Adhoore Hum, Adhoore Tum : Chapter-10

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Chapter-10 (Kabir reminscing Sanchi and the Dream Call)


Kabir’s confidence that he could ever win her back was waning day by day. It had been nearly fifteen days ever since she went to Vijayawada to visit her parents. She had not called him back even once. Not even a single day passed when he did not think about her or all those beautiful moments they had shared together. It just seemed like the other day when she was picking up the stones from the rice grains in a huge bowl. He dropped in for an informal visit just at that time. These visits were almost becoming a regular habit for him. He liked spending time with her. He felt happy and at perfect ease with her. They gave out to the outside world that they met for the sake of discussing and improving their show while they did nothing of that sort.

Kabir asked her, “What’s up?” Sanchi replied, “Somehow the present batch of rice I bought from the grocer’s has a lot of stones and I’m picking them up so that I can make kheer with it. It looks very cloudy outside. I think it will rain in a short while from now. So I wanted to keep my favourite dish ready by that time.” He said, “Come! I’ll join you too. If both of us do it, it will get over faster.”

Both of then sat in front of each other with the bowl in front of them and started picking out the stones in the bowl. While doing so, she suddenly remarked, “Don’t you think how nice it would be if we could throw out the problems and issues in our life also just like these stones?” He agreed, “Yes! But it does not happen like that. They will remain with us whether we want them or not.”

Sanchi said, “I know it’s not so easy solving problems in one’s life. But what’s the harm in thinking that these stones are our problems while picking them up, and throwing them out one by one? Can’t we be happy at least in our imagination though not in real life? After all everything starts with a positive dream or idea!” He said, “Let’s try this one too if you suggest!”

They started picking up each stone in the rice and gave it the name of one particular problem in their life and threw it out. As this game started progressing both of them started feeling even better and in an elevated frame of mind. The weather was getting stormier and cloudier outside. Just then there was a strong gust of wind and the electricity of her house went off. She instinctively clutched his hand for safety and protection. He comfortingly placed his hand on her shoulder and asked her not to be afraid as he was with her. He took out his phone and switched on the headlight and was trying to look around the room when it accidentally flashed straight into her eyes. Since it was very close to her eyes, her eyes started watering due to its impact.

Kabir immediately switched off the headlight and took her face in his palms and was looking into her eyes to see if they were badly hurt when he realized that they were actually very close to each other and stepped back. He coughed to ease the awkwardness of their situation and asked her, “Do you know where the candles and matches are?” She replied, “In that drawer in the table over there?” He lit some candles across the room and sat down.

Sanchi said, “What about the stones in the rice? I think we have not sorted the entire batch and what about that kheer I was planning to make?” Kabir said, “Don’t worry we’ll manage the best we can in this candle light and my phone’s headlight. If you have an emergency light, it will be even better.” She was suddenly reminded of the battery writing lamp on her study table. She took a candle and went to bring that light from upstairs.

While she was coming down the stairs she slipped and was about to fall when he caught her in her arms and cautioned her, “Careful! Look where you’re going. You would have been badly hurt if I was not here.” She said, “I know that! And you will never let me get hurt, will you? You will always be there to support me, won’t you?” Kabir shook his head and said, “How do you know that I would save you from hurt every time? What if I was not there or what if I myself am the cause for your hurt?”

Sanchi smiled and said, “I know that will never happen. You can never see me hurt or cause me pain! Now will you put me down?” Kabir suddenly let go her waist and she fell down with a thud and screamed, “Ouch! That hurt really badly!” He cautioned her, “Don’t you be so sure of anything! Not even me! You never know. We all are humans and we often end up hurting one another knowingly or unknowingly all the time.”

After this, both of them finished sorting out the stones from the rice with the help of her writing lamp. She was making the kheer and tea along with pakodas, while he was sitting at the table in the kitchen helping her out by chopping the dry fruits for the kheer and onions for the pakodas. She asked him, “Please give me some cardamom. It will give a nice flavour to the both the kheer and the tea. It’s in that shelf near you.” He found the box in which the cardamom was kept and about to give it to her when it accidentally fell down from his hand. They both hit their heads against each other three times while searching for the fallen pieces of cardamom in the semi-darkness of the candles and her writing lamp.

Finally they picked up all the pieces they had dropped. Sanchi made some fine powered cardamom in a small stone mortar and added some of it to the kheer and some of it to the tea. The beautiful flavours of the tea and the kheer were emanating together at the same time. Kabir then asked her to give up making the onion pakodas. He did not want one more accident for the day. They had fallen and risen a number of times for a single evening. Frying the pakodas in that half-darkness in hot oil could be dangerous. So he asked her to serve just the tea and some kheer for both of them and stop making the onion pakodas. She also realized the wisdom of his injunction and stopped making them.

Just then there was a huge flash of lightening and terrible thunder claps from the sky. She immediately embraced him tightly in her arms and would not let him go. After it subsided, he smiled cheekily and asked, “What would you do if I’m not there beside you? Would you hug anybody beside you?” She said simply like a child, “No! I hug you because I feel safe in your arms. If you are not near me I’ll call out aloud KABIRKABIR‘ and when you come running to me, I’ll hug you!”

The weather was almost similar to that day even now. She would have felt afraid if she was here all alone. But now she was not alone. She was somewhere else with people who truly loved her. Perhaps she would not even be thinking about him at this moment! Just then he could feel her screaming for him in a loud voice, KABIR! KABIR!”

Kabir immediately ran outside the room. There she was in front of his eyes. He ran to her and embraced her tightly in his arms and said, “I won’t let you go this time! I won’t let you go!” Only then did he realize that all this was a dream and she was not here. But something about the entire experience felt so real. A third person would never be able to understand how one soul could be entwined with another’s.

Strange and vague as it appears to outsiders who listen to it, it is so true and concrete for those people who experience it! Kabir knew now that she was in need of him. He could intuitively and instinctively feel it. After what had happened, she would never tell him anything that was happening in her life. But he could not wait here any longer in Mumbai until she came back. Kabir said to her, “Sanchi, I’m coming! Don’t worry! I’ll be there for you!”

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