Hi guyss actually i ws havng an elocution competetion so cld nt update yesterday bt happy news i gt prizeee…yippieee

Scene 1
Abhishek cms nd waits outside da Bhalla house nd calls mihika
Abhishek: hello mihika hi am waiting outside cm fast na
Mihika: yes abhishek am cmg..jus 2minutes
Meanwhile ishitha,raman,bala & vandu cm…nd c abhishek
Raman: hi abhishek wat r u dng here outside cm inside
Abhishek: no raman actually i came fr mihika
All smile…abhishek feels shy
Ishitha:(in a sarcastic manner): oh u came fr mihika woww soo great
Making abhishek feel shy
Bala: arre wah wat abhishek u cm only fr mihika nt fr me i hurt
Vandu: Abhishek ur a cool guy dnt evr leave mihika she is a great girl get her bfore its too late ok
Abhishek: ok ok ill leave now she will b here any time
Ishitha: ok bye hope ull njoy
Meanwhile mihika cms and they all leave frm der…she does nt c dem as dey hide

Scene 2:
Abhishek nd mihika r gng in a car nd ishitha, rama, bala nd vandu r in a car nd following dem
Mihika: abhishek pls stp da car
Abishek: y mihika is everything fine
Mihika: 1st u stp da car
He stps..nd mihika gets ready to gt down da car..he holds her hand and stps her
Abhishek: wat hpnd ru ok
Mihika tightly hugs him..he also hugs her and here raman and remaining c them
Mihika: i dnt kno whether u lik me or nt bt luv u alot abhishek wen i 1st saw u only i ws flat..wen u saved me frm those goons i strtd liking u..i dnt kno whether u like me or nt bt i luv u soo much i cant marry sm1 else
Abhishek: arre mihika y r u crying..evn i luv u so much nd thats wat i wanted to propose by taking u 2 a dinner…bt meanwhile u only haha
Mihika beats him…
Mihika: arre abhishek temme 1 thing on dat day y did u gt vaccine done??temme temme fr me only???
Abhishek: actually mihika u kno actually hmm u kno..leave dat shall v go fr dinner
Mihika: oh sure

Scene 3:
At the restaurant
A waiter welcomes them nd he is RAMAN BHALLA they will nt recognise him..later abhishek goes to check abt the reservation..meanwhile a waitress cms nd greets dem nd she is none otr dan ISITHA RAMAN BHALLA..she does nt recognise her
Ishitha: Hello mam gd evng..did u cm wid ur hubby wer he is
Mihika: actually i cm wid my “hone wali pati”
Ishitha: Oh wow congratulations mam wer is he
Mihika: he went 2 check da reservation..tq so much
Abhishek cms nd Ishitha leaves
Mihika: wat hppnd any prob
Abhishek: no ntg shall v go
Mihika: oh yes
Abhishek: thats side
He holds her hand

Scene 4:
they cm near a room nd its written dat “EXCLUSIVELY FR COUPLES”..
mihika feels shy
inside 2 couples r present nd r hvng a romantic dinner
He goes near a table pushes da chair out nd makes mihika sit in that later he also sits
They order the food nd the waiter goes
then abhishek holds mihika’s hand sits on his knees nd proposes to her
Abhishek: i luv u so much mihika..will u marry me
Mihika: yes..i luv u too
All the couples stand up nd clap fr dem saying v all luv u too
to their surprise the couples r ISHITHA & RAMAN, BALA & VANDU
then sm people cm inside havng masks on their faces..sm r ladies nd sm r gents..evn kids r present..the manager cms der nd says run frm here otherwise these people will kill u…these cm here evryday nd create havoc here runn

Precap: Raman says show ur faces if u hav the guts..they all reveal their face nd these r all shocked……..

Credit to: Ananya

  1. I think the people who have masks on their faces are none other than their family members.

  2. I cant reveal anything…..stay tuned…..bt surely smthing is gonna happen

    1. U wrote it and of yes plz do TELL me when u will upload next part

  3. Its nice ya u wer uodating swaragini ff also na its good update swaragini also fast

  4. Wow its interesting.. ananys

  5. thanks…nd do temme if u think am gng off track

  6. superb ya. I luv this track so much. I wish this is on the show. keep writing.

  7. I love it❤️❤️❤️

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