Abhigya – TS (Last Part)

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Sorry for late update this last os of abhigya ts and thanks for commenting my last shot and please forgive me for my spelling mistakes and grammar
Let’s start our story
❄Abhi and tanu’s marriage day❄

At Pragya home
Pragya : i think we should Think like Aaliya and tanu so we can trap them what do u think
Shivanya :i also thinking same so we should give them punishment so we should go there and see what is happening ok
Pragya :what will we do by going there
Shivanya :you should ready like the fuggy who is proposed by Abhi that means you should wear sari which Abhi gifted you ok

Then may be he can get his memory back let’s see
Pragya :but doctor told that he should not Stress his brain
S:no Pragya doctor didn’t told like that so one make him to say like that so nothing will happen to him and I given him some tablets so he may get his memory back so let’s go there and see what will happen there ok
Pragya : ok your are my sweet sister thanks for coming here in right time shivanya
S:ur my di how can I leave my dii like that come let’s go

Dadi:what is happening here I don’t know what to do how to stop this marriage I can’t see my Pragya suffering like that
Dasi :come down dedi this marriage will not happen we have to do some thing where is this purab
At that time purab came there and say what happen to you dadi why are you worried like that
Dadi dasi:don’t you know purab why we are like this
Pu:dadi don’t worry iam here right how can I leave my Abhi to marry some one other that my Pragya dii

da:what is your plan purab
Pu: once I said that my friend is in London who is famous neurologist
Da: Haa then
Pu:yesterday my friend came and checked Abhi’s reports she told that there are many chances to abhi to get his memory back and she told that doctor given wrong tablets to abhi not to recover fast so she give other tablets if Abhi have that tablets two times then we can make him to get his memory back so I have given him tablets one time to abhi so start our Misson to get Abhi’s memory back what say

Da: perfect plan purab I think that tanu and Aaliya only given him that tablets
Dasi:haaa diii iam also thinking like that
Purab: we should make Abhi room like before his memory loss so come dadi we should put Abhi and Pragya dii pics to wall like before and book shelf and so many changes are there to do come let’s go and make his room like before,before he woke up ok
Dadi:Robin get Abhi’s pics from store and all things which we took out after his memory loss so go and make Abhi room like before ok
Robin : ji dadi

Dadi purab and dasi make Abhi room like Abhigya’s room before he woke up
(He didn’t woke up while they are changing his room because he took sleeping pills right)after one hour he woke up and he saw his room is like another’s room so he shouts Robin….. purab came there and ask him why r u shouting like this Abhi told why my room is like this this book shelf and all
Purab :abhi comedown and take this tablet all will get normal Abhi took tablets and he get do some flashes like he other girl are fighting in his room

But poor Abhi he didn’t get clear image of pragya so he tells purab about his flashes
Purab :did u saw her face
A:no she not clearly visible
Purab thinks what should I tell may I reveal about his past are not
At that time he get call from shivanya he excuse himself from Abhi and went to attend call
s: hi purab
Pu:hi shivanya

Sh:how is Abhi’s condition did he took two tablets
Pu:ha dii he took and he get some flashes of pragya di but they are not clear
S: purab don’t worry we can make him to get his memory back we can show him and thing which is related to his lost memory he can gain memory by reminding his brain so don’t worry I and pragya are come there ok
Purab :so I can make him to see his previous pics with Pragya dii Hoo thank God by showing this he can get memory
S:Haa purab ok we are coming bye

Pu: ok bye
Purab to himself so Abhi will get his memory by see his marriage album Purab went to dadi and dasi room and tell them about this they get happy when Purab went to dadi and dasi room and tell them about this they get happy when they are going to show Abhi his marriage album to Abhi’s room there Aaliya and tanu’s mother are there and they are asking him to get ready fast halidi function is going to start in 1 hour

Ab: ok aunty ji iam going to ready you won’t take stress ok u can go in will come down in 30 min ok
At that time purab came there and say happily aunty ji I will make Abhi get ready u can go
Aaliya ask purab with out Abhi knowledge purab are you sure u r helping us
Purab :ha Aaliya iam helping u only not to anybody I only realised now that ur right
Aaliya :really so sweet of you any have u realised that we r right thanks sweetheart by saying this she and tanu mom went from there and went to fresh up
Dadi and dasi ask purab why are r behaving like this
Purab says dadi I will help Pragya di only not to anybody ok and what I have said to Aaliya is my plan dadi purab explain some plan to dadi and dasi (sorry that is muted)and dadi and dasi says great purab

At that time Pragya and shivanya came to meet dadi and dasi they got blessing from them and purab explain his plan and went to execute his plan
Here abhi came down and tanu to came down tanu mom asks dadi to apply haldi to tanu and abhi
Purab:before starting halidi function I showing some pics to you this is my gift to abhi for his marriage all say ok

lights off and purab on one projector on that some pics are shown that pics are Abhi and purab from childhood pics after that some family pics are shown and at last abhi and pragya pics are shown including their marriage pics tanu and Aaliya team gets shocked by seeing that and at last tanu and nikil pics too shown and some pics of tanu with baby bump also shown all gets shock except Pragya team and light gets on abhi is holding his head by closing his eyes all are tensed and shivanya came with ritik (shivanya husband and Abhi’s and purab childhood friend and doctor)and checks Abhi,abhi open his eyes and went to tanu and give her one powerfull slap by that she fall down all are shocked by Abhi’s behaviour Aaliya comes to rescue her friend but she to got same slap from Abhi ,abhi says I got my memory back don’t fool me purab call police and ask them to came here fastly and ask them to bring nikil here by arresting after some time police came and arrested tanu ,Aaliya ,and nikil for trying to kill Pragya and purab and for trying to kill Abhi once by making car brakes fail and tanu parents are arrested for saying lie and making her daughter to marry Abhi and Abhi says to tanu’s mom aunty ji I trusted you like my mom but you betrayed me get lost from here if once again u show ur face then you will be killed by me shouts Abhi

all are left expect Pragya team Abhi and Abhi family members
Abhi went to Pragya says sorry to her and ask her to forgive him
Pragya says I will not forgive you what you said you can’t break the promise given to tanu them what about me Abhi say what tanu mom told to him
Pragya says don’t you need to check whether she saying ture or not

Abhi says please forgive me don’t become Mogamboo again I can’t tolerate her my fuggy is sweet she won’t scold me all laugh at them and once again abhigya married this time with love lived happily bulbul also returned to them (she is saved by purvi and got treatment in hospital and saved)and rabul also married happily and purvi mother ask sorry to purvi for not trusting her purvi forgiven all and live happily

Abhi and pragya are blessed with twins one baby girl and baby boy and they named them abhigya and aavar
Rabul are blessed with boy they named him as rihan and they lived happily

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