The Abyss-Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi (chapter 22)

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The Abyss-Ishqbaaz Fanfic by Aashi


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Rudra stared at Soumya as she wrote her assignments with full concentration as he did his push ups. Sometimes he wanted to ask her why she had run away after their marriage but, not wanting to hurt her, never voiced his thoughts. “Soumya, can I ask something?” “Since when did you started asking for permission to know something? Ask” She said, without looking up from her books. “Soumya,why did you leave like that after our marriage?” Soumya froze and a slow second later looked up, directly into his eyes. “I couldn’t bear it Rudra, when you did not acknowledge me as a friend, let alone a wife. Unfortunately, I had fallen already too deeply in your love to be acknowledged otherwise. I was immensely guilty of betraying Aai’s trust, and with no mental strength to face everyone and you, I decided to leave.” She smiled a sad smile ” but, without you, everything seemed void, as if nothing mattered. But now, it’s the best; best moments, most beautiful feelings.” She moved towards him saying so and kissed him on the lips. He willingly wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up on his lap, kissing her back, deeply and passionately. Playfully, Soumya twisted his hair in her hand and he groaned and parted. Breathing unevenly, he kept her down and said in a husky whisper “Go, complete your assignment” and went away. Soumya was puzzled by his behavior but blushed at her own boldness. After dinner, Shivaay climbed the stairs to his bedroom. He felt despaired as the scene of last evening haunted him; it kept playing at the back of his mind throughout the whole day making it hard to concentrate on anything. When he had gotten up that morning, he had found Anika in his embrace but it was heartbreaking to look at her, to know how much she had counted on him but he had always failed her. Tears stung in his eyes and he had involuntarily sprung out of bed. He closed his eyes trying to keep the tears inside his eyes. Tried hopelessly to erase that few drops which fell down his face but they kept being joined by more. Unable to take it anymore, he strode past astonished Anika, who was entering the room, to his study. There, finding and losing himself in darkness, he fell to his knees and cried. He hugged his knees close to himself, a thing he did since childhood for consolation, and wept quietly. His phone beeped all of a sudden; Gauri calling, it showed. “Yes Gauri, what’s it?” He asked, tried to disguise his sobs by coughing. “Sir, we have a conference meeting with the Japanese Company at six in the morning”. “Okay, I’ll meet you there. Good night” he was about to keep down the phone when she asked “Are you Okay?” “Yeah! I’m fine.” “Mr. Oberoi, I know that I am younger than you, less experienced in the ways of the world but from whatever I have known and felt, talking about something, clearly, makes lives easy. Free ki advice hai sir, Leni hai to lo, warna jaane do” she said and kept the phone. Shivaay smiled, it was so Gauri- like to help someone but not be acceptable to any kind of gratitude. He remembered how she often urged different clients just by battling verbally, challengingly and coaxingly, into various contracts; some guts she had, which he, personally, admired to much extent.
Hi everyone, it’s the first part of 22nd chapter. Thank you for all the comments, likes and dislikes.
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