AbhiYatri – Gujarati vs Marathi – Episode 4 – It can’t even be friendship after this

Recap: AbhiRa’s engagement is fixed. Amandeep and Aanya’s engagement is also fixed.

At Randhawa Villa:

Naira: Meri baat to sahi nikli na!

Akshu: Which baat mumma?

Reem and Kairav come

Reem: Your wedding ki baat..

Kairav: Maa ko chahiye tha ki tumhari shaadi ho..

Naira: Aur abhi hone bhi wali hai.. Abhimanyu se?

Aanya also comes

Aanya: At least tumhari to shaadi ho rahi hai..

Akshu: Aanya? When did you come!

Aanya doesn’t reply, but by seeing her best friend’s face, Akshu senses Aanya’s troubles and they both leave to go to Abhi’s home

Birla Sadan:

Abhi’s Room

Akshu: Also what are you talking about.. you and Guru are together na? You were going to marry as well!

Aanya: Our idea to open a hospital, but was not a good idea to Akhilesh uncle, so he broke all relations with us..

Akshu: And he-

Aanya: Insulted us.. me, maa, papa.. di..

Akshu: Now how can I help you?

Abhi comes (Akshu was already in his room)

Aanya: Akshu.. I will go.. spend time with your Abhi.. you won’t be able to see his face till after shaadi… and you as well Abhi.. Bye Akshu.. and Abhi..

Akshu: Bye Aanya.. see you later

Aanya leaves

Akshu: Abhi, mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai..

Abhi: Kya hua Akshu Rani?

Akshu: Im serious Abhi.. I can’t see Aanya like this.. she is my best friend..

Abhi: Kya hua?

Akshu: Your senior.. Dr Akhilesh, he thinks if Aanya’s papa builds a hospital, you, Aaru, Mahima aunty, Harsh uncle, aur Anand uncle will go to their’s and won’t stay at Surekha Hospital..

Abhi: Akshu.. don’t worry.. tomorrow we will go to Singh Villa and speak to him.. and don’t say no.. because Aanya is like my sister as well..

Akshu hugs Abhi

Akshu: Thank you Abhi.. you really are my lucky charm..

Abhi: Oh really Akshu rani?

AbhiRa are still in their hug, while Neil, enters

Kairav: We will come later.

AbhiRa hear them and break their hug.

Abhi: Neil.. teri bhai ki na shaadi hone wali hai.. why don’t you knock?

Neil: Bhai.. why don’t you lock?

Abhi: Oh hello!

Neil: Bhabhi.. usually elder brothers take care of younger bhai.. but yeh.. always scolding me.. say something!

Akshu: Abhi.. khabar dar mere devar ko kuch kaha to!


At Singh Villa:

Akhilesh, Maya, Guru, Ansh and Prakriti are in the living room.

They are all happy and smiling, except Guru, who is half happy but also half sad due to his father’s actions and him having to stay away from Aanya.

Maya: I can’t believe ke me dadi bane wali hoon! Thank you Prakriti!

Akhilesh: Guru-

Guru leaves angrily and goes to his room

Akhilesh: When will he understand?

Ansh: Mom? Dad? uski galti nahi hai.. its yours! You know Aanya and he are together.. so why?

Maya: Aanya is a nice girl.. but she doesn’t deserve our Guru..


Precap: AbhiRa go to Singh Villa. Aanya’s and AbhiRa’s engagement

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    Title should be: Mehndi Wale Haath- It cannot even be friendship after this

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