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Like I only mrg a girl her choice. But I fall in love with my girl. If I said this to dadi she will upset. I don’t want take risk of that. Another the girl I love. She is also important to me. I promised her I will marry her. So only I ask u to help.
M mi: (think sonetime) wat help u want from me.
Abhi give pragya photo to him.
abhi: she is pragya arora. And tell every family details of h er. Then said u come 2moro to my home with her photo. And show all girls photo also her. I select her when u show her photo. Plz do this for plz.
M mi: ok I will do wat u said. By the way u know one think ur dadi also ask me watch a girl like ur lover quality. definitely ur dadi will live her.
Abhi smiles to him and said thanks and leave from there. Then he call pragya and said everything. Pragya said so dr u complete ur part. Now its my turn to do. 2moro my side mrg mediator will come I will do wat u said before. Abhi said ok fuggy. Don’t get tensed ok. Be relax. Bye take care.
Nxt day in abhi house.
Mrg mediator shows all photo to purab and dasi also beside abhi abhi reject all girls photo then purab get a call and goes from there dadi also closed her eyes. That time abhi signaled mrg mediator so he take pragya photo and put it on table then abhi see purab. Purab is about to finish his call abhi turn and took pragya photo and started to stared her almost 5 mins. Abhi do this for only to purab notice Purab notice that and make dadi to see him. Abhi know he will do this. But abhi’s only feeling is dadi will like pragya or not. But for his supries dadi also like her. Then abhi think if he said ok for pragya soon means they will get dout so he thinks to act like not intrested. So abhi said Iam not intrested for mrg and goes from there. After going upstairs he just watched them secretly. Then purab make dadi understand. Dadi ask details of pragya in mrg mediator abhi see this and gets happy and he goes to his room and lock the door and danced. On his dance he said fuggy iam to Marry you..After some time hear some foot sound so he goes to washroom like don’t know about any think. Then came from wash room and says dadi tum (he don’t know anything na so) Dadi ask abhi to marry pragya with too much drama. Then finally abhi accept for mrg only for dadi. But his heart is flying in sky. . He want to hug purab and kiss his cheeks. Bcos he know bcos of purab console only dadi accept for this Mrg. Then dadi purab went out. Then abhi again dance like winner does. Then he thinks of Pragay. And says fuggi my side is double ok now it’s ur turn. I know u will success that.

In arora house.

Mrg mediator shows too much of photo but pragya not give attention to them. purvi and bulbul tease pragya then purvi get a call so she went from there then bulbul goes to help sarala maa. rock star dadi also busy in phone game. Pragya see all then see mrg mediator she is also busy in arranging photos on that time pragya took abhi photo from her hide place the put that photo on table. Then make some sound and took abhi photo in her hand and stared that photo almost 5 mins. She know rs dadi or bulbul will definitely see her. So finally bulbul seen this and make every one to watch her. Then sarala gets happy for pragya decision but pragya thinks if she accept soon means they will get dout. So pragya said Iam not intrested in mrg saying of this she goes to room and see abhi msg. Abhi msged her to meet him. So she went out. Even pragya know very well bulbul will make maa to accept this but she has dout also then she went. Then bulbul make sarala ma to accept this Mrg. Then sarala ask details about abhi family. She don’t know any think about him( photo is not in her collection na) she thinks how this photo comes here .Then said sarala she will collect details and give that to u. Sarala also said ok.

Abhi and pragya meet a place. Abhi hugs pragya and said finally my dadi accept u fuggi. Pragya gets happy and hugs him tightly. Then abhi said so my plan worked. Pragya gets sad. I don’t know dr wat will they going to decide. Then abhi make pragya to sit and every think will get ok. Hmm u don’t worry. Saying of this he kissed her forehead. Pragya just hugs abhi. Then they leave from there.

Arora house.

Pragya came to home with too much of prayers. She sees every one in tanning table. With out eat anything. Then see also join with them ask reason. Sarala ma does her usual trick . Finally pragya accept for mrg like she do only for her mom. But her heart fly in the sky. After finish dinner pragya goes to room and call abhi and said everything. Abhi also gets happy for the news then both are talk some time.

Then both family fix there Mrg within 10 days. Even pragya and abhi also don’t y this much fast but they are happy with each. They both behave in front of like a strangers. But they will spent time together without there family. Finally mrg done . Now they both are married.

In present.

Both are came out from there fb. Both looks eachother. Then pragya said dr u r too good to planning. Bcos of u we are now married without hurting them. Abhi said thank u fuggi. Then both are goes to balcony. And talk. Abhi said I don’t know fuggi how purab support my plan without knowing my plan. Bcos of him only dadi accepted this mrg. Prgaya also said ha dr . U know bulbul also support me without knowing our plan. I really want to thank her. Abhi said ur crt fuggi. But why they don’t get dout on us. Even we both are studied in same clg. But said we both are not seen eachother before. But they don’t get any dout. And they support too much for side. Something is fishy na. Pragya said Iam also thinking like that dr. Anyway they made us together. Then abhi said so fuggi to is our day it was a first day. Pragya gets wat abhi is try tell she gets shy and blushed. Abhi said don’t blushed this much fuggi I couldn’t controll myself. Pragya suddenly hugs abhi. Abhi also hugs pragya and start there life.But

In mm another room

A man call to a girl.

In arora house

A girls gets a call
Then girls said ha bolo purab. Yes they are our bulbul and purab.

Both are love each other from there clg life. They also make promise to there parents and dadi. And don’t know wat to do. But both are little bit free of there elder.

Purab said bulbul how r u
Bulbul said we only meet today evng and u ask this question anyway iam fine with too much of happy.
Purab said me to bulbul. We made them married so finally our ways clear . After one month we go to them and said our to them then they will convince dadi and ur ma. Bulbul said ok purab. But purab they will happy na in this Mrg bcos of us we made them together. Purab said even I also think like that in starting bulbul but then I see them they are made for eachother. I know u very well and y know me very well bcos bcos we love each other but they don’t start the love but they know eachother very well. And see there iam a love in there life. Definitely they well happy in there life bulbul. Bulbul said ya purab after here ur words I gets happy. But purab they both are studied in same clg but don’t know each other this is fishy na. Purab said they are not in same dept so only bulbul. Then they both are talk something and said good night too each other and goes to sleep. Before slept they iam going to marry u soon.

That it frnds ..

Iam really sry for this much late plz forgive me .

Ok I will try to come with another story. After half of Feb..

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