Actor Rrahul Sudhir’s mother tests COVID positive; requests for plasma donor

Since, COVID-19 is spreading in the TV industry very rapidly..Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 starrer Actor Rrahul Sudhir requested to the fans for plasma donor for his mother Sunita Ganjoo..He further added details and hospital name., all the fandom requested for plasma donor and hopefully, Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka famous Actor Vikram Singh Chauhan came forward to help and they’ve got I unit but need one more, all the cast and crew of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 requested the people to come forward and help him. Actress Helly Shah, Nikita Tiwari, Kristina Patel, Actor Manasvi Vashist, Zayn Ibad Khan, Ankit Siwach reposted it on their stories, and many more also came forward. Director Shashwant Rai Gaurav informed on his Twitter that they’ve got one unit while they need one more including Producer Yash Patnaik and wife Mamta Yash Patnaik.. Also, the donor was on his way to the hospital half an hour ago! The fans also requested Actor Sonu Sood  and his foundations for the help..Many fans also got nostalgic saying “Tomorrow is Mother’s day too! Hope Rrahul’s mother gets fine..”

We just hope and pray that Sunita Aunt gets well soon..Best wishes to her! Stay strong Rrahul..Keep praying for her..

Stay safe! Stay at  your homes!!

  1. i hope ki sab thik ho jaye.
    best wishes to rrahul sir.

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      They’ve got the donor..Hope for the best

  2. I hope and wish and pary for God Rahul sir mother

    1. Jazzmiiiine10


  3. Pomu

    May God keep her healthy 🤲🙏

    1. Jazzmiiiine10


  4. Sahada

    I hope she gets well.
    Meanwhile, my dear virtual family, stay safe.
    Thanks Jasmine for the updates

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Hope for the best!

  5. Annoyinguser

    Best wishes for Rrahul sir’s mother recovery and to everyone. We need to fight against this disease by wearing mask washing hands regularly and maintain social distance. Stay home stay safe.

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Yeah..We’ll beat this Corona!

  6. Hope that sir’s mom get well soon as fast as possible. Please everyone stay in home and break the chain. Stay safe.

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Hmm..Hope for the same *fingers crossed*

  7. Snowflake

    Hope she gets well soon….Thanks, jass for the update…

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Hope for the same too!

  8. AarushiSoni

    Hope she get well soon.. tomorrow’s mother’s day and I have full faith that she will.. hipe Rrahul sir remain strong in this tough time

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      I’ve the faith too! We’ll be his strength n support him

  9. Sweet_Shadow

    Hope she gets well soon.
    We shouldn’t lose hope and strength during these times
    Take care Rrahul sir.

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Hoping for the same too!

  10. Attractiveuser

    Hope she gets fine soon..all the strength to rrahul sir

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Fingers crossed

  11. Parita

    Hope she gets well and praying for her from this end too!! Let’s pray for Rrahul sir and his family to stay strong during this time, they’ll fight it and pass it, so will his mum!!🙏🙏🙏❤❤ Let’s all take care

  12. Priyanshi_13

    I hope she gets well soon … Pray for the best

  13. im honestly devastated i hope she gets well soon i will pray for her for her everyday stay strong rrahul we love you

  14. I hope Rahul’s mom gets better. This is a hard time for his family. Earlier I heard his uncle died. Let’s hope that she gets better and that the family stays safe! I pray to god that she gets better!
    Fingers crossed!

  15. 1234Aayu

    Hope she get well soon..This a very hard time specially for Rrahul sir.. praying for the best.. pls take care …stay safe…

  16. Hope she gets well soon!

  17. I will pray for you sunita aunt because of you we get rahul sir. Rahul sir is everything for us he is our idol, inspiration, god, friend … Sunita aunt you will get soon because lots of people is praying for you

  18. Priyanka Thakur

    From morning after knowing the news every one tried to help and those who are helpless they prayed for Rrahul mom this proved what we IMMJ2 fans are so all of us still continue to pray for sunita Aunty to recover fully and she stays fit and fine and my prayers and strength to Rrahul Sudhir

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