, “I think we ought to inform your family about your accident. They have a right to know and you too will feel better if they are with you.” She said, “No, Veer! Please don’t tell them! My father’s health is not so good. He’s already had two mild heart attacks. It will be a big shock for him.” Veer tried to reason out with her, “But you too would need someone’s help and support in your present fragile state of mind, wouldn’t you?” She replied, “I’m all right, Veer! And aren’t you there with me, my best friend?”

Veer said, “All right in that case you have to listen to this suggestion of mine. After you recover from your fractures, you will take a one month break. You’ll go home and spend some time with your parents and your brother. You definitely need a change. Don’t worry about our show. You’ve anyhow given me the script and future story before itself. All it needs is a bit of fine tuning and attention to certain finer details. I’ll manage that on my own. Are you OK with this?” She silently nodded her head when she noticed that Veer was pretty determined about this. Moreover she too felt that this would be the best option for all of them.

Veer thought to himself, “KG, I’m separating her from you for one month now. And after she comes back, I’ll ensure that it becomes a life-long separation. I never came in between both of you because I wanted Sanchi’s happiness. Though she was my love, she was my friend first. I always wanted only the best for her. But now I’ve realized that there is nothing worse than you for her. So I’ll never leave her alone or let you come into her life again after she comes back. I’ll always stand in your path towards her.”

Just as he was about to leave, Veer saw KG about to enter the room. He had come with a flower bouquet to wish Sanchi to get well soon. Veer was boiling with anger. First KG becomes the cause of her accident, and then he comes to wish her to get well soon. It was too much for him to bear. He directly addressed him saying, “Mr. Kabir Goenka, why have you come here for? To see if she survived or not? Her friend, Veer, is still alive. You don’t have to bother about anything from now on. I’d be glad if you keep your association with her strictly professional from now on, or you may give in your papers if you prefer it that way. Now will you please leave? My friend is resting.”

Kabir quietly left the bouquet he had brought for Sanchi in one corner of the room. He was not angry with Veer. It was his anger on seeing his friend in this condition because of him. He wanted to just have a single glance at her face before leaving. But her back was turned towards him. Only after she had left his house did the enormity of what happened between the two of them sink in. He thrashed his hand against the wall of his room three times. He did not know how he could remain so unmoved when she got hurt by that piece of glass. He cursed himself for his rash words and behaviour. He never wanted to be the cause for her tears but he had done precisely that in his anger.

He only knew what went through him when he heard about her accident. Despite everything that happened between the two of them, he realized that he still loved her. Only after this accident did he begin thinking whether he had been too hasty in passing a judgment upon her. Was he being influenced by his past in rejecting her? He wanted to hear her side of the story but she had completely shut herself off from him after their argument. How would he ever learn what she actually came to say to him? Would she ever be able to forgive him again and love him back?

Kabir was hopelessly clutching the red rose she had dropped at his house close to his heart. He kept on repeating her name to himself in a very soft voice before he completely broke down sobbing incessantly. To see hatred in the eyes in which he had only seen love and affection is not a very pleasant feeling. After his outburst today, he could see that he had lost all his rights on her. She was suffering so much and yet he could not be beside her. Moreover, he himself was the cause of her suffering.

If another person had spoken to him as Veer had spoken to him today, he would have left the show on the spot. But if he did the same now, he would not be able to have even a glimpse of her. Only when you are on the verge of losing your love forever do you realize that you too are human and that you have a beating heart within your bosom. He was not the superstar KG who was the heartthrob of millions anymore but the simple Kabir who was in love with her.

Beep, Beep! It was a message forwarded to Sanchi by her brother Sunny. He was a student of Engineering. Both of them shared a deep bond with one another despite the fact that there was an age gap of nearly seven years between the two of them. It must have been months when she last saw him but he never forgot to share her jokes or stories every day to brighten up her mood.

He said, “Hi Di, how are you? We all miss you a lot. Here’s an interesting story my friend shared with me on Facebook. Hope it will brighten up your day and bring a smile to your lips!

Here’s some good old Chinese wisdom. An elderly Chinese woman had two large pots with which she carried water for her home. One of the pots had a small crack in its side while the other pot was perfect. She used to hang the pots on the ends of a pole which she carried across her neck. By the time she reached home, the cracked pot came only half full while the perfect pot proudly came brimming to the full.

After two years passed like this, the cracked pot spoke to the woman on what it perceived to be its bitter failure. It was ashamed of its own imperfection and miserable that it could do only half of what it was made to do. The woman smiled and said to the pot, ‘Did you notice that there are flowers only on your side of the path and not on the other pot’s side. That’s because I’ve always known about your flaw and planted flower seeds on your side of the path. You’d water them during our walk home. Without you being the way you are, I would have been bereft of all this beauty and grace which fills my path and life every day.’

We all have our own unique flaws. It is our cracks and flaws that make our lives together interesting and rewarding. So my dear cracked pot Big Sis, learn to accept people as they are and try to smell the flowers on your side of the path. You are awesome the way you are, flaws and all. Keep smiling always and take time to send this to all your friends who have a cracked side.”

Sanchi cried on reading this story. She took the flower bouquet Kabir had left for her and said to herself, “Why didn’t Kabir accept me with my cracked side just as I accepted him with his cracked side? Why Kabir? Why? You made me love you but why couldn’t I make you trust me and my love? Where did our love go so wrong? I will not put myself through all this again. You live your life and I will live mine. I’ll see to it that our paths never cross again. Even if we meet again, it will be purely professional and not personal. Here I retreat back to my world of stories where there is no pain or sorrow.”

Kabir was sitting all alone at his house with the withered rose Sanchi dropped behind her for company. He didn’t know whether to mourn for his lost love or his lost trust or for both. Sanchi always managed to read him like an open book. Then what happened this time? He never meant more than half the things he said in anger, and she too knew this perfectly. His trust on her had certainly wavered after hearing Nikhil’s words, but he never lost it, though his words spoken in anger indicated the contrary. Why didn’t she explain or persist in proving her point as she usually used to do with him?

Kabir brought a small pot of mud and placed the withered rose in it. He planted fresh rose seeds in the same pot and began watering it. He said, “I know that the old flower had to wither one day or the other. But this new plant will blossom out of the withered remnants of the old flower. Last time, that lone blossom of love was doomed to wither! But this tender plant full of blossoms is destined to grow this time!”


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