Absolute darkness (ch 11)

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After while he moved from bed taking his silver gun with him end up at hall whr ragini sit crying, and laksh opposite to her only, Sanskar sit on his knee and put his head on her lap

Sanskar: kill me ragini, I mean it.

Ragini and laksh got shoched by that

Sanskar put gun next to her: I cant find way from this darkness.
Give me rest ragini. Pls… for shonny

Ragini hold the gun, laksh stand, but she throw it away

Ragini: death is endless darkness sanskar. Its not solution.

Sanskar: then what to ???………..

Ragini: shshshssh………. Breaaaathhhh (Sanskar follow her talk) again… good… now I said a lot of shit, and i am so sorry ( she cupped his face) u ll forget ur bhabi na, forget all that. Clear mind. And leave all for now. Tomorrow new day……

Sanskar: but………


Heli mhari sun le raam…
Heli mhari sun le raam ji…

Sanskar just put his head again and cry his heart out.

Next day:

Sanskar went to bar about 4 enter his office and surprise to find swara there with wide smile

Swara: welcome Mr. sanky. Late today. One mint and I ll bring u files, Mr. lucky wanted u so I ll inform him ur here.

Sanskar; swara…..

Sawar: hmm??!!

He wanted to say many but then didnt uttar a word and moved to his office, he didn’t know what to do.

Swara enter the office with laksh; here u go Mr. sanky

Laksh: y u call him sanky swara? Do that with people only ok.

Swara smile; I’m sorry lucky but I don’t know what u talk about (then left)

Sanskar: what is going on?

Laksh: don’t ask me, she came today like none at all happen, even ragini try to get her but vein, she acts like its so normal day. What u ll do???

Sanskar: I wish I know.

Laksh: Well something must b told

Sanskar: Which???

Laksh: Shivrani!!!!!!!!

Sanskar: What about tat b*t*h?

Laksh: She told some women that she know secret about u!! what secret?

Sanskar got hell angry; that…..

Laksh: what is it?

Sanskar: She was in the house of pain

Laksh: What????

Sanskar: As guest, she told me she knew me from that time, and now she want some fun of me. I ll break her.

Laksh: nahi Sanskar. Let her, she wont tell any im sure and even if she did let it be, don’t do any.

Sanskar: Nahi laksh, we hav kept our past as secerte so no one ll dig us. But tat b*t*h is risky tat.

Laksh: Pls Sanskar, don’t get so dark. Its eating u.

Sanskar: So it be, I have been sold long ago to darkness without even pay, it doesn’t matter now

Laksh left angrily: u only destroy urself more bhai… ( he out slamming door behiend)

Sanskar set plan in his mind.

About 8 pm the work were going normally. Swasan and raglak were roaming all round for deals and all. Swara was roaming in tight jeans and glittery top with loose hair. Sanskar was mad with her outfit.

While she roaming alone she found raj in her face

Raj: missed u swany (Swara had fear look)

Shivrani was with him: cat caught ur tongue

Swara knew they wouldn’t com suddenly for good, but calmly she say: welcome. Y u here?

Raj: master can go anywhere my swaaany.

Swara: my name is swara

Sanskar came: Mr. raj!! what a pleasant seen

Raj: Mr. sanky

Pls come with me (Sanskar thought thank god, u must love me a lot to send her to me today, while swara was afraid of what raj want now)

Sanskar: So u here for fun or job Mr. raj!!

Raj: Both Mr. sanky

Sanskar: Then job and later is the funnn (?)

Raj: Fine with me. Drug case ll b shipped to kalkata soon. U and ur friends b there to get. With yourselves. Its important to me

Sanskar: Done. Then to fun

Swara, ragini and laksh reached their table and get announced by the tomorrow work.

Raj: So hw is my tamed doll. Wrking well Mr. sanky.

Sanskar: well Mr…..

Swara interrupt him: like a flam of fire

Raj: I though ur like that with master only.

Swara: Well I come to know that masters differs

Raj: It seem ur losing ur behaviors

Swara: Or maybe u who imagined that I have them

Laksh and Sanskar were so scared on swara now

Laksh: what u say swara. Actually Mr. raj, she is indeed good secretary.

Raj; indeeeed. Good and tamed

Swara hate that word a lot: tamed my foot

Sanskar jaw dropped now, raj was hell angry and Shivrani smile wide

Swara walk from there angrily

Raj said: that little……….

Ragini: calm down Mr. raj. (then she moved making some calls)

Laksh was hell afraid of that, Sanskar didn’t feel good about all this.

When Ragini finished her calls she head to Sanskar with worry but got interrupt when dance floor became dark and song which wasn’t in program played…….

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