Addicted To Love {Part:41 to 49}


Arjun falls in his thoughts while shomi smirks seeing him with fake tears……….

Soon arjun comes to his sense and says

Arjun: Mom lets goo home

Says arjun and they both leaves from hospital

Swara Cabin:

Swara was unconscious while anjali was all pale sanskar goes near her and side hugs her

Sanskar: Mom wt happen why r u soo pale…

Avni: Sanskar its nothing she is shocked seeing shomi ji behaviour

Says avni covering anjali nods with a fake smile

Viren: Mom bua you all go home and take rest its late I’ll stay with sanskar

Sanskar: Viren you too go with them ill be here dont worry

Viren: R u sure

Sanskar nods

All leaves leaving swasan alone

Sanskar sits beside swara and pecks her forehead he sits beside her checking her mails

At 9pm:

Sanskar was now sitting on coach he had his laptop with him and working he was checking swara time to time

Swara slowly opens her eyes she rememberz sanskar words asking her to get out of the house and she cutting her hand she forgets avni nd shomi words she look around and tears flow from her eyes

Swara: Sanku….

Calls slowly as the room is silent sanskar caught her voice and raised his head and looks towards her he gets happy but doesnt show it he goes near her while she struggles to sit

Sanskar helps her in sitting and sits beside her kissing her forehead lovingly she closes her eyes and a tear escapes her eyes

Swara: Sanku…

Sanskar: Hmm

Swara: I love you

Says looking at his eyes he looks at her once and gets lost in her beautiful eyes and says

Sanskar: I love you too

Swara hugs him tight listening him she kisses his both cheeks and soon sits on his lap with her legs on side he doesn’t say anything and  stays quite while she was hugging him the thought of staying away made her to take this step she waits for him to speak or scold her but he stays mum

Swara: Sanskar r u angry

Sanskar doesn’t say anything his phone rings he checks nd forwards it too swara

Swara lifts the call its from anjali when they both were talking sanskar looks at swara

Sanskar Pov:

Honey I’ll not leave or will stay away from I’ll be soo close for will take care of you i will not forgive

I may had forgiven for few days as u was afraid to loose me and didn’t disclose me ur things but after today’s incident noo

No honey I’ll not forgive you for hurting your self you are my life i love you but that doesn’t mean you will do wt ever you want i hurted soo badly by taking this step

I know i send you to get out but that doesn’t mean you will hurt my life i was angry tjat you didnt trust me enough to say me ur problems ur pain

Once you must have tried i would have staked my life to take your revenge once but no instead of that you hidded everything

But the biggest mistake of your life is commiting suicide

From today your revenge is mine and i need to confront mom and bua they are hidding something

But one thing i understood is u love me soo much nd i sware i doo the same or more than that

But I’ll not talk to you u have to understand your mistake

His pov ends

Sanskar thoughts gets a break as he feels swara poking his chest when he looks at her he melts seeing her innocent face but doesn’t say anything

Swara: Sanku iam hungry

Says swara playing with his shirt buttons suddenly there was knock sanskar makes swara sit on bed and gets up a nurse comes in with a food

Nurse: Sir here is food

Says nurse giving him while brushing his hands sanskar was lost while swara was burning seeing sanskar not reacting nurse places the plate on a table and pretends to faint holding his hands bringing sanskar to his sense swara shouts making the nurse jump

Swara: Hey u chipkali….

Nurse gulps looking at her while sanskar moves back holding her food plate

Nurse: Ma…. Maam

Swara: Stay away from my husband u kamini aurath

Shouts swara trying to get up from bed but she falls on bed feeling weak and shouting in pain as she tried to pull out the tube whuch was connected to her hand

Swara: Ahhhhhh sanku

Sanskar gets worried and rushes to her he makes her sit properly taking her in his embrace while she was crying in pain sanskar just passes one glare to nurse making her gulp

Nurse runs away and sanskar feeds swara when she tries to feed him back he moves back making her sad

Soon the night passes with swara sleeping in sanskar embrace

Next Morning:

Swara opens her and eyes and finds anjali avni virika except sanskar

Akash checks swara and says

Akash: Swara beta u need to take care or else we will not discharge u until a week

Swara: Noooo.

Swara shouts making all close there ears all smiles at her childishness

Sanskar enters the room nd looks at all viren side hugs him nd says

Viren: How is My Sister

Sanskar: Infront of you nd doctor is beside you cant if u can see

Viren hits him and looks towards swara while she was looking at sanskar he was hot in a black shirt and jeans with jacket hanging on his shoulders

Viren: Shona u did very wrong by taking a step of suicide this isn’t a way to express your love if u love sanskar soo much you could have convince him but this is not right i know you r still a kid but please dont do this again

Sanskar eyes darken remembering everything he leaves the room giving an excuse to all making swara cry she know he is angry not angry but hurt she needs to talk to him clear him everything she cant stay like this

To Be Continued


Viren: Shona u did very wrong by taking a step of suicide this isn’t a way to express your love if u love sanskar soo much you could have convince him but this is not right i know you r still a kid but please dont do this again

Sanskar eyes darken remembering everything he leaves the room giving an excuse to all making swara cry she know he is angry not angry but hurt she needs to talk to him clear him everything she cant stay like this


In Hospital:

The day passes virika stays with swara sanskar didnt return back after morning swara was sooo sad jeevika tried to cheer her up but nothing worked she just gave a fake smile

Present swara was sleeping as she is tired while virika sitting on coach

Jeevika: Viren ji shona and bhai need to talk or else distance between them will increase

Viren: Hmm iam thinking same i thought they would have sorted it out but they didnt

Jeevika: I cant see both of them sad shall we do something

Viren: No its complicated i forgave shona just because she is innocent she behaved boldy and was taking revenge but her heart is still innocent if she really wanted to punish her father she would have killed him or sent to jail but she want her father she is missing his love soo she captured him amd showing everyone’s truth infront of him soo he would regret

Jeevika just nods and lays on his shoulder while he pecks her forehead

Maheshwari Nd co

A man is shown moving here and there frustatedly the cabin was a mess all the things scattered a album was the only thing which isnt broke it was picture of swara

The man turns and he is nikhil he sits on coach grabing swara photo frame

Nikhil: No shona nooo u cant love sanskar when i love you how can u try to kill yourself for him noo noo u r only mine and will do anything for getting you anything

Says nikhil with a evil smile

Maheshwari Mansion:

Anjali Room:

Both anjali and avni were sitting nd talking

Avni: Anju do u remember janki wanted her daughter to be your dil and now her wish is fulfilled

Anjali: Yes avni but if janki was here we would have been more happy

Suddenly sanskar enters in room with a stern face breaking anjali and avni talk

Sanskar: Bua Mom i wanna know about Mrs. Gadodia

Anjali: Sanskar beta wt u wanna know about shomi ji

Asks anjali worried and frightened too while avni holds her hand

Avni: Sanskar wt happen why r u behaving like this

Sanskar: Mrs. Gadodia had hired a man to kill Mr. Gadodia and not only that she even killed swara’s dada nd dadi and now trying to make swara puppet and snatch all her property

Anjali: Wt sanskar iam warning you please u and shona stay away from her infact we will go back to US

Says while cressing his face and hugging him all three were on bed

Sanskar: Mom bua Mr. Gadodia is alive swajun kidnapped him they both were taking revenge of their dada dadi death

Avni: Wt is she mad or wt shomi is very dangerous if she gets to know this she will not think even for once before killing both killing is not a difficult task for her

Blurts avni making sanskar narrow his eyes

Sanskar: Wt doo you mean by that bua please say me everything i wanna know

Guys I’ll just give a breif

Anjali Pov


Avni janki and i were childhood best frds i nd ur papa loved eachother soo much janki and i were orphans arjun akash bhai were frds from childhood

(anjali nd janki are one year younger than avni while arjun was one year younger than akash)

Avni janki and i were in third while arjun  nd akash were in final year  i Nd arjun had married eachother as parvati maa rushed about marriage after marriage i used to get very less time as i had to manage home too

Janki loved shekhar and he also loved her nd we got to know they both confessed each other in final year when this all was happening i and ur papa had to shift for US and as he started a business i too joined there

Pov ends

Anjali: and later i got to know they were married by avni sanskar

Sanskar: Bua wt happen when mom and dad shifted to us

Avni: Every thing changed when bhai and anju shifted to us

Avni Pov


One day shekhar introduced janki to his sister sujatha and her husband ram while ram introduced shomi to shekhar shomi was attracted to shekhar in the first sight

She started spending time with janki and me janki introduced shomi to me but i always felt she is not the one she shows she always came between shekhar and janki never let them to spend time with them she even tried creating misunderstanding between them but janki was soft and caring that she solved everything by being calm  even shekhar wasn’t less he loved her to the moon

Then soon my marriage happened with ur fufa and nikhil born after four nd half years shekhar married jankii when he was completely settled but i nd janki were always in touch we used to talk with anju to by vedio calls

Shekhar parents loved janki as their own daughter and janki was 4months pregnant when they were marrying nd 5 months swara born bringing lots of happiness we were sooo happy

When swara born ramtha along with their daughter swathi nd shomi joined in janki nd shekhar house

After 7months it was janki nd shekhar marriage anniversary they go to sight seeing to moutains which was suggested by shomi

That day was the last day shomi fell from a hill when saving swara nd at a very tender age swara lost her mom

From that day i took care of swara shekhar married shomi i thought shomi will be nice taking care of swara but no she didn’t she started filling shekhar ears that swara is the reason of janki death

Once at night i was in gadodia house as swara’s health wasn’t good that day was the worst day i listened shomi saying that janki didn’t die dye to accident but she pushed her nd but the blame on swara nd married shekhar now his everything will be hers including him i was shocked i slapped her nd dragged her out nd said the same thing but shekhar nd ramtha didnt believe me nd restricted me to enter their house again

After me only swara’s dada nd dadi loved her more then i ur fufa left city her dada nd dadi made swara talk to me nd thus swara remember me still

Pov ends

Avni: I thought shona might be loved as janki i nd anju loved her but noo she was treated soo badly

Anjali: Sanskar u listened naa how cheap that women is soo please stay away from her nd shona will also understand my words

Sanskar: Mom don’t you want punish ur best frd culprit

Asks sanskar while anjali nd avni looks on

Precap: Swasan emotional convo

To Be Continued


Avni: I thought shona might be loved as janki i nd anju loved her but noo she was treated soo badly

Anjali: Sanskar u listened naa how cheap that women is soo please stay away from her nd shona will also understand my words

Sanskar: Mom don’t you want punish ur best frd culprit

Asks sanskar while anjali nd avni looks on

Avni: Sanskar its not like that you are very precious to us

Sanskar: I know you both are worried but now don’t worry ntg will happen to me and i promise you that i wanna punish janki maa’s culprit

Anjali: But just take care you know na naa u r the last sign of ur papa nd i love soo much

Says anjali cupping sanskar face she plants a kiss on his face sanskar hugs her back

Sanskar: I love you too mom nd u too bua

They three have a hug

Night at 11pm


Sanskar comes in swara cabin nd finds her waiting for him he silently goes to coach and sit their seeing him swara tries to get up but winces in pain

Swara: Ahhh maa

Listening her shout sanskar rushes to her nd makes her sit properly he looks at her angrily and bursts out on her

Sanskar: Swara cant you take care lf ur self why u always do stunts if you cant take care of ur self lets us care for you why do u try when u r not able to sit looks your hand is bleeding again

Shows her hand he tries to hold it but she moves away

Swara: If u wont talk to me or forgive I’ll pull out this tube

Says swara blackmailing him making him shock and fume in anger

Sanskar: Fine doo wt ever you want I’ll not talk

Shouts sanskar making her shiver she starts crying silently and passes her hand sanskar does her bandage again

He sits beside her and takes her in his embrace sanskar feels bad for scolding her but brushes his thoughts pecking her forehead

They both dozes off

Suddenly at night swara starts wriggling in her sleep and crying and shouting

Swara: Nooo sanky please please dont leave me i love you please sanku please

Sanskar wakes up and listens her he jerks and takes her in his embrace he is sooo much worried for her

Sanskar: Honey baby look iam with you dont cry iam beside you

Swara opens her eyes and finds sanskar she cups his face and kisses his face she hugs him tight snuggling in to him closer nd closer they both stay still for few minutes

Swara: (she breaks her silence while sobbing) Sanku i really love you it is truth that iam taking my revenge but i never used u r mom swathi was never in love with u when arjun made me understand i was ready for taking revenge at that moment i got to know that you were her crush you were my last we and i dont wanna give that for her soon i fell for you and we both were in love i was always scared thinking u might leave me if u know that iam taking revenge i was scared that’s the reason i didn’t say you i really trust and i tried to i wanted to tell u this but you got to know my truth by yourself and asked me too go away from you

Swara pulls sanskar his whole shirt is soked in her tears

Swara: At that time i was blank when i loved i dont know about shomi maa truth i really accepted her as maa then one day i got to know she killed my dada and dadi my only support u know sanku dadu and dadi were my maa papa they always cared for me i don’t even know how my mother was i lost her at 7months sanskar just to save me she lost her life i really love her then when dadi and dadu died in car accident i thought iam really unlucky as everyone who come close to who i love started going away from i don’t want you too get seperated soo i tried to kill my self

She looks at sanskar at that moment he felt she is sooo innocent to face the world his love had faced soo much if she knows that her mother wad killed wt will happen for her he feared his thoughts break when swara called him

Swara: Sanku u know i dont think i did mistake by cutting my wrist because if you were not in my kife then wt is the reason for me to live i love you i love you sooo much i never wanted to hurt you i love you please don’t leave me

Says swara innocently and hugs sanskar tight sooon she falls in sleep in his arms sanskar kisses her hair pulling her closer

Sanskar: Sorry baby i know i hurted you but the thought that you didn’t trust our love made me angry but noe I’ll not leave but still i wanna see wt my innocent honey will doo to convince me

Says sanskar to himself and pecks her lips soon he too dozes off peacefully

Next Morning:

Swara opens her eyes and finds sanskar beside her he was busy in checking out his phone

Swara: (to herself) I know how to melt you Mr. Maheshwari

Swara smirks looking at sanskar she slowly jumps in his lap making him jerk sanskar looks at her and gives wt look while swara swara cresses his face loving sanskar was just seeing her and trying to understand wt she is up too

Swara leans towardz sanskar while he turns his face she pecks his cheek licking there she starts placing pecks on his face she looks at his lips he is trying hard to show it doesn’t matter to him but he is loosing himself he tries to jerk her but but she crossed her legs around his waist tight not letting him move

Swara goes near his earlobe she bites it

Swara: Iam Sorry Please talk to me

Sanskar doesn’t respond she pecks all his face and does same with his other ear but he was not melting or trying his best not to melt

Swara hands reach his shirt and she passes her hands to his chest making it hard for him to control she pecks his chest sucking his skin his hands unknowingly holds her tight by waist she smiles and placed her lips on him kissing him he doesnt repond swara sucks his lips and tongue she enters in his mouth enjoying the smooth kiss while he was lost in the moment and gave in

But suddenly he pulls of she feels him pulling away sanskar makes her sit on bed nd tries to go but swara cries

To Be Continued


But suddenly sanskar pulls out of kiss swara feels him pulling away sanskar makes her sit on bed nd tries to go but swara cries thinking he is still angry

Swara holds his hand crying she speaks with chocked voice

Swara: Sanku…..  Iam sorry

As swara completes she starts crying sanskar immediately cries he holds her face in his palms and wipes her tears

Sanskar: Honey don’t cry baby

Says sanskar hugging while swara hugs him nback more tight

Soon their moments get disturbed by a knock sanskar makes sit with head board swara sits

As the door opens swara starts making faces nd mumbles

Swara: Chipkali kainki….

Sanskar who listens presses his lips listening her cursing nurse who bought break fast

Nurse: Sirr here is break fast

Says nurse moving towards him swara suddenly jumps in sanskar lap while he looks at her swara gives a tight smile

Swara:  Jaanu wt happen

Sanskar doesn’t say anything nurse looks at swara irkly

Swara: Nurse pass our food nd please leave some space for us

Says swara locking her hands behind his neck sanskar was gulping looking at her

He thinks Sanky u have forgiven her but she isn’t fine sooo control she needs rest control……..

His thoughts break when swara pecks his earlobe sucking it

Swara: Sorry

******************Mature Content*******************

She pecks other ear nd says same swara hand reaches under his shirt as top buttons were open she cresses his abs and leaned down and placed a wet kiss there sensuously. While sanskar was shocked at her act. She bit him on his chest leaving her mark and bringing him to his senses. She then slowly forced her body weight on him making him lie down. She then sat on his stomach. While sanskar struggled and tried to remove her hands off. While swara made him to touch her wrist so that he won’t force her to shove her hands. She then opened his buttons and sanskar’s eyes grew wider. She sucked his lips in her mouth and later trailed kisses from her neck to his chest. She was sensuously kissing his upper bare part making him go hard. He forgot his anger the very moment and within a swift movement turned her carefully not hurting her wrist. He took her lips in his teeth and bit her slowly while she moaned. He entered inside her mouth and both their juices mixed with each other. He lifted her a bit and opened the back hook of her dress as she was in the hospital clothes. He slowly removed it from her making her bare while she looked straight into his eyes without blushing. He kissed her cleavage and savoured her assets from her mouth and twitching it with his fingers. He then moved down and sucked her navel causing her goosebumps. He then moved down and removed her last piece down. He then kissed her core and moved above to her lips and kissed her passionately. After kissing for long he left her lips and got up from her and started leaving from there. Swara held his hand and tears started coming from her eyes

Swara- Once see in my eyes sanskar if you don’t see love in my eyes I will leave you forever. Don’t worry this time I won’t do any stupid act to gain sympathy.

Sanskar saw straight in her eyes and her eyes reflected only love. Her ADDICTION OF LOVE FOR HIM. His eyes turned moist and he don’t wanna let her go. He hugged her tight and she broke into tears in his arms.

Swara- I am sorry sanskar.

Sanskar- its ok swara I understand but promise me you won’t hide anything from me. NEVER EVER.

Swara- I promise sanskar.

Sanskar-  I love you too baby.

Swara- Then why you left me like cliffhanger.

Sanskar’s eyes widened
Swara- Make love to me sanskar. I miss you. I miss your touch.

Sanskar kissed her again showing her how much he love her and he agreed to her commands?

After kissing her soundly he moved down and placed himself in between her and moved inside slowly going deep inside showing him the depth of his love. He made love to her slowly yet passionately.

    *********Content ends**********

Written by my darling pihu thank u baby ????????????

After two hours

Swara was sleeping peacefully in sanskar shirt in his embrace while he was staring his love his honey jaan nd everything for him her whole waist was on him while her hand is on his shoulder resting which is having a bandade

He slowly takes it and pecks her wrist – Wt have you done to ur self jaan

Whispers sanskar making her snuggle in him more and peck his chest whispering a sorry he looks at time its already 11am she didn’t took her bf nd tablets

Sanskar hugs her tight nd whispers – Honey wakeup baby u need to have bf and tablets get up naa

“Hmmm sankuu please iam sleepy” –  says swara snuggling in his neck

Sanskar slowly gets up with swara in his lap he makes her sit in his lap nd make her eat few fruits by himself

Swara totally opened her eyes and eating with sanskar hands still pecking him in middle trying to distract him while he was doing his work

He stops when she was done and give her tablets soon he helps her into her hospital dress and himself wear his shirt and makes her lie on bed while swara being herself sleeps on his lap snuggling in his stomach holding him by waist

10days flew away soon and swara had a very much good time getting attention she showed all her tantrums to sanskar and all while all felt happy seeing her they were away from all planning and plotting living peacefully unknown of the problems and strom coming to destroy their lifes

Nikhil was planning to get swara getting ready to even kill her while shomi was filling arjun ears against maheswari’s nd planning to get swara back breaking all ties of swasan unknown that they are already tied in marriage and excess love

To Be Continued


Leap of 10days


Sanskar Room:

Early Morning:

Swara was sleeping peacefully on bed with a pillow on both sides she has a sweet smile on her face as now she is back she will live a happy life with her sanskar leaving all her past behind the thought of leaving her dada dadi’s culprit sinks her heart if this revenge will make her loose her love her addiction for sanskar then a big noo he is more precious to her she thinks to make shekhar set free talking to arjun

She stirs in bed and moves her hand on bed only to find a pillow she lazily opens her eyes and sits on bed she looks for sanskar and finds him sitting sitting on coach sooo lost in his thoughts

Sanskar Pov:

Sooo sooo confused this is the actual stage of mine iam actually shocked yesterday night after making honey sleep i left for study when i was coming i found nikhil door open he wasn’t hear he went out as he needed time after wat happened in his life this was the excuse he gave

I don’t why i felt to go in as i went it air became heavy all windows started moving due to air nd a photo came under feet which looked burned i thought it to be of swathi but when i took it in my hands i was shocked to core that was mine nd shona’s but wts it doing in his room nd why is it burned

I  was restless sooo much i started searching in room i don’t know wt iam seaching but iam frustrated was the thing i felt after searching whole room suddenly i hit bed soo hardly nd then i got a box coming from under bed i took it in my hands nd opened them i got few simcards nd also a gun

When i was searching suddenly i felt hand on me i was shocked nd turned around i sighed as it is viren when i showed them to viren he was too shocked but seeing photo burned he said something which made me shocked

Sanskar nikhil was ur brother but i never felt positive about him from childhood -says viren while i was shocked with this new revelation

Them iam back to my ruthless mode i called jay nd gave him all those things and asked to collect details of all this sims nd contact priya

He nodded nd then left viren patted my back nd asked me too go to room nd i left

Pov ends:

Sanskar comes to his sense when he feels a wait on his lap he finds his addiction his love sitting in his lap looking at him curiously sanksar holds her face and kisses her forehead which she return with a peck on his cheek

“Why r u sitting her jaanu” – asks swara hugging him tight

Sanskar hugs her and nuzzles in her neck only her pressense gives him peace in same possition he gets up with her and places her on bed lying beside her he takes her in his top and hugs her tight

“I was just thinking about work baby sleep” –  says sanskar making her sleep

Soon swara falls asleep and sanskar keeps staring her

At 8am:

Sanskar was standing before mirror in his cream shirt with a black tie brown jeans and a jacket when he is done he looks at swara who is sleeping peacefully he sits beside her and pecks her lips kissing her forehead

Sanskar: Take care baby I’ll come back soon

Sanskar gets up he glances at swara at one last time and nd goes out of the room

Sanskar finds virika in hall he goes near them

Sanskar: I’ll come back soon before she wakes takw care

Viren: I’ll come along

Sanskar: Noo u stay nd priya will call at any moment soo stay nd carefull

Viren nods and sanskar leaves from there

As sanskar comes out his eyes turns red he gets into his car and starts driving rashly

Sanskar: Damn you nikhil if it gets confirm that ur doing something wrong then I’ll not leave you

After 15min:

Sanskar reaches a dense forest he gets down from car and walks in as he starts moving in he feels a gaze on him he turns back but doesn’t find

           – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Few man were seeing sanskar nd were keeping an eye on sanskar and one man was making a vedio

They see sanskar taking out his gun nd looking in all directions they hides behind bushes

            – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Maheshwari Mansion:

Swasan Room:

Swara was sitting on bed nd making faces while jeevika was feeding her

Swara: Bhabi enough naa i can’t eat more please

Jeevika: Shona you are soo weak soo eat silently

Swara pouts nd asks

Swara: Bhabi sanku where is he

        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

In hall:

Jay comes in and viren looks at him seeing jay worried viren asks him wts the matter

Viren: Jay wt did u found

Jay: Nikhil was the one who attacked boss in paris the bullet belongs to this gun nd

Viren is completely shocked and nods at jay to continue

Jay: We had a party in mumbai before marriage and in that also nikhil was the one who called his members to kill boss nd he killed a gang who harrased swara maam

Viren looks at him shockingly

Jay: We had took his men in custody but the main is missing boss life is danger and Mr. Gadodia’s too

Viren: Yes we have to save both lets goo

Says viren and both leaves from their

     – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Nikhil enters into mm from back door he directly jumps into swasan room

As he enters in room he gets mesmerised seeing swara she was in cream top and a skirt till her thues with a jerkin she was sitting on bed and surfing tv channels

Swara panicks suddenly looking at nikhil and stands on bed

Swara: Nikhil wt r u doing here how did u enter

Nikhil: Oh shona darling dont panick i will not harm you infact i love you challo get up we need to leave today is our first night then marriage come on fast

Swara becomes scared listening him and says

Swara: Wt… Are u saying

Nikhil: U know jaan i killed those who miss behaved with u i tried to kill my own brother who is between us

Says nikhil and holds swara tight while she is wriggling he smells her perfume while swara feelz disgusted

Nikhil: U know ur papa will die soon i know u kidnapped him but as he ill treated u he will die today and u know my brother too

Swara: Noo dont doo anything to them please sanskar…

Shouts swara when nikhik shows the vedio how sanskar is entering in jungle making her panick

Swara: (stops wriggling) please please dont doo anything to him please

While nikhil shows another vedio where Shekhar was taking his last breath as he was lying in pool of blood

Nikhil: If u want sanskar safe come with me silently u will come na

Swara nods nikhil hugs her tight and cresses her waist making her flinch she feels disgusted with his touch

Nikhil pulls swara and both reaches hall

As they reach hall jeevika anjali and avni sees them viren informed jeevika about nikhil by messaging while anjali and avni doesn’t know anything

Jeevika: Nikhil leave shona

Says jeevika while nikhil laughs at her

Nikhil: (Looking at anju and avni) mom here is ur bahu tomorrow is our marriage and soon I’ll give u grand son in 9months which sanskar is not able to doo

Says nikhil pulling swara on him while she cries silently

Jeevika: You idiot leave her or else I’ll kill you chiii she is ur bhabi equal to ur mother…..

Boom nikhil shoots jeevika taking his gun making all shocked while she falls in pool of blood

Anjali: Jeevikaa…..

Anjali goes near her and lifts her in his arms

Listening bullet all guards enter in hall and aim at nikhil

Nikhil: Woahhh superfast but u cant doo anything move away or u know right

Swara was trying to release herself and goo to jeevika she was crying and crying

Nikhil: Silent baby or u will get sanskar body

All looks at him shockingly while he says

Nikhil: Wt…  I cam doo anything for shona

Avni breaks her silence and says

Avni: Nikhil leave her u r mad she is ur bhabi cum sister leave her

Nikhil: Mom….

Shouts nikhil aiming gun towards her nd rubs his forehead with gun and says

Nikhil: I dont wanna kill u soo quite

Saying this nikhil goes away dragging swara along with him

In Forest:

Sanskar reaches a mansion which is soo elligent he enters in it bracking the door

While nikhil man follows him suddenly his mobile vibrates and he pics on the third ring

Man: Yes boss

Nikhil: (pecking swara neck and moving his hands in her top) Kill sanskar and call me ill be waiting for the news

Man: Sure boss

Says the man and cuts the call he takes out his gun

To Be Continued


In Forest:

Nikhil: (pecking swara neck and moving his hands in her top) Kill sanskar and call me ill be waiting for the news

Man: Sure boss

Says the man and cuts the call he takes out his gun

As he enters his eyes widen looking arround he finds swara photos and paints along with nikhil he finds a pic which is showing nikhil and swara in compromising position he knows this all r editted

Sanskar enterz the bedroom and finds many swara pics he gets mad at nikhil suddenly he fears foot sound and hides

The same man who is spying on him enters in hall with a gun as he got order to kill sanskar

The man enters in house searching for sanskar while sanskar slowly comes from his back and hits him with a vase and gun slips from the hand of person sanskar raises him from his feet holding his collar and asks with blood red eyes

While some how the man pushes sanskar while sanskar falls on ground hitting his head on a table making blood to flow the man takes his gun and starts coming towards sanskar when sanskar hits him on his leg and the man falls beside sanskar

Sanskar holds his neck and lifts him up

Sanskar: Where is nikhil

Man: I don’t know

Says the man and sanskar pushes the man furiously while his head hits a rod and he dies in the spot

             – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

As nikhil cuts the call swara wriggles nd starts hitting him with her hands and legs while nikhil makes her unconscious nd puts her in a car

He himself gets in car nd drives away

Inside MM:

Avni nd anjali with the help of security takes jeevika to hospital

Anjali: Jeevika look here jeevika open ur eyes beta

Avni tries calling sanskar and viren but call doesn’t connect

        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Inside a godown:

Both viren and jay reaches godown as they go inside they find shekhar in a pool of blood nd and men around him were lying unconscious

Viren checks all finds them unconscious he sprinkles water on them bringing them into concious

Jay rushes towards shekhar and shakes him but he was unconscious

Jay: Sir see him

Viren rushes and looks at shekhar he checks heart beat

Viren: Jay lets take him to hospital his heart is beating

Jay: Yes sir

They both lifts him and walks out of godown

Followed by the men

       – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Sanskar comes out of the forest after destroying all photos and painting as he was coming he finds abhi running to him

Abhi: Boss your fine right

Sanskar: Yes abhi wt r u doing here

Abhi: Boss nikhil is behind all attacks on u and also the gang who missbehaved with maam

Sanskar: (hits the car bonet angrily)  Abhi move swara is in danger

Says sanskar and both gets in car as he gets in car he gets avni call

Sanskar: Ha bua say

Avni: Sanskar come to hospital

Sanskar: Hospital wt happen bua hello hello

The call gets cut making sanskar soo tensed he immediately starts driving in high speed

       – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Jeevika is getting treated in icu while anjali was filling form

Suddenly she finds viren nd jay coming with shekhar who is shot

Anjali: Viren….

Viren looks at anjali and gets confused jay goes with shekhar while viren goes to anjali

Viren: Maa wt happen wt r u doing in hospital

Anjali: Voo viren beta voo

Viren: (tensedly) wt happen maa why r u in hospital say naa

Even sanskar and abhi enters in hospital nd sees viren and anjali

Sanskar: Mom viren..

Listening him both turns gets shocked seeing him injured both hugs sanskar

Sanskar: Viren wt r u doing here nd mom why did u call me to hospital is everything fine

Viren: Shekhar Gadodia was shot and we admitted him and even iam shocked seeing maa here

Anjali: Sanskar viren voo jeevika… 

Says anjali from swara kidnapping to nikhil firing on jeevika viren stumbles while sanskar was shocked sanskar holds viren and all three goes towards ot


Sanskar viren and anjali comes nd stands with avni

Doctor cokes out and all goes near him

Viren: Doctor my wife she is fine roght please doctor speak something

Doctor: Relax Mr. Vadera ur wife is fine bullet just crossed from her nothing to worry u can meet her

All sighs listening him and viren hugs sanskar he hugs back when avni speaks

Avni: Sanskar shona

Sanskar eyes turn red and his hand turns into fist

Avni: Iam sorry sanskar i dindt give proper values to nikhil i failed as a mother and he did a big mistake nd he should get punishment u punish him i don’t care

Sanskar moves from there angrily when viren gies behind him

Viren: Sanskar wait I’ll come with you lets find shona together she is my sister too

Sanskar: Take care of jeevika

         – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Swara was lying on bed which is decorated with flowers the whole room was decorated as its first night while swara was still sleeping her hands and legs were tied to bed

Nikhil enters in room in a track pant with out shirt he sits beside swara and cresses her face

Swara wakes up feeling someone touching her as she opens her eyes she tries to move from her place but couldn’t she sees herself tied nd all incidents comes in her brain she looks at nikhil with scared eyes

Swara: Gooo away dont come near me gooo.

Shouts swara while nikhil comes extreme close to her nd holds her thie making her numb he cresses her face with his nose making her feel helpless she wriggles under his wait

Swara: Ahhhhh please leave me please

Cries swara nikhil gets up from swara goes towards a table he takes a knife nd starts moving near her while she starts wriggling

Her right hand which was still banded due to force starts bleeding her skin tores apart nd blood flows making her banded soke

             – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Sanskar was driving his car in high speed his body is sweating badly

Sanskar: Morning i made honey wear the chain which had tracker if i didn’t make her wear i might had not known where she is


When sanskar gets up tooo leave glancing her one last time he feels a hold on his wrist he turns back and sees swara rubing her eyes cutely

Sanskar sits beside swara while she goes upon on him and hugs him sitting in lap her face was digged in his chest while her hands around his neck

Swara: Sankuu were r u going

Asks swara tightening her hold around him sanskar cresses her hair and pecks her scalp

Sanskar: I have little work honey ill come soon u sleep

Swara: (lifts her head and looks at him innocently)  Please don’t gooo

Sanskar cups her face and pecks her lips

Sanskar: I’ll come soon its important work or else I’ll not leave u jaan

Swara pouts while he sucks her pout making jer blush

Swara: Sankuu…

Sanskar: Hmm

Swara: Give me a kiss

Asks swara looking at him he looks at her nd makes her lie on bed and goes above her nd smashes his lips on her his on hand was cuping her face while other was kneading her curves above her top

Swara was responding equally pulling him in they were playing with each other tongues tasting eachother saliva’s it was sooo passionate one both were out of breath but not ready to break they stops kissing and looks at eachother

Swara hugs sanskar tight while he hugs back

After few minutes sanskar pecks her forehead and sees swara asleep in his arms

He gets up when suddenly a chain falls from his pocket he looks at it and swara he makes her wear the chain and kisses her neck

Soon he gets up and leaves looking at swara at last time

Fb ends

Sanskar was looking at his laptop which showing the location of his own farmhouse he speeds up his car towards the location

To Be Continued


Sanskar was looking at his laptop which showing the location of his own farmhouse he speeds up his car towards the location

         – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Farm House

Cries swara nikhil gets up from swara goes towards a table he takes a knife nd starts moving near her while she starts wriggling

Her right hand which was still banded due to force starts bleeding her skin tores apart nd blood flows making her banded soke

Nikhil sits on bed he looks at swaraj then at her dress he cuts her sleeve of both hands making her shiver he kisses her hands while she was jerking him

Nikhil looks at swara and sees her navel he cuts her top horizontally and cresses her belly as the blood was following swara is slowly loosing her sense

Nikhil comes down and stops at her thies he cresses her their and starts passing towards her upper thie swara was now unconscious

When nikhil was about to touch her………… when sanskar enters the room and holds nikhil from neck he drags nikhil out of the room and atarts hitting him

Sanskar punches nikhil on his stomach he throws him to wall nikhil head hits to wall and starts bleeding

“How dare u to touch my shona how dare”

Says sanskar kicking him soon abhi nd jay comes and stops him nikhil was now half conscious they both takes him away

Sanskar enters in his room and finds swara he goes near and her and sees her top which is tored and her front is visible he unties her hands and legs he sees her hand bleeding does her first aid her hands were having red patches as they were tied he gets tears seeing her condition he goes to cupboard nd takes his shirt nd makes her wear it

Sanskar kisses her forehead nd sits beside her suddenly his mobile starts ringing he looks at caller id nd goes out of the room locking door from out

Sanskar: Yes viren how is jeevika she is fine na

Viren: She is sleeping due to medicine effect how is shona

Sanskar: She fainted due to stress how is Mr. Gadodia

Viren: Out of danger and is under observation

Sanskar: Okk take care of all

Suddenly he listen breaking sounds from room

Inside Room:

Swara opens her eyes with a jerk remembering all the incident she sits on bed with a jerk and sees herself in same room she looks herself nd finds her in shirt fear start building in her brain and all bad thoughts are occupying in her mind

She remembers nikhil hands on her thies tears starts flowing from her eyes the mere though of his with her was making her mad seeing the condition of herself she starts assuming he had forced her

Swara: No nooo he touched me nooo

She stands and starts breaking all things madly causing breaking sounds

Sanskar enters in room nd shocked seeimg swara breaking everything

He rushes to her trues to get hold of her but swara at once jerks him and goes towards corner of the room

Swara: Noooo please dont touch me nooo

Sanskar was having a very hard time his eyes are welling seeing her condition his love his jaan is now in a sooo bad condition sanskar with out thinking anything just hugs her tight while she struggles few minutes but letter when she feels his touch her sanku touch she calms down she starts crying badly breaking down

Sanskar: Shhhhh honey jaan noo don’t cry

Swara at once pushes sanskar and says

Swara: Noo don’t touch me iam filthy he touched me he forced me hee…..

Her words struck in her throat sanskar condition was no less seeing her this broken he isnt able to understand anything he just pulls her near him and cups her face

Sanskar: Shona look look at me…

Swara looks at him still sobbing looks at him

Sanskar: Ntg happened ur fine did u heard he didn’t touch  u nd ur mine nd pure

Sanskar repeats it nd kisses her forehead but tears were still flowing

Swara: He touched me nd i feel dirty

Says swara still sobbing he just hugs her tight her sobs were increasing by passing time sanskar with no other option carries her washroom

He helps her replacing nikhil touch with his giving her quick shower while she got lost in sanskar at once nd hugged him he helps her in getting in bathrode nd himself in a towel he lifts her back into room

Seeing the room her flashes started coming back nd she shivered understanding her situation he quickly shifts her to other room

After reaching other room sanskar makes swara lie on bed lies beside her he takes her in his arms while she hugs him tight

After few minutes swara brakes her silence

Swara: Sanku bhabi and papa they are fine naa because of me all were in this condition even u

Says swara with a pale face cressing his forehead sanskar takes her hand and kisses her palm and says

Sanskar: No honey u didn’t doo anything jeevika is fine and ur papa he is out of danger now u sleep

Swara: Noo i wanna see bhabi and papa

Says swara while sanskar pulls her head in his nape more and cresses her hair

Sanskar: I’ll take but later

Swara nods and falls in a sleep due to crying

Sanskar was lost in his own thoughts

His Pov:

We actually decided to bring Shomi Gadodia truth out but i got to know a soo big truth of being nikhil highly obsessed i made him join in a assylum as he need it he can’t kill someone sooo arrogantly nd iam damn sure he might had warned Mrs. Gadodia too for staying away this will be better that she will be away till then shona will get fine but Mrs. Gadodia I’ll not live you sooo easily

I look at swara who is now sleeping i pecked her forehead she bared soo much at a very tender age and this house where we both were tied to eachother that room which was now making her scared and shiver was his room their room where they had a lots of memories

Now my only work at present is to make her normal and iam sure I will get suceed in it

His pov ends

Sanskar takes makes swara a wear a simple salvar he pics her in his arms and takes her back to home


As sanskar reaches home with swara he finds anjali sitting sadly while viren was consoling her

Sanskar: Mom viren wt happen why u r worried nd jeevika where is she

Viren: Jeevika is in room resting and bua had said sorry behalf of nikhil and left back to london with fufa and dadi nd she said she needs time to becoke normal as how much nikhil do wrong he is her son nd mom is sad nd worried

Sanskar: Mom plzz understand her she will soon come back u know na nikhil was her only son she will need time nd even we can make everything fine till then

Anjali: Hmm okk u goo nd make shona sleep

Sanskar: Okk

Sanskar makes swara sleep nd goes to virika room as he go he finds her sitting nd making faces for taking tablets making just remember swara

Sanskar: Doll take ur medicines

Says sanskar sitting beside jeevika while viren makes her eat tablets forcefully

Jeevika: Shona where is she

Sanskar: Sleeping nd doll u have to get fine nd help me in making her normal u will right

Asks sanskar while jeevika nods

Viren: U both don’t worry I’ll alone make her fine

Says viren proudly raising his shirt collar while sanskar smiles nd jeevika giggles

Leap of 3months:

Its been 3months since nikhil was died (???????????????????shocked let me clear) nikhil was soo voilent nd was adamnant to escape from assylum nd once on a fine day when he was running from assylum he finds a wall assuming it to be an escape way he jumps in and it was actually a sea which was deep and filled with sea animals he had been died as fishes had ate his flesh and all felt sad knowing that

Swara had been took her old innocent and naughty form she is most naughty in mm sanskar was soo happy along with virika seeing her fine anjali was pampering swara sooo much making her sooo much stubborn her every wish was fullfilled by virika anjali and sanskar

Shomi was now soo much relieved as now there is noo nikhil she tried every possible way to release swathi but that became a next to impossible thing for her and shekhar was all fine under control and care of swasan

Its almost 6months of swasan marriage sanjali virika were planning a suprise for swara together while virika and anjali decided to give a grand reception letting whole world to know THE MOST ARROGANT AND RUDE BACHELOR OF BUSINESS WORLD IS NO MORE A BACHELOR 

To Be Continued

Sooo tada done with the part too and soon gonna complete it just keep waiting for next oart untill then sighning offf

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Morning at 6am:


Swasan were sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace with a smile on their faces suddenly sanskar face becomes irritated as alarm starrs ringing he sleeps still for few minutes but noo use he opens his eyes irritatedly and offs the alarm

He looks at swara who is sleeping peacefully he pecks her nose tip taking her in his embrace after 5minutes again alarm starts ringing making sanskar irritated he again offs the alarm and sleeps on his stomach this time

But again after 5minutes it rings and this time sanskar throws the mobile in which alarm was set which is swara’s as swara heard the sound she slowly opens her eyes and finds sanskar sitting angrily folding his arms looking at direction where the phone was lying in peices

Swara looks at direction and shouts loudly making him jump in fear

Swara: Ahhhhhhhhhh my mobile……….

Sanskar: Jaan please don’t shout i will become deaf

Swara: Sanskar it was my mobile i want it ahhhhh

Cries swara looking at it making sanskar worried his sleep was now gone seeing her crying he cups her face and wipes her tears

Sanskar: Honey i will give u new mobile

Swara: I want same like yours latest version

Sanskar nods and kisses her forehead she hugs him tight kissing his chest

Sanskar: Shona why u had put alarm at this alarm

Swara: Voo aise hii

Says swara winking at him making him sigh and again both lays on bed cuddling but sleep was far away from them soo sanskar gets up from bed amd says

Sanskar: Honey iam going for jogging

Swara: But u are going to jim now a days in home

Sanskar: Iam not getting sleep baby nd wanna enjoy cool weather

Says sanskar picking his dress when swara shouts

Swara: Take me with u naa i can’t sleep without u

Sanskar: Okk challo

Swara gets up excitedly and runs in washroom before him he shakes his head smilingly

Soon they set out for jogging in a near by park it is all isolated as all comes at 6:30am and evenings as its winter season

In Park:

Sanskar was running in park while swara to runs with him but when sanskar complete four rounds she complete only one round the cool breeze was touching them making swara shiver as she was a white t with a barbie pic nd a shorts till her middle thies swara takes another round nd people started coming for jogging swara stops in her track bending down holding her legs sanskar comes from back he picks her up in his arms nd takes two rounds

Swara: Sanskar stop please i wanna sit

Says swara feeling her head spin sanskar sits in a less populated area with swara in his lap while her legs were around his waist nd she was lying on his neck her hands around his back

Sanskar: Shona kya huwa u r fina naa

Swara: Umm kuch nahi

Says swara hugging him tight sanskar rubs her back soothingly soon swara fell into sleep in his arms

Sanskar: Shona

He feels her sleeping nd smiles he stands up holding swara same walks home as it was just few steps away

Sanskar enters with a sleeping swara it was 7:30 and all r up in hall nd sees swasan coming from out

Viren: Sanskar where were u both and wt happen to shona

Sanskar: We went for walk nd she slept

All nods and sanskar gets in their room and makes swara lie on bed and tries to get himself free but she is holding him tightly he smiles and kiss her forehead nd frees himself carefully and gets fresh

After a hour:

Sanskar anjali and virika were sitting and discussing about suprise for swara as tomorrow was swasan 6month anniversary

Sanskar: Mom i know u wanted to see me and shona getting married soo iam thinking why dont we get marry tomorrow in a mandir

Anjali: Really

Asks with excitement sanskar nods his head

Viren: Soo done tomorrow morning you both will get married once again and today night u can give her ur suprise

Jeevika: Yes we do all preparation we have very less time

Anjali: Yaa but sanskar don’t let shona know this u need to take care of her

Sanskar nods and suddenly they finds swara coming down rubbing her eyes cutely

Gadodia Mansion:

Shomi Room:

Shomi was soo lost in her world of dreams with a smirk on her face

Her Pov

Swara Sanskaar enjoy how much u want too but after tomorrow u will cry swara u will cry I’ll bring u back to this house and will torcher u whole property of urs is only mine I’ll not let u snatch that property for which i have been dreaming since ages swara soon ur saviour ur love will die and I’ll make u a sl** nd will get money now my son is also with me no one can save u this time no one

Pov ends:

Arjun comes in and sits beside her on bed

Arjun: Mom where r u lost

Shomi: Arjun iam just thinking to make swara life hell only because of her and her mom we both had to suffer alot u know

I and your papa loved eachother in clg but he had already promised that janki to make her his wife and even ur dada and dadi didn’t like me when ur papa completed last year of clg all students arranged send of party for them

That day all were busy in drinking ur papa was soo drunk he came near me and lifted me in his arms i was shocked due to his sudden behavior he bought me in a room and locked the door

He said he loves me soo much and then even i confessed my love he was soo broken and we became soo close in that moment and became one later next day i woke up beside him and blushed i don’t want him to feel guilty and left from there

And after few months i got to know about u and then bhai forcefully said me to stay away from ur papa then u born when u are two years u papa got to know janki was pregnant with swara and married and after few months she born and after their marriage everything was losses soo all thought her as a curse and ur papa married me and we acted as we adopted u at 4 years of ur age then after that u know naa

Arjun listen to his mother and finds her crying he hugs her and consoles her

Soon the day passes where in mm all were busy in preparation while sanskar was keeping swara away from all

At night 10pm:

Sanskar opens his eyes and sees swara who was sleeping peacefully in his embrace he slowly wakes up and lifts her in his arms and comes out of the house he makes her sit in car and he settles in driver seat making swara lie on his shoulder he starts driving the car

After a hour sanskar reacges the forest near his farmhouse he pecks swara forehead and places a alarm at 11:55 and comes out of the car

He goes near the lake and see two tables and a screen with a mattres and curtains around it with open sky view he looks at time it is already 11:54 he quickly hides there

In car:

Swara wakes up when she hear buzz sound she looks around and makes a horrified face she slowly gets down and gets scared seeing darkness she starts walking forward and suddenly she gets mesmerised seeing the view there were lighting all around near the same lake where they became one suddenly clock strikes 12 and crackers starts burning swara looks at sky and there form happy 6month anniversary honey

Sanskar comes from back and whisperz same hugging her from back placing his hand on her belly

Sanskar: Happy 6 month anniversary jaan

Swara turns to him and hugs him tight

Swara: Happy 6 anniversary sanku

Says swara pecking his lips

Sanskar lifts her in his arms and brings near the table where she found cake written happy 6 month anniversary jaan he she was soo happy he hugs her from back and both cuts the cake feeding eachother

Sanskar looks at swara lips where he found cake he leans towards her licking it making her shy their lips were touching eachother when sanskar mobile rings making sanskar irritated and swara blushes

Sanskar ons the vedio call and their it prijects on the opposite screen

Happy 6 months anniversary shouts anjali and virika making both smile

Swasan: Thank u

Viren: Sorry Sanskar for disturbing you

Says viren making sanskar glare him soon after few talks they cuts the call

~~~~~~~~~ mature content~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sanskar picks swara in his arms and takes near the bed he makes her lie on bed

They both looks at eachother their eyes displayed love desire for eachother swara locks her hands around his neck and pulls him on her

Their lips met building fire between them they were licking eachother lips sanskar hands were inside her top moving on her belly sensuously his finger touches her navel she moans taking it as a chance he enters in her both invades eachother mouths tasting their fluids

Soon they break when they were out of breath sanskar looks at swara whose eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily he kisses her eyes followed by her nose tip cheecks and chin he soon pulls her out of her shirt he looks at her upper which is milky he presses her assets nd bends down to her navel sucking and liking it

He bites her navel making her shout in painfull pleasure he removes her inner and looks at them with desire she turns back showing her bare back he lies above her and starts kissing her back roming his hands shamelessly on her body make her moan

It was a slow and smooth kiss both were enjoying sucking eachother tongue  swara breaks the kiss and removes his shirt she pecks his forehead eyes and goes near his neck she bites their making him groan she sucks the skin she moves towards his chest and plays with his buds she cresses his abs licking them all over while he was cressing her waist

Soon both reaches their climax and lie above eachother covering themselves in a dovet with a sweet smile on their face unknown of the storm coming to destroy their lifes…..

~~~~~~~~~~~ content ends~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

To Be Continued


Next Day:


Near lake:

Swasan are sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace with a smile on their faces swara was lying above sanskar on his chest hugging him tught while he was clutching her tight soon their sleep gets disturbed by phone ring

Sanskar was in noo mood to pic the call he was pulling swara nuzzling in her neck making her to feel ticklish her sleep flews away by his act she looks at the phone and sanskar who was trying to ignore the ring

She quitely takes the phone and puts it on speaker

“Sanskar idiot how much time u need to wake up its morning wake up fast” shouts viren from other side

Sanskar: Let me sleep u idiot

Says sanskar pulling swara and cressing her neck placing wet kisses on her neck making her eyes widen

Viren: Sanskar for god sake reach the place till 12 we will be waiting for u nd shona everything is ready

Says viren while sanskar was least bothered he rolled and came above swara and started licking her throat and sucking the skin pulling it with his teeth while swara was trying her best not to moan she was bitting her lip controlling the moans which we r trying to escape her lips

Sanskar slowly rubes his nose in swara neck placing feathery kisses while her hands where encouraging him sanskar moves all way towards her chest kissing and teasing her skin while swara was dig her nails on his neck

Sanskar pulls away the besdsheet from her upper naked body he was just eating her looking at her making her sooo blush he just attacks on her one br*ast he pulls the skin moving his tongue on her bud teasing her while she was getting wet and impatient for him to suck it while other side viren was waiting reply from sanskar but bechara couldn’t get anything suddenly he gets embraced listening swara shout

Hmmm sanku please…. Mumbles swara

Viren immediately cuts the call and thinks never he should call sanskar when he was with his sister

Here sanskar takes her asset in her mouth and starts sucking her and bitting her lightly he stops when she gets sore he goes towards other one and repeats the same he without giving a warning pushes himself into her hot womenhood making her eyes wide his hand was busy cressing her belly

He soon looks at swara and smashes his lips on her kissing her dominatedly sucking her skin sanskar stops when he feels her out of breath

Soon both reaches climax at a time and sweat was dripping from eachother body he again kisses swara soundly and helps her in getting dressed he lifts her in his arms

And they goes into farmhouse with swara in sanskar arms swara had totally forgot the nikhil thing and they made new memories in thier room erasing the worst from their lifes

Swasan Room:

Sanskar takes swara in washroom and both gets fresh together romancing sanskar makes swara wear bathrobe and he tied towel on his waist

As they comes out sanskar gives swara a packet swara opens it and smiles wide seeing the saree which is yellow and pink floral design and blose was highlighted which is pink and had stone work she wore gold jewellery and set hair in a curles she wore her mangtika with a nose pin

(Well iam a south indian hindu soo Its a south indian look iam not gonna discribe anything in that style of marriage as iam very poor im discribing just assume swara in this look she would look splendid beauty)
                Swara Look

Swara soon gets ready she looks at mirror and finds sanskar staring her she feels extreme shy with his intense gaze he was looking sooo sooo handsome in his cream golden colour sherwani

                 Sanskar Look

Sanskar comes near swara she turns towards him he cups her face and kisses her forehead

Sanskar: You look gorgeous jaan

Says sanskar taking her in a hug

Swara: U look soo much handsome sanku

Says swara pecking his chest

Its already 11 sanskar just says her that they were going to mandir but not about marriage

They both gets in the car and drives towards mandir talking with eachother swara was leaning on sanskar shoulder while he was kissing her forehead all the way

Swasan reaches mandir and swara was shocked looking the mandir decorated she looks at anjali nd  virika she feels soo much happy all hugs both and wishes them

Sanskar back hugs swara and whisper in her ear

Sanskar: Look at ur left

As swara turns towardd the entrance she finds he brother arjun coming in a red and black sherwani she missed him soo much in these she runs to him and hugs him tight he hugs her back and kisses her forehead

Swara smiles soon swasan are made to sit beside each other and pandit ji starts receding mantras

Later he asked to kanyadan which was done by virika they hugs swara and kisses her forehead

Later gatbandan which was done by anjali they both were asked to take pheras and soon they completed promising to be with eachother always and forever

Later sanskar adores swara with sindoor and mangalsootra swara kisses her mangalsootra

Swasan takes blessing from anjali and pandit ji then they hugs virika and arjun

Swara hugs sanskar tight and he hugs her back suddenly the whether starts changing indicating a storm it started raining heavily with storm making all worried

Anjali: Sanskar shona lets reach home fast i don’t think rain is going to stop

Sanskar: Ya mom

Says sanskar both swasan gets in one car while others in one arjun in other

As arjun gets in car his phone starts ringing he lifts the call

Arjun: Ha mom

Shomi: Where r swasan

Arjun: Mom they r at first dont worry somehow I’ll stop other’s u doo ur work

Says arjun and smiles evilly he starts the car

Viren was driving the other car the mandir is far away from city near forests

Swasan car was infront and far away from others rain had stoped but the heavy storm was still not

After a 15min of journey arjun stops his car before viren car making them stop applying sudden break

Arjun comes out and starts pretending it to check the engine viren and others comes out goes near arjun

Viren: Arjun wt happen

Arjun: Bhai don’t know i guess some problem in engine iam checking

Viren nods and asks jeevika and anjali to sit in car as the wind was soo heavy


Near the thick forest

Sanskar stops the car with jerk as he finds a women lying on ground her face was covered with pallu

Sanskar gets down the car starts walking towards the women swara too gets down but seeing her swara finds it to be a known person sanskar sits on his knees and about to lift the women pallu something clicks in swara mind and she shouts

Swara: Sanskar….

As sanskar turns back he shouts as the women had pushed the knife in his stomach deeply swara shocked and sanskar turns back to find shomi looking at him pittily she again inserts the knife in his body making it difficult​ for him to stand

Sanskar eyes feel heavy he was about to fall back swara holds him and sitting on road tears were flowing from her eyes badly she pats his cheeks when she sees him closing his eyes while shomi was watching them with a evil smile

Swara: Sans… Sans… Kar look…  Look at..  Mee…

Sobs swara while patting his cheekz sanskar cups her face seeing his jaan crying soo badly for him he slowly wipes her tears while swara holds his hand to support him

Swara: Sanskar dont close ur eyes please please please…….  Bhaiiiii maaaa arjunnnn please somebody help shouts swara between her sobs at top of her voice

Sanskar: Shona…  Jaan…  I..  I dont have much time look at me….

Swara:   Noo…  Noo sanskar dont say that please u cant break ur promise u said u will be with me always sanskar (he takes a deep breath and breathing heavily) sanskar…..

Sanskar: I love you jaan i love you soo much……..

Says sanskar his eyes where heavy and he was breathing heavily shomi was laughing looking at swasan and swara’s condition

Shomi: Ohhh my poor daughter and sil iam sooo sorry but i cant loose the property or this gold hen which will give me golden eggs

Says shomi holding swara hair

Swara jerks her hair while crying and pats sanskar cheekz

Swara: Sanskar I’ll die…..

Before she completes he places his finger on her lips shushing her


Says sanskar looking at swara



Cries swara but sanskar had closed his eyes swara starts jerking him to make him open his eyes

Swara: Sanskar………………..

               The End

Tada wowww i completed hufff i was sooo much worried thinking when will i be able to complete but see done i completed the book huffff relief

And coming to the last scene heheheheehe i don’t know anything i wanted it to end like this and ended ???????????

???????? byeeeee mein thp bhaag gayi abb kya karoge ????????????

  1. Wat seriously no yaat pls give finishing

  2. u know end well toh all well but ur end was worst toh all went worse…

  3. I know tis is not an end….
    U r teasing us ry ??

  4. Please don’t kill sanskar.plz write an epilogue. Any way nice .l liked it very much.

  5. awesome thank you so much for updating all parts at a time i think arjun is just want to bring shomi truth out.. hope swasan and all are fine

  6. Gayathri.visu

    Are u serious??? Is this is end????

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