Adhoore Hum, Adhoore Tum : Chapter-12

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Hi guys!! I’m back with the next chapter of the story. Happy reading


Chapter-12 (Meeting The Family)


“I have two good news and one bad news for you”, said Sanchi to Kabir on turning back after making a couple of calls. “Sunny has been released and all the charges against him have been withdrawn by the police. Papa will also be discharged today evening from the hospital. Ever woke up at 4.00 A.M. in the morning during the Brahma Muhurta?” she continued.


“Oh, that’s great! So finally all your problems are solved! And what was the Muhurat stuff? Is there a Puja at your home?” Kabir replied. She said, “No my problems are over but yours are just beginning because tomorrow you will be in the presence of Dr. Arjun Reddy, Ex-Principal, Ramakrishna Group of Educational Institutions. We don’t wake up at 4.00 A.M. in the morning just for pujas or for a special shooting schedule. We do it every day. It is part and parcel of the hostel discipline imposed on every member or guest of this house. You see Papa has retired from service but his principles have not taken a retirement.”


Kabir argued, “What if I don’t wake up? What if I continue sleeping?” She explained, “You will have a bucket of cold water thrown at your bed. If you do not wake up even then you will have a canning session!” He shuddered, “Ghosh! Is that how all of you live here? I would have run away in my childhood itself if I were you or your brother.”


Sanchi said, “Actually the fact is that Papa is a very likable and a good human being despite all his eccentricities. You will find that out for yourself as you get to know more about him. If not for the riots, I would never have asked you to stay here. But as they say, ‘What can’t be cured must be endured’! Do you remember any of your school arithmetic? How fast and good are you in giving the answer for 4567×4326?”


Kabir did not know whether to make head or tail out of this exchange, “4567 multiplied by 4326 makes…makes…makes”. She shook her head pathetically and said, “My father is one of the foremost Vedic Maths specialists in India. I too don’t know what it makes but it will surely take out one poori or chapatti from the quota served to you during your meals if you give a wrong answer. One poori for one wrong answer. And remember you will be served a quota of only four pooris or chapathis for meals. That is the rule in this house. So if you give four wrong answers, you go without that particular meal.”


He said exasperatedly, “What the hell! How are you guys still living till now?” She said, “We’ve all done PhDs in the art of fasting instead of feasting and can subsist even on air. Mentally prepare yourself for all this! You should have thought about all this when you came to Vijayawada. And how good are you at doing yoga and aerobics?”


Kabir replied, “You know I’m not a fitness freak. I never do any exercise or yoga except the shavasana or the lying down pose. And I’m a foodie. Don’t you know that’s one of the reasons why I used to drop in at your house in Mumbai at all odd hours and that why sometimes I even used to complete you lunch box when you brought anything special or tasty? Whatever name I’ve made in the industry is for my acting and not for my figure or six-pack abs.”


Sanchi warned him, “Don’t ever think of blurting out that I used to make specials when I was in Mumbai and not a word about the kheer I used to make!” Kabir remarked, “Things are getting even worse as I continue listening to them. Now I know why your father had all those mild heart attacks. So much strictness is dangerous for anyone’s health. Let’s see what happens tomorrow!”


True to Sanchi’s words, a bucket of icy cold water was thrown at his bed by the honourable Ex-Principal, Dr. Arjun Reddy staring at whose face he woke up at 4.00 A.M. the next morning. He brushed his teeth with the natural Ayurvedic toothpaste which he found in the bathroom. He pulled her aside and asked her, “What strange brand of toothpaste do you guys use. It smelt awful and the smell is not leaving me even now despite gargling twenty times?”


She laughed aloud uncontrollably and said, “So you actually used that toothpaste? Ha! Ha! Ha! No wonder you can feel the smell even now. I, Sunny and Ma generally squeeze the toothpaste and flush it under the wash basin to show Papa that the paste is really being used and stealthily use Colgate or Close Up. It is made out of Gomutra! Can you imagine-The Star-The Kabir Goenka-KG- brushing with Gomutra! “ Kabir asked her, “What’s so funny about Gomutra? It is also a stuff they use to make toothpastes, isn’t it?” She replied, “No! It is used only in some Ayurvedic toothpastes. It means the urine of cow.”


Kabir literally regurgitated on hearing it. He was cursing himself, “Where have I got myself stuck. Even riots were better to this. You didn’t tell me any of this yesterday? How many more surprises do I have waiting for me?” She smiled and said, “I didn’t want to give you too many shocks. But who told you to come here?” He gave a cutting look at her and continued with the gargling he had resumed vigorously.


After that, Kabir was told that it was yoga time. Everybody had changed into their exercise clothes. Sanchi lent him her brother’s jogging clothes while she herself was wearing a pink coloured T-shirt and white coloured leggings. His mind was straying uncontrollably towards her figure which was accentuated by her style of dress. While standing on one leg all he could concentrate was on the T-shirt which got lifted revealing her s*xy waist before his full view. Was he the only one getting such unholy thoughts while doing yoga? Yoga meant concentration but here he was at his distracted best. He cursed that he was not alone with her at that time and that her entire family was there. He mentally made a note to himself that he would ask for some evening yoga sessions with her when both of them would be back in Mumbai. Then he would see how she continued telling that she was apathetic to him or that stuff of how she was doing everything for old times’ sake.


Next, all the members of the house were herded to the library where they were told that it was study hour and asked to read the books there in pin drop silence while Dr. Reddy paraded round with his cane. Thankfully all of them were given a break of one hour after which all of them were supposed to assemble in the hall for going to the famous Durga temple in Vijayawada. The riots had been curbed and everything was getting back to normalcy. Dr. Reddy informed all of them that he had arranged for a special puja in Sanchi’s and Sunny’s name.


Kabir looked up at his phone when he found that there were five missed calls from his mother and three from Veer. He called back his mother when she asked him to switch on the TV. A TV segment was running continuously in all the major channels on how he was in Vijayawada at the present moment. They also informed of how he was staying at the place of the creative director and story writer of his latest show, Sanchi Reddy, while he had supposedly taken a break from the show telling he was going to Kolkata. They were speculating on how she could be his possible love interest. They also informed their viewers that they were given this piece of information by one Nikhil Kumar who coincidentally also happened to be Sanchi’s ex-husband. They also informed their viewers that they would keep them updated with the latest developments as soon as they had more information on the same.


Now Kabir understood that Nikhil had done all this to get even with him and Sanchi for that police warning. He had underestimated the power of his enemy and that had resulted in this whole issue being blown out of proportion. He was trying to tarnish their name in the media by linking them up. Not that it was completely false either but what was the need to inform the media where he was and what he was doing unnecessarily.


Kabir immediately packed his bags. Though he could not change what had already happened, he could at least do some damage control. He would leave today itself. When all of them had gathered in the hall, Kabir told them what had happened and that he was leaving so that it would not become a big issue for all of them. While he was about to go, Dr. Reddy caught his hands and asked, “Kabir, have you and Sanchi done anything for which you ought to be ashamed or hide yourself?”


Kabir replied, “No, Sir! I came because I consider Sanchi as my friend (and lover too! Loving someone is not a crime you see. There is no need to feel ashamed for it!), and wanted to help her as she was in troubles.” Dr. Reddy asked, “In that case, why are you running away from here? So that people get an opportunity to remark that whatever they saw was true? Now I insist that you stay with us. If there is a problem, we will all face it together. If the press has misunderstood or somebody has misled them, give them a clarification by calling a press conference. And don’t call me Sir! You’ve been like a son to me in our troubles and moreover both you and Sanchi work together and are good friends. Call me Papa!”


Kabir had lost his father at a young age. He never had anyone to guide him firmly or explain him what was right and what was wrong. Dr. Reddy despite all his eccentricities was very lovable. He was touched by the support he had given him and Sanchi. He wanted to run away from Vijayawada because he wanted to avoid people questioning Sanchi or her character, but Dr. Reddy had made him understand that one should never run away from situations but face them head-on. Here he was imagining that Dr. Arjun Reddy, Ex-Principal of Ramakrishna Group of Educational Institutions would be like the Amitabh Bachchan of Mohabbatein while he turned out to be the exact opposite.



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