The Abyss – Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi (chapter-10)

The Abyss-Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi

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That evening, Gauri and her children- Misha and Abhay shifted in the rooms next to Anika’s in the chawl, which was more like a cluster of small houses side by side, some forming rectangles, while others circle. Initially Gauri felt something amiss when she visited Anika’s house on the latter’s invitation of dinner which was especially for her and her children, but soon her uneasiness was forgotten by the warm welcome by her new neighbor. Both the kids got attached to Anika over the meal and Gauri’s sympathy on first sight of limping Saahil changed to obvious adoration.

The conversation flowed fast; and so did the food. After years Gauri ate freely without thinking what people would think, eating with hands just as same the others on the table. Saahil’s stories, Anika’s remarks and her kids’ antics garnished the dinner perfectly. Leaving her usual sophisticated mannerism, she shouted along with everyone, sang old songs with them and had a paani-waala fight but once she saw Anika clearing away the dinner by herself she went to lend a hand. Anika didn’t say anything for she did not acknowledge the other’s presence. She absent-mindedly kept wiping the table-top which she had already cleaned. “Anika, Anika,” Gauri shook her arm “you all right”. “Yeah! All okay” it took a minute for her to grasp the surroundings “it’s just that I have begun to feel tired” she said apologetically. Gauri turned to the children only to see them dozed off on the sofa. “Yeah, you should rest.

It’s almost midnight. I’ll take….” Gauri said hurriedly. “It’s okay Gauri. I’ll carry Abhay, you take Mishu. I’ll drop you guys home.” “Okay thanks. That’ll be a great help” Gauri replied gratefully with a smile. On reaching Gauri’s home Anika put Misha down on the beautiful double bed followed by Abhay who was carried by Gauri. “Anika, I didn’t mention earlier but I had a great time today. Thank you”. Gauri’s words and the floating emotions in her grayish-brown dove eyes were clouded but other to read. A wan smile was the reply as the latter left. After countless years, Gauri slept soundly, throwing all her worries to the wind. On the other hand, Anika tossed and turned all through the night but her tired mind drifted into a deep slumber as the clock stuck three and it started to drizzle.

Om got up at an early hour of the day. Checking the bed stead clock he sighed; he had made an unknown habit to start the day early-it was about five. Taking a shower, he went to the studio as stared outside the window. The rain had ceased and the wind had stilled, marking a hot day ahead. As he sat by the window, he heard sound of a distant whistle of a train, chirping of birds, and sound of crashing waves. “Beautiful….” He exclaimed involuntary, softly, mesmerized by the view of the rising sun and of the beautiful environment. It was his inspiration for the day as he began to paint it.

Shivaay always considered doing business a tough job but as he faced a middle class tadibaaz girl, he became sure to bring her back to his life, to make her his,-is the toughest job. He felt guilty of threatening her but he had no choice other than it to bring her back. He was addicted to her presence, her laughter, her crazy sketches, her confusing language, her strange words… short, her. His other masculine desires often took an upper hand as he remembered their closeness behind the curtains the day she had joined as his wedding planner, how soft she had felt in his arms, her light floral scent, how their bodies molded together whenever she crashed into him, her trembling lips when…..ugh, I need to stop he told himself silently, “time for a cold shower.”

Soumya was surprised to see a message on her cell wishing her good morning. Perplexed, she opened the message to find it from Rudra. The text looked so unreal that she blinked before her brain acknowledged the text. It read “Good morning, Sumo dear. Love, Rudra.”

In the last one month, Gauri hadn’t taken a day off; not even a Sunday. Deciding, she needed a day to relax, she mailed an application for the day’s leave citing some personal and she was delighted to see her leave approved almost instantly. “Looks like the kharus chirota needs some peace” she smiled to herself thinking that “I can do with some peace as well” humming to herself she moved into her bathroom to have her shower.

“Ho Aai, I’ve reached college. You take care of yourself, okay. Bye, I’ll take to you later. Take care, I miss you.” Soumya cut the call as she reached the hallway. Wiping off a bead of perspiration-the day was unusually hot for the season; she headed to the classroom with a strange feeling of contentment.

It was the surely the first time that Rudra had so eagerly waited for the class to begin. He kept glancing at the door-so often that Chubby asked the reason of his impatience. Rudra just smiled and ignored him as his full concentration was on the beautiful angel entering the class. He kept smiling looking at her, clad in light peach-colored long top and a black jeans, she looked the most prettiest, the cutest girl he had ever laid his eyes upon. He smiled as she bit her lower lip talking to her friend and searched for a seat in the class. She paused, surprised to see him, and then looked away. Rudra smiled widely as she on sat a desk before his and he left his seat and moved ahead and sat beside her.

“Hi Sumo, kaisi hai? Dekh tere liye paraathe laya hu. Le kha le…., arre Sumo….” He shouted behind her as she got up and left to another seat. Doing Shivaay’s signature step he said to himself “Rudra Singh Oberoi never loses….not in a situation involving love. Be ready to lose your heart, love angel.”

Gauri laughed as the children kept describing the way Anika had talked the yester-night. She was glad to see the children reacting understandingly to the news of their admission thought she had seen a slight fear on the back of their eyes. But they accepted the change in a matured way and they were having ice-cream together at the parlor. The day had been hot but the evening was pleasant. As they walked out, Gauri was pleased to feel the wind pass through her hair which she had pulled down for the special occasion. She glanced down to see the children busy in licking their ice-cream; Abhay offered her some and so did Misha. She smilingly shook her head but she knew this memory will forever be etched in her brain-her most loveable kids, looking at her, offering their precious ice-creams to her, their face almost painted with their dessert. Spending some time at the beach-their favorite spot- they headed back home joyfully. Driving much slowly in comparison to the Mumbai traffic, they headed homewards through a rather lonely path when suddenly a man came in front of their car. In the nick of moment there was utter chaos-the children shrieked, Gauri swore, the tires screeched as she applied break but could not escape the collision. She ran out panicking to see a well built person with long hair fallen unconscious on the road.

Om had a weird feeling of being keenly watched. His head felt strangely light. Wrinkling his nose and quirking his eyebrows together— his usual habit of waking up- and was startled to see a boy of about five staring intently at him. As he saw him awake, he yelled joyfully at the top of his voice “Mishu, see. He’s awake. We didn’t kill him, Mishu….” Om was shocked to see the sight and sprang up in his bed. “Wait a second…..this room isn’t mine” he thought to himself as he looked around. He was even more astonished to see a girl around the age of the boy he had seen earlier in the room, peeping from behind the door. Soon the boy joined her and they trotted inside the room. The boy was grinning from ear to ear but the girl shyly glanced at him and smiled but catching the glance at her friend’s/ brother’s/ cousin’s face she elbowed him.

He shot her a quizzical look before understanding dawned to him. Looking at the narrowing eyes, Om, who had been watching the interaction between the two amusedly, widened his eyes.
“How dare you come in front of our car?” “How dare you make mumma worried?” “How dare you….” The words remained incomplete by the entrance of a young woman with a tray in her hand. Om stiffened as he saw the face- ‘the shed girl’, was the first thought he had.

“So you two had been threatening him?” she smiled looking at the two devils transformed into sweetest kids ever. “Don’t you dare give me the look, I know” Om almost smiled hearing her…. ‘Dare’ runs through the family, it seemed. “And you, Mr. Long hair, can’t you watch where you walk? Huh, I could have killed you.” Seeing him watching at her open-mouthed, she added commandingly “Drink the soup and have some rest. Doctor’s advice”.

She set the soup on the bed-table which the children arranged for him. She uncovered the container and put some in the bowl. The aroma was mouth-watering; Om’s stomach growled. The kids burst into laughter but she coolly blew some soup in the spoon and brought it near his mouth. He blinked; astonished at the gesture. She gestured through her eyes and, as if compelled by some unknown force, he obliged. His trance was broken by the kids’ giggling. As the girl shot them a look they stopped giggling but kept on passing smiles. “Abhi, you seem to like this long haired creature over here. Why don’t you feed him? I’ve some work to complete” she smiled as handling him the bowl and left the room. “Hey, I’m Mishika, Mishu for short. He’s Abhay, my brother, Abhi in short. Yaar, aise mat tarr iss bechare ko. La, de mujhe ye soup, mai pilaati hu.” Shaking her head at her brother’s antics, she took the bowl from him and started feeding Om again, who was just watching the scene in front of him without a word. “You didn’t introduce yourself” Misha asked. “I’m Omkara, Om for short.” “What do you do?”the question was from an excited Abhay. “I work…” Om trailed on with an intention to tease him.

It worked as the other sighed heavily but the girl understanding the situation interrupted “where do you work-in an office?” “No, my love; I work at gallery. “Are you an artist?” and this time Om answered truly and straightly.
“That’s so cool. You know bhai also draws beautifully. He aspires to become an artist as well. Wait, I’ll show you his drawings.” Saying so, Misha ran to the cupboard and took out a drawing-copy and ran to Om. It was the first time he noticed that he had a tom-&-jerry quilt on and the room spoke KIDS. Excitedly, the little one clambered on the bed and forwarded the copy while the other tried to catch it.

“Slow down, slow down, young man. Let me see. Why?
Are you shying?” Om used the best trick to stop him from stepping on him.
“Abhay Kumar Sharma never shies. I don’t share secrets with strangers” the latter said with attitude.
“Achha jee. You were showing off your drawings to Saahil bhaiya today morning. He’s an artist so let him see.” The other ordered.
“Thanks darling” Om said with a grin. “Anything for you, handsome” was the reply that made him shocked.

“What yaar…you are flirting with him in front of your brother. Hey, Mr. Om, don’t you eye my sister.” “You draw really well” Om observed, shifting his focus to the drawing in front of him. It was a clumsy sketch of a mother hugging two kids to her br*ast while her back is hurt by an arrow sticking to her. The other sketch was a sister feeding her food to her brother. Another was two happy children making sand castles. Om felt the drawings were the part of their life; however clumsy, however rough an attempt it was, emotions were vivid.
“Dinner is ready. Come out and have it before it turns cold” cried a melodious voice from outside. The children got down from the bed. Om got up and steadied himself but seeing Abhay waiting at the door for his sister while she smothered her dress, he had a sudden urge to play a mischief.

“Angel, will you give me the pleasure of accompanying me to the table?” he asked in his perfectly gentlemanly voice, extending his hand for her.
“Handsome, I said anything for you but it’s something I owe to my brother. So sorry I can’t accompany you” saying so she went to her brother who had a victory grin on his face. Om chuckled to himself looking at the two. Outside his eyes met a most amazing sight- She was pulling chairs for them to sit while they went to the table head chair and pulled that out for her to sit. Looking up, Gauri saw Long Hair waiting expectantly in the drawing room area. Sensing his discomfort, she flashed him a smile “Long hair, I’m Gauri. Gauri Kumari Sharma. Come, have some dinner with us.”

Om’s mind couldn’t register the words. His head swam as he thought of his brothers waiting for him. Here he was enjoying. He staggered as he tried stepping forward. “See, this is what I’m talking about. You are still weak and you should eat something.” Gauri caught him in her frail hands and helped him to the nearest chair. “You needn’t worry. I called Rudy on your behalf and told that I’m your friend and you’ll be late in reaching home as you have some work” she added casually, serving him some khichdi, some sort of vegetable curry, papad and pickles. “Do you know them? Why did you call Rudra? And did you hack my phone?”

“Relax Mister, what did you expect me to do? I don’t know them and you haven’t had any password on the phone. I saw the last dialed number was of some Rudy so I called him. He himself told me he was your brother and so I told him you’ll be late as you were still ‘over-and-out’ after two hours of the accident. And yes, I don’t know him” Gauri said all in a single breath-then added commandingly “sit and have some food. I need some answers as well.”
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Hello lovely people, I’m Aashi-back with a new chapter as promised before. I’m really ecstatic with the wonderful response of all the readers. Each of you are my inspiration for writing, even if you commented or didn’t. thank you all for being with me till this time. I really hope for your support in the coming chapters as well. And yes, please comment your reviews on RiKara meet.

Thank You Everyone.
By Aashi.
Another Note- Om and Prinku never had done an accident. So, Ranveer had come to investigate the Gayatri matter only and doesn’t have any wrong equation with the Oberois. Om had consumed drugs due to his separation with Riddhima. Priyanka has anxiety and panic issues due to her disturbed childhood.

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