Actress Divya Agarwal loses her father to COVID-19

This year seems to have come with struggles of it’s own. While on one hand the entire world is facing the threat of Coronavirus, many are seem to be losing this battle. This heartbreaking piece of news was shared by actress DIvya Agarwal today as she lost her father to COVID> Her father Sanjay Agarwal is no more and has left for the heavenly abode. He was hospitalized a week back after testing positive for COVID-19 and was battling health issues.

Divya shared a picture with her father and penned a heartfelt message that read, “You are always with me… i love you papa.. RIP”

The actress took to her social media when her father was admitted to the ICU and added how the hospital is only “looting” her without sharing his health updates. She had mentioned that her father’s case was “severe” as he was a heart patient.

Yesterday, she even urged everyone to pray for her father, saying, “I request everyone to pray for my dad dil se at 5 pm.. a collective force of prayer will be really helpful.. Mujhe nahi pata kitne beliefs hote hai.. I know there’s god. Please pray to god .. I have tried everything possible and I’m not going stop trying..please pray..”

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