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Episode -53

Recap – Alisha to enter Sarna mansion. Twinj to get shocked. Ayush is unknown about Tue reality of Alisha.

Episode -53
Alisha pov –
All were busy in their works. I slipped slowly through the hall to kitchen without anyone’s notice. I entered kitchen, there stood Twinkle. I balled my hands to control my anger. I’m not going to leave her. Because of her I went to jail and I had spent 2 years in jail. I hate her. I went towards her.

“hi. ” I said. She turned around and looked at me with confusion .

“hi. How are you? ” she asked after few seconds.

“good. ” I replied with fake smile. She turned around continuing her work making me difficult to execute my plan. I started thinking.
Within next few moments an idea stucked in my brain and I smirked thinking about my plan.

“Twinkle. ” I called her and she turned around.

“I’m so sorry Twinkle for all those past deeds that I had done to you. I’m really sorry. ” I said while she just looked at me. Here I’m asking sorry and she is looking at me like a statue. ‘this women’.

“I know it’s quite difficult to forgive me but I’m guilty about my deeds. ” I said and she nodded hesitantly and turned and resumed her work. I want her to go out from here right now else how will I take it? I waited for a moment and went slowly towards her and took a glass of water.

“Twinkle. I think, Kunj is calling you. ” I said.

“but I haven’t listened any voice. ”

“no. He is. You were so lost in your work. ” she nodded and went after few moments. I went forward towards cupboard and took oil from it.

I poured some amount of oil on the Twinj bed room door and stood behind the pillar waiting for her. I waited for few minutes. I got frustrated.

Mahi came from no where and stepped on oil. Within seconds she fell on floor, thankfully not on stomach.

“aaahhhhhh maaa. ” she screamed her lungs out. And all gathered around her.

End of Alisha pov.

Twinkle pov.

I was working in kitchen when Alisha came and greeted me. It took a while for me to register. She apologised for her deeds, but I felt something mischievous. She is not a kind of person who accepts her defeat so easily. Something is fishy. Brushing away those thoughts I nodded my head. She came and stood beside me.

“I think, Kunj is calling you. ” she said but I haven’t heard any sound. Instead I went to our room.

“Kunj have you called me? ” I asked him.

“no. ” he replied.

‘why the hell Alisha said that Kunj was calling me. Something is fishy ‘ I thought.

“as you came here, come help me to select one dress. ” said Kunj and that’s when I realised, he is in his towel came out of washroom. I nodded my head and went towards cupboard.

As I started searching for dress, two arms slipped around my waist and they are of Kunj. He rested his chin on my shoulder. I froze when he kissed my neck and automatically my eyes got closed savouring the moment.

“Kunj.” I moaned when he bite my neck. Next he licked to soothen the pain. I realised, I came here leaving my work there. I broke hug and turned around and gave kunj’s dress.

“continue your romance later, I have work now. ” I said while he made irritated face. I smiled at him. I went towards bed and started wrapping the blanket.

As I completed arranging the bed, I turned around and Kunj got ready. He came to me and gave a peck on my forehead making me smile. We both joined our foreheads.

“aaahhhh maaaaaa. ” we heard Mahi Di’s scream. We ran out of our room. The scene in front of us made me numb.

Mahi di is on floor and she is crying in pain. We ran to her and I noticed oil on floor. But right now di is important.

“Mahi. Are you OK? ” asked Uv jiju.

“aaaahhhhhh ” she is just screaming. Jiju lifted her in bridal style and we went towards car. Kunj started car and I was in passenger dear. Mahi di is in back side seat with jiju. All others are coming in another car.

We reached hospital and doctors took her in emergency room. All members reached there. We were worried for di alot. Strange is, Alisha is also here and she has a disappointment look. Ayush was giving death glare to Alisha.
Doctor came out and Uv jiju joined him.

Doctor said ” she is having labour pains and her condition is critical . ” we stood there praying for baby’s and di’s health. Kunj side hugged me.

“Kunj. Di. ” I choked.

“shh. Everything gonna be fine. ” he assured. Time went on but no one came out of operation theatre. I went aside to take water on insistence of Kunj. I heard voices .

“you did this right? ” asked Ayush. I frowned listening it.

“yes. Any doubt. ” said Alisha shamelessly.

“are you out of your mind? What if something happens to baby? ” he said in anger tone.

“who cares?” she said. By listening this my anger reached it peaks.

“what’s wrong with you di? How can you do this? ” asked Ayush in unbelievable tone. I was about to go towards them but doctor came out of OT.

“both mom and baby is fine. She had delivered a baby girl.” said doctor. I reached them and in happiness I hugged Kunj. We all congratulated each other.

“you can meet her we are shifting her to other room.” and doctor went. All had a happy smile on their faces.

We went and met di. We all congratulated them.

“I want to hold baby. ” I said and took her.

“she is so cute. ” I commented. She blinked ever so cutely her eyes.

“it’s my turn. ” said Kunj and took baby. Door opened and their came Alisha. By seeing her my anger reached its peaks but I controlled. She again started with her fake drama about baby. We all went home as doctor said only one can stay. So jiju halted with Di.


“Kunj. I want to say something. ” I said as soon as we both entered our room.

“yes. ” he replied.

I narrated him everything, how Alisha had planned everything by poring oil and how I learned about Alisha plan through Ayush.

“what the heck? How can Alisha stoop such low. ” he said.

“Twinkle. Let’s tell everything to everyone. Now I can’t wait for anything. As soon as bhabhi and bhai reached tomorrow. Let’s disclose everything. ” he said and I nodded. As this was my plan too.




Mahi di and Uv jiju reached home with baby. Maa welcomed them by doing their aarti. We all sat in hall with baby. All were playing with baby.

Just then entered that idiot with that idiotic smile. Anger ran through my veins.

“awww. Baby is so cute. Thank god Mahi. Nothing had happened to you and baby. I’m so happy for you both. I hope no problem will reach her. ” she said.

“until your presence is there, baby will face some or other problem. Right? ” I said. All looked at me with questioning faces.

“what you want to say? ” she asked innocently. I laughed bitterly.

“like you don’t know. ” I mocked.

“what are you saying Twinkle? ” asked Uv jiju.

“jiju. Yesterday’s accident is ouccured due to Alisha. She was the sole reason. She poured oil, so that I can slip but instead Mahi di fell down. ” I said.

“what? ” said jiju.

“yes jiju. ” I replied.

“how can you do such a thing Alisha. Don’t you feel shame?” said jeevika Di with angered tone.

“this is not the first time. She stopped such low. ” said Kunj and continued.

“shall I narrate everything? ” said Kunj and narrated everything that how Alisha kidnapped Chinki? And back mailed me.? Each and everything. All were shocked by the sudden revelation.

“how low you will stoop Alisha? ” I asked her.

“so what? Because of you I went to jail. Because of you I lost my love. Then how the hell on earth you will think that I’ll leave you. ” she said sarcastically.

“so what twinkle and kunj are saying is true? ” asked Ayush from no where in cold tone.

“umm.. I… ” Alisha stammered.

“you lied to me. ” he asked again

“how can you do that di? ” he screamed.

“how can you play with my emotions? ” he continued while all looked shocked.

Recap-ayush to know about Alisha.



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  1. Himanigaur

    Hey it was awesome.. do continue soon!! Lot’s of love..

    1. Ramya

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    Loved it
    Thanks for posting
    Love u…
    Post soon

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  4. Finally ayush know her truth…..hihihi……cant wait for nxt epi

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  5. awesome
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    gud news for yuhi blessed with baby girl
    post soon
    luv u

    1. Ramya

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  6. SSK

    Amazing episode… Just happy that Alisha’s truth is out…post soon plz??

    1. Ramya

      Thank you

  7. Ananya_DSK

    Ramya!! That was another amazing episode!!! Beautifully written!! Twinj scenes were so cute…. Poor Mahi! Looks like she had to suffer a lot! But a baby girl in the family!!! I’m so excited! Finally Alisha has been exposed! And Ayush knows too, what could be better?? Absolutely loved it!!! You’re a reason amazing writer…. Great job! Well done!!! I’m looking forward to the next episode… Please post quickly! Love you loads????

    1. Ramya

      Thank you Anu alot

  8. Anusha

    Loved it
    Finally Alisha has been exposed
    Eagerly waiting for next one
    Post soon

    1. Ramya

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  9. Awesome fabulous amazing episode dear
    Finally alisha ka sach aa gya sammne
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    luvvvv u

    1. Ramya

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  10. Kiya1234

    Rami ??superb episode dear yaar
    Beautifully written nicely good one..
    Loved everything dear loved Twinj romance ❤️❤️❤️❤️Lil bit finally Alisha exposed eagerly waiting for next episode post soon…

    1. Ramya

      Thank you

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    Finally this Alisha truth is in front of aysuh ..
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    Happy for Mahi ….for her cute lil baby gal???
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    1. Ramya

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