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Hai frnds how are you? Sry for late update… and thanks to all who read my shots. Thank you so much..

(Frnds I want story be only positive way I don’t like our enemy torture our couple so only I took this storyline for tanu aliya and nikil)

After 3 months of leap

Now aliya is in Australia bcos purab have a strong proof against aliya tanu and nikil so he use that and threaten aliya to leave abhi. Aliya also don’t want live her life in jail bcos purab has that much strong proof. So she went Australia. She call abhi everyday and talk to him. But always purab be there to product abhi. Even she visit India once a month live with abhi. She like this life now so don’t bother about anything.

For tanu and nikil also purab threatened them with proof like upload that proof to social network and also threatened them to leave Mumbai or else will give this proof to commissioner so they also leave Mumbai and now they are in Delhi. There tanu get another rich & famous man like abhi so she loved him and try to marry him.And purab offer nikil a ad in Delhi after that ad nikil also famous by his talent.So he also leave abhi.

Now abhi is alright he returned to mm. And he very well know that he lost his 2 yrs memory now the yr is 2017. Actually purab is the one who explained him but not about pragya bcos doctor warned them not to try get back his memory. even doctor advice abhi to not stressed him too much and that is not good for his health. So abhi won’t bother about past 2 yrs he thinks like there is nothing change in his past 2 yrs . If anything happened like that means definitely aliya , dadi , purab would tell him. So he belive them (Aliya purab dadi) to badly. For abhi aliya is now working in Australia bcos she like to wrk there so he allow her. So everyday he talk to her in phone. But there is something is trouble abhi when he is in his room he feel there is another person in that room.And badly miss that person also. But he won’t show anything to dadi and purab. And try to came back to normal.

Pragya is living a xyz home. In that home there too many girlsAnd ladies are stayed there. Even small kids also. They don’t have family. The one who helped pragya on accident day that lady is a maintainer of that home she is the one who took pragya to pune. At first pragya is not normal always thinking something. She even not smile. So that lady ask pragya to teach small kids in that home. After some days pragya came back to normal but not get any memory of her past. Even the lady also try get prgaya details but not get anything. Pragya always feeling her family is missing her. And also she feel one special person is waiting for her. Like this 3 months ended. And her name in home was NIKITA.

Purab try to find prgaya this 3 months don’t get any details. Even raj bhaiya and akash also helped him but not use. They complined in police station . But not get any details about pragya. Dadi is so upset bcos of pragya missing. In arora house Sarala ma is totally upset she always look the front door and waiting for pragya arrival. Some time she alone talk with herself think like she is talking to pragya.Rsdadi is worried of sarala ma condition and pray to god.Purab everyday visit them.

So finally after 3 months abhi go back to his wrk. So he get a music album chance. But that chance is not in Mumbai in pune. So purab and abhi are ready to go to pune but at last time purab gets a important wrk so abhi is the one goes to pune it was 1 month wrk. So get blessing from dadi and started to pune.

After abhi reached pune met the producer then reached his hotel room (purab booked him a room already). Abhi feel fresh in pune. Abhi heart tell him he is going to meet a special person in pune.

Here pragya also feel like that. She unknowingly smile to herself.

Then 2 days passed

Abhi is little bit busy with his wrk.On 2nd day evening abhi want to go somewhere in pune.so he took his car goes to a park.

On other side Pragya is came to a park with small kids they all are playing in the park and pragya sit in a bench and watch kids.She feelHappy and seeing them laughing and playing. It was her routine wrk on evng time. But today she feels there is someone close to her is near her. But she could not find out anyone. Abhi enter the park he is also feel like same as Pragya. He came and sit in a bench. Not too visible to people. And look the children playing the mid of the park he feel some how happy. After some time the kids came to pragya abhi see this but pragya back side is face to him. The kids wants to make a paper kite for them. So pragya help them to make a kite. Then kids goes to mid of the park and try kite to fly in the air. But the kite is not flying. So they ask pragya to help. So pragya goes to the kids and make kite flying in the air.. One fine time pragya turn to abhi side.

Abhi see pragya face now. She look so beautiful. He feels he already seen her some where. And also he feel she is his special person. Abhi is continously looks pragya her smile jump kindness to the kids everything attracted him. He is totally forgotten him.

Now pragya try to turn but her eyes met abhi. Butterflies fly in her. Her heart beat increased. But don’t know y. She feel she already seen him somewhere. And her heart told her he is her special person. So she just look at abhi and his eyes. Abhi seen pragya was watching him but he not takeoff his eyes from her. Both are locked by eyes (alla wariyan plays)bcos of watching abhi pragya miss the kite and the kite ended in the top of the tree. Now kids are shout Di iii ii then only pragya and abhi came back to sense. And pragya looks at kids and ask wat. They show the tree and kite. Pragya understood wat happened. She goes to tree and try to take kite with help of long stick. Abhi watching this admire her. But pragya could not take the kite. So abhi decided to help her. And goes near her.

Abhi stand behind her and ask can I help u. Prgaya get little shock bcos she don’t know abhi is behind her. She just nod her head as yes. so abhi tried to take kite But he also could not take that. So he again handover stick to pragya. Pragya just smile and turn around and try to take kite. But abhi goes behind pragya and lift her up . Abhi’s hands are in pragya hip. She just shocked and look down. And she feel something in his touch. Abhi just said chashmise plz take the kite soon. Pragya came back to sense and take the kite and give that to kids. And abhi make pragya to stand. Pragya just look abhi’s eyes and abhi also look pragya eyes both are speechless. Finally kids are calling pragya to go back to home. So she just leave from there. But she has a small smile in her lips. Abhi also smiled by her action and go back to his hotel.
In night.
Both are think about their meeting and sleep.

Precap: abhi ask pragya you don’t know me. Pragya said no. Abhi gets shocked. And again ask really you Don’t know me.. pragya again said no.

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  1. Saranya24

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    love it dear……. keep rocking

  6. Wow superb and awesome that feeling is only called as love and this update is somewhat different and Tanu, alia, NIKHIL won’t disturb Abhigya because of that proof that too very happy and nice please do update very ff like this and fastly very nice compared to current kkb superb I became your fan after this update continously rock like this.

  7. Nice shot dear

  8. Prathi

    So Good dear! Why can’t the real kkb writers think like this?

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    love u loads

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