Addicted to love (Part:18)

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Addicted to love

Hi frds we are back i was literally rolling on floor seeing your expressions and comments hahahaha really goddd



Swara opens her arms enjoying the weather suddenly someone ties her mouth with a cloth swara tries to remove it but gets a slap on her neck point which made her unconcious she was pushed in to the river (?????????)

SO: Hahahaha now swara baby no one can save you

Saying this the person turns back

That person looks at sides nd sees sanskar putting his phone looking this runs from there sanskar comes back and gets shocked not finding swara he looks here and there and starts shouting her name

Sanskar: Honey baby where r you swara……..

His voice echos in the place he comes to spot and finds swara mobile on ground he looks here amd there and sees his jacket floating on water which he made her wear his heart beat skips seeing it with out waiting for a second he jumps in the river and starts searching her its been 20min since he was searching her but no use he goes deep into the water only to find rocks suddenly he sees something which made him shock his honey is laying on conscious with a cloth on her mouth he swims near her nd grabs her nd takes her out

Sanskar makes her lay on ground he opens tue cloth nd pats her cheecks her body is soo cold he checks her heart beat which is beating slow he presses her stomach to make the water come out from her body he rubs her hands and legs but no use he gives her mouth to mouth respiration she coughs little bit but still uncontious he checks her body temperature which is getting more nd more cold

Mature Content (Kiddos stay away)  (Priya)

Sanskar looks around but it was too dark he lifts her in his arms and takes her to car ha makes her lie in back seat and gets in along with her he looks at swara and kisses her forehead he removes his shirt and her top she is only on her short (which is till her thies) nd inner wear

Sanskar rubs her body with his he holds her close to him and kisses her face sensuously heat between them is increasing making swara to come to her senses slowly sanskar starts kissing her neck cressing her back he is checking her time to time whether she got her senses or not he stops kissing her when he feels moment in her he looks at swara who is opening her eyes slowly he gets soo happy seeing her fine and hugs her tightly she hugs him back now she is in her sense she remember someone pushing her in river and tightens her grip on sanskar and starts crying

Sanskar who feels her tears breaks the hug and cups her face

Sanskar: Honey wt happen baby look your fine ntg happened

Swara: (while crying and chocking at her words) Sanskuuu voo someone came from back after you went and tied cloth to my mouth i tried to get out of their grip but they beat me on my neck amd pushed me in river i came into my sense when i felt i was in water but i…  I dont know swimming

Saying this she starts crying he hugs her and cresses her back to sooth her pain he keeps kissing her forehead to make her realise he was there to her swara whishpers being in his chest

Swara: I love you sanku i dont want to die

Sanskar: Shhhh honey ill not let anything happen to u ur my life

Says while cupping her face before kissing her it was a sweet and passionate kiss swara was kissing him back with same intensity her hands are roming on his muscular chest making him groan while his hands wera kneeding her curves over her bra making her mourn in pain and pleasure

They both breaks the kiss and breathing heavily he kisses her forehead nd hugs her while she closes her eyes hugging him tight

Swara: (thinks) My sanku loves me soo much and may be that man was manipulating dadi against sanku but by her talks i can understand she is loving me nd sanku he tho didn’t even thought once before jumping into river for me yes he loves me so much but who wants to kill  me they want me to get seperate from sanku ahh no i love him i will not leave him he is mine

Tears made there way from her eyes in the thought of going away from sanskar she kisses his neck hugging him sanskar tightens his hold suddenly he feels wet on his neck and tries to break the hug but swara tightens her grip on him nd says

Swara: Dont leave me i love you plzzz dont leave mee

Sanskar hugs her tightly he is worried for her he kisses her shoulder and makes her break the hug why she struggles to get back in his embrace he hilds her face and says

Sanskar: What happen honey why r u soo scared ill not leave you ur my life jaan……..

His words were incomplete as she places her lips on him kissing him hungrily pulling him on her now she was completely on back seat while he was above her he was shocked and not replying whjch irked her she bites his upper lip making him wince in pain he kisses her back

Swara is roaming her hands on his chest sensuously making him loose his senses they breaks the hug and panting heavily swara holds him tight and places feathery kisses on his throat and neck while his hands are now on her thies cressing them she stops kissing him and looks at him shockingly when she feels his hand on her womenhood above her shorts he looks at her and comes back to his sense he tries to remove his hand when she holds his hand

Sanskar: Honey if we continue then ill loose my control

Swara: You are mine ill not allow any one to take you from me

Saying this she pecks his lips and rolls on him she undresses her top while sanky admires her beauty she leans on him and starts kissing him hungrily he kisses her back while his hands are roaming on her upper body her breath hitches when sanskar’s hands comes in contact to her her curves he rolls on her taking charge and kissing her neck while she is just mourning in pleasure and pain he moves down from her neck kissing and bitting her curves he making her mourn in extreme pleasure

He leaves her curves making them sour nd moves diwn he kisses her stomach nd sucks her belly his hand reaches her core he gasps feeling her so wet he removes her remaining clothes nd looks her nd gasps seeing her soo wet he kisses her ineer thies making her wriggle his hand touches her core making her back arch she couldn’t take anymore nd pulls him up nd kisses him

While her hands reaches to his pant she removes his belt nd makes him undress nd gasps seeing his manhood he smirks seeing her while she makes a crying face he admires her he pecks her lips nd says

Sanskar: Ill not hurt you baby

She nods he makes her legs part nd digs himself in her nd sucks her core while divs her nails in his shoulder not able to take the extreme pleasure later he kissing her slowly entering in her but as she is virgin she couldn’t bare the pain nd starts pushing him he holds her hands nd looks her painful face he kisses her palms nd enters into her he stops as she shouts in pain he kisses her lips nd makes her calm

After so much of pain she gets extreme pleasure now she bolngs to him nd he to her completely after a tired love making they both falks asleep on eachother

Mature Content Ends (Monica your honey literally blackmailed me to write the part so this was for you nd fir all the fans who wanted hot romance)

Continued by hasini

Swasan were in eachother embrace sanskar was holding swara tight who was in his shirt while he in hus jeans with bare chest swara was wriggling nd tera were flowing from her eyes which made Sanskar sleep disturb he opens hus eyes to looks at his life full sweety nd teary he wipes the sweat nd sits in half laying position with swara in his arms he pats her cheecks making her open her eyes

She hugs him tight as she opened her eyes nd murmuring

Swara: Dont leave me please……

Sanskar: (patting her back nd pecking her forehead)  no baby nothing happened look iam here

He makes her nd helps her in changing its 12 in night they both drives back home sanskar helps her fresh up nd majes her sleep nd goes back to him room

     – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Sanskar is tied to bed while swara was lying on ground with blood on her forehead nd face pale nd a man is smirking sitting on chair

Swara: Pleasee leave Sanskar dont do anything to him plzzz

Man: (gets up nd gies close to her while she moves back he cups her face nd kisses her forcefully on her lips)

Sanskar: You bastard leave her

Saying this he is struggling to get free

The man breaks the kiss nd looks at swara who is soo scared to react anything

Man: If you want him to stay alive than dont say me no you have to aloow ne whatever i do

Swara looks at the person blankly nd nodes her head while the man smirks bd tore her dress nd digs himself in her curves bitting nd kissing nd chewing them mercilessly whike tears are flowing fron her eyes while Sanskar closed his eyes in pain looking at the scene he trying so much to get out of the grip shouting

Man: Wow darling you are soo beautiful

He tores the remaining clothes nd looks at swara lustly while she is on floor like lifeless body

Sanskar: You bastard leave me dont touch her swara jaan please go from here please……….

His words get cut in middle as the man fires 6bullets in Sanskar body bringing swara in her sense but the nd hovers above her to enjoy  ???????

Precap: ??????????

??????? so i know the part was tooo good nd yes the credit goes hasini aka honey sooo give your views this part how is this guys i know u loved it soo no praising because i dont like u knowa user

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  1. Tamil

    Amazing ???????? loved it…last scene scary..

  2. Scooby


  3. hey i was in no mood to comment today but that last scen made me comment…..plz plz plz dont allow anyone one to tich swara plz…..mak that scen as drem plz…its a request from ur reade…i always read ur story…plz

  4. n plz updt soon…. dont be cruel to make ur reder vait fr month..(wink)..that tooo in suspence…take care….n epi vas tooooooooooooooo gooood

  5. nice..dnt do anything bad plz..

  6. Swarna01

    Last scene was too bad. If dat will b happen m nt gonna read dis.

  7. nice but last scene is scary dont show anything like that

  8. Gayathri.visu

    Hey what is that last scene?? Its scary! Don’t do this to Swara…. Don’t show something like that.

  9. Vyshu10

    ep is gud but the last part…even if its a dream its disgusting n scary

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