Abhigya-The most wonderful moment in my life (OS)

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Hi guys..Suhani here
Here is an one shot on abhigya
Pragya’s pov
“You don’t deserve to be called my daughter!!You’re nothing like your older siblings.Why can’t you act like them?!my mother screamed at me.
All I had done was accidentally drop a vase which I know my siblings have done before.Just because I was the youngest,I got all the crap from my mother-all the yelling and abuse.
You might think abuse?Yes abuse she had hit me many times.
“I am done with you yelling at me for things that are accidents!”I yelled back.I went upstairs to my bedroom and grabbed my backpack.I threw some clothes,my phone,my iPod and money in it and ran out of the house.
Hoping she might come and take me with her i was walking slowly.After a while I realize that no one was coming for me,I sat down on a bench thinking about my life tears streaming down my eyes.

Abhi’s pov:
“I am tired of you failing your classes,Abhi!Why don’t you at least try?”My father yelled at me.
“Because I already did dad.I love music dad and I want to become a rockstar”I replied.
“I want you out of my house!i will not have a failure as a son”my father said.
“Fine!”I screamed and packed my backpack(Same things)
I walked all the way with my hood up and received some really weird looks.I noticed a park and decided to sit there.When I got to a bench I saw there was a girl already sitting.
I walked to the bench,sat down,and took my hood off.She looked up for a second and I was shocked.They were tears streaming down her eyes.I noticed the handprints on her cheeks.’who would hurt someone so gorgeous!?’I thought angrily.
She took her headphones out and said,”what do you want?”
“Just needed someone to talk”I replied,still lost in her eyes.
“Can you please talk with someone else,I want to be alone”
“No I am not going to leave a beautiful girl alone in the middle of the night”
“Please”She practically begged.
“No I’m Abhi”I said changing the topic.
“Pragya”she replied quietly.
“Well Pragya what are you doing in the park on a night like this?”
They both discuss the incidents happened with them.
“I am sorry”she said
“I left the house willingly but you were kicked out”
“I am not the one with tear streaks down my cheeks honey.I am worried about you than me”
“But you just met me”she sounded confused.
“I am so happy my dad kicked me out”..”why”she asked
“Because even though I was kicked out of my house,I met the most beautiful girl in the world,and she’s talking with me”
“I am not beautiful”.
“Yes,you are.Don’t ever let anyone tell you different.She blushed,and I reached up and pulled back her hood,revealing curly black hair.I ran my fingers in her hair lost in her eyes.
After that we discussed about our lives.She said she wanted to become a lecturer and I said about my rockstar dream.I was really happy that apart from myself anyone else supported me in my life.
“So where will you go now”she asked.
“Don’t know..but how about having a McDonald’s date right now”I asked her.
She laughed and started walking with me.I must she has the most prettiest smile.My first date with her was amazing.I never thought she would come with me.

Pragya:Abhi what are you doing?Go get dressed up..you have a concert right
Abhi:Baby i don’t want to leave you and go(hugging from behind)
Pragya:”Abhi you will be back by morning..so go and get ready”She said pushing me.
After I was dressed for concert.She hugged me from behind
Abhi:Take care of yourself and junior(kissing her forehead).
She smiled and nodded.
While going I was lost in my thoughts..that night when I met her is the most wonderful moment of my life.Now she is my life and I can’t live without her.
After that date,me and Pragya hired an apartment and were staying as roommates.We worked really hard and achieved our goals in life.I still remember the day I proposed her.(with a smile)

Pra:Abhi where are you taking me?Today you are behaved really weird.First you asked me to wear a saree,then blindfolded my eyes and now you are carrying me in you arms…what is going on?
Abhi:Fuggy can you please be quiet..we are almost there.
Abhi:We are here.
She opened her eyes and was shocked as this was the Same park where we met for the first time.I decorated the park and arranged a candle light dinner with some music.
Pragya.Abhi what is all this?
Abhi:Pragya I want to say something..I have no idea what your answer is but I want to confess.
She was looking at me cluelessly.
Abhi:You are the happiness of my life,you are the smile of my lips,i’m alive to see you anytime,your cute smile always triggers my feelings.This sounds crazy but I really love you fuggy.
She was looking at me happily lost in her thoughts.
Abhi:fuggy fuggy I said poking her shoulder.She hugged me tightly and I understood her reply.I was really happy.
Pragya:Everything are my favorites..thank you Abhi
I was watching her happily as she was behaving like a baby who got something she wanted.
Abhi:May I have a dance with you..my princess.
She smiled and gave her hand.We were dancing happily.

That night was the most amazing moment.But she never said “I love you”.I know she loves me..more than I do but she never confesses.Whenever I ask she starts blushing and I love her pink cheeks.
“Sir we have reached”

Hello Mumbai
Crowd cheers.
Today I am going to sing a song for the love of my life and there is a good news for everyone.
Crowd cheers
Junior rockstar is going to come in our lives and we are really happy(crowd goes crazy)so my pyaari princess this song is for you..(any romantic song)..
They live happily with abhigya or prabhi.

Hello guys..how are you??
I hope this is not so boring..
Tell me your view on this..
Love you..take care

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  1. awesome os dear…….lovely n also cool yaaaaaaaa

    miss u badly yaaaaaa n also u’s ff………….

    love u lot

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you dhivya Di!
      Missing you too..
      Love you♥️♥️

  2. Trisha

    This was amazing, Choti…loved it???

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you trisha Di!
      Love you♥️♥️

  3. It’s lovely os dear..miss you and ur ff alott dear..how are you??love you..???

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you cutie pie!?
      I am fine dear..how are you?
      Love you too♥️♥️

      1. I’m fine dear????????

  4. Saranya24

    So cute dear?????

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you Di!
      Love you♥️

  5. B_Ani

    aww….this was so cute…so lovely…so simple…yet beautiful.
    awesome narration… super cool attitude… nyc proposal…and an ultimate ending.
    this is just mind blowing sweeto.
    love u???
    keep rocking!!!

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you cutie!
      Love you too♥️♥️

  6. Reshma_Pradeep

    Sooooooo Cuteeeeeee!

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you reshma!
      Love you♥️

  7. so cute and lovely OS ma loved it

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you minu!
      Love you♥️

  8. Asmithaa

    Superb SS.. After a long time I think now u have got some rememberance about us… And I am waiting for ur ff.. when are u going to publish it Di???

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you chotu!
      How can I forget My tu family..was little bit busy in exams.
      No idea about my ff chotu..
      Love you♥️♥️

  9. Sowji

    Very nice suha…I really liked it…I never feel boring…awaiting for your next new
    ff…. lots of people writing very well like u…

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you princess!
      Love you♥️♥️

  10. Awesome dear…..

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you sugan Di!
      Love you♥️

  11. Prathi

    That’s simply sweet Choti… Love you..

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you prathi Di!
      Love you♥️♥️

  12. B.k.maha


    1. Suhani11

      Thank you maha!
      Love you♥️

  13. Princesskrisha

    Wow awesome suhani di misssrd u a lot di superb os di ur rocking always my Angel di love u muahh akka

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you angel!?
      Missed you too..
      Love you darling♥️♥️

  14. Short and sweet

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you nasima!
      Love you

  15. waaaaaw my sweetness its simply fantastic infact I love it,, and this is to say wen loved ones aboundend u destiny can never ditch u I lyk ur writing experience love it waiting for ur ff

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you lopez!
      Love you♥️♥️

  16. super dear….awesome os….abhigya scenes are really cute and lovable….pls write some other os like this if you get time…..

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you akshaya!
      Will definitely write if I am free..?
      Love you♥️♥️

  17. PrincessesMadhu

    Hey Suhani! How are u? Long time no see… 🙁 and by the story was just so so adorable…. it was cute! Please keep writing more okay… 🙂

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you princess!
      I am fine dear..how are you?
      Love you♥️

      1. PrincessesMadhu

        I am good… 🙂 Going alright in ur school?

      2. Suhani11

        Yes everything good.
        What about you?

  18. Simply superb dear..

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you priyanka!
      Love you♥️♥️

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you disha!
      Love you♥️

  19. Madhuchhanda

    Oh my god it was awesome the story was so sweet and nice ????

    1. Suhani11

      Thank you madhuchhanda!
      Love you♥️

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