Abhinav Kohli asked Palak, Shweta’s daughter inappropriate questions reveals a friend, Abhinav threatens to sue

Shweta Tiwari and her estranged husband Abhinav Kohli have been making headlines since a long time now. Last year when Shweta filed a compliant against him, the things were brought to the notice of everyone. Now Abhinav has been sharing some shocking posts on social media about their married life. He is making some startling revelations about Shweta and her daughter Palak. However, now Shweta’s good friend Anuradha Sarin has come to her rescue.
In an Instagram exchange, Anuradha Sarin alleged that Abhinav used to ask many inappropriate questions to Shweta’s daughter Palak? She revealed thathe asked her question relating to her virginity to whom she has kissed, and many more. Anuradha bashed Abhinav for asking these questions to Palak. In response, Abhinav stated that he is going to plan a defamation case against her for writing such things. He demanded that she provides proof first.
In another conversation, Anuradha recalled an alleged incident when Palak Tiwari complained of having a stomach ache and Abhinav asking her if she was pregnant. Check out the screenshots of their chat below:



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  1. Sidrina

    How disgusting is this man?? chhiiiii….

    shame on him

    Who asks their daughter this… i want this man behind bars

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