abhigya and ishveer life episode 4

Hai friends I am very happy to see all of your comment if you expect anything then plz tell me, comment both positive and negative I will accept that now coming to the story,
Episode starts with Rv wipes his tears and says
Rv-i got my choti(in low voice)…I got my chotiiii…(shout)
He doesn’t know to express the feeling and started to run to his class
Screen shifts to pragya and Ishani
Pragya came to Ishani and takes her to class
Pragya and Ishani came to class and they sat in last bench
Pragya-what happened to you dear why you behaved weird in that time
Ishani-I don’t know but I was totally lost when I saw hi…
Ishani realized what she going to tell and stopped herself
Pragya-tell me fast who is that
Ishani-nothing yaar leave that
Pragya-nowadays hiding to me itself na
Ishani-nothing like that yaar
Pragya-go I hate u idiot
Ishani-but I love u dear
Pragya-don’t butter me Ishani otherwise I will kill u
Ishani-arey I am saying the truth but you..
Pragya-enough now professor will enter so leave that
Ishani-that’s my good girl
They both laughed
Screen shifts to abhi
Abhi was searching for rv but he couldn’t find him so he left to class
Screen shifts to abhi& Rv class
Rv enters with shouting all the one shocked by rv’s behavior and he hugged one person and says
Rv-I am so happy I am very very very happyyyy….
By saying this Rv clutched his hair and gave a tight kiss in his cheek
All try to control their but they can’t so all the one laughed
Rv realized something in his(Rv’s) hand .He saw wig.He immediately broke the hug was shocked to see the person
Rv-dinosaur?(in shocking tone) again they all laughed
Person-what you said ?(in angry tone)
Rv-i mean professor
Prof-yes it is me,have u gone mad I hugged me and also kissed me.idiot can any boy kiss another boy like this?
Rv-then we can kiss the girls like this
Abhi can’t control his laughing and others also can’t control their laughing
Prof-whattt?(in angry tone)
Rv-no sir I mean..I mean….
Prof-you mean tell me fast
Rv-ha sir I missed you so much sir in this weakened days when I saw you I can’t control myself sir I love you so much sir
Again all the one started to laugh
Prof-what (in a shocking tone)
Rv realized what he said and says
Rv-don’t mistake me sir I mean missed you so much sir
Prof-I am leaving you Bcoz today is first day go
Rv moves to his place(all were laughing)
Suddenly prof called Rv
Rv shocked and turns to him
Prof-give my wig to me(in low voice)
Rv-what sir? I can’t hear
Prof-give my wig to me (shout)
Abhi can’t control his laughing so he laughed all others also started to laugh
Then only Rv realized that he is holding his wig he gave it to him and went back to his place
Prof-wait a second I will come within a second I will come saying this he left
Abhi- Rv,u know what u did,whom we hate most in this world to him u said I love u that also ok but you gave a tight kiss in his cheek and ask how is your first kiss and started to laugh again
Rv-shut up idiot first I have to wash my lips
Abhi-why u kissed him whether you thought he is girl
Rv-shut up abhi Bcoz of happiness I hugged and kissed him
Abhi-happiness? For what?
Rv about say but he stopped himself and
Rv(thinks)-no Rv we should not talk about anything to him otherwise he will say all the things to di I want to surprise to di. First of all I want to find pragya will accept us or not.if she comes to know that I am brother then she didn’t accept me as her bhai then I can’t bear that so first I have to know about her
Rv didn’t gave any reaction so abhi pinched him
Rv-ouchhh idiot
Abhi-tell me fast why you said happy
Rv-nothing yaar this first day so only
Abhi not satisfied by his answer
Screen shifts to pragya and Ishani class
Prof came and ask them to introduce themselves
They also do that same then prof said that today no class so they chatted with each other
After some time pragya and Ishani came to canteen
At the same time Rv and abhi also came to canteen
Screen freezes on their faces
Sry guys I thought to write abhigya and ishveer scenes today itself but time to go for school so I can’t but Sunday I will give long episode with ishveer&abhigya and I will try to give ishra and ruhi&adhi scene also thank you for your support
Take care,

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  1. wow lovely dr

    1. thank u so much for your support

  2. wow wow really super… rv kissed denosur scence sema super….. con’t control my laugher and contin….awesome…

    1. thank u so much for your support happy to know that u liked this joke

  3. Loved it post the next epi dear

    1. thank you for your comment i will post next episode with long episode

  4. Awesome! And ranveer hugging the prof was so hilarious ??

    1. thank u so much for your support and happy to see that u like rv hugging scene

  5. Vaishali

    awesome episode yaar cant stop laughing yaar rv hugging prof was hilarious waiting eagerly fr ue next episode….

    1. thank you so much for your support happy to see that you liked rv hugging scenes and i will update my next episode with long episode

  6. Awesome episode Monesha I bursted into laughter while reading this it was just awesome thank u for writing this amazing episode ?

    1. thank you so much for your episode i am happy for you enjoyed the the episode

  7. VarshaVenkat

    Wow mone……superrrr ….Waiting for rv n prags meeting…….

    1. thank you so much for your comment i will give pragya and rv meeting in next episode

  8. Superb monesha..very funny and enjoyed it..keep rocking..

    1. thank you so much for your comment

  9. Awesome yaar really I can’t control my laugh by rv’s behaviour while entering class it’s really awesome n chanceless????

    1. thank you so much for your comment and happy for you like my idea

  10. Wow superbbb… I love rv’s funny scene…. ???

    1. thank you so much for your comment and happy to see you love rv’s funny scene

  11. rv secene was awesome.. can’t stop laughing

    1. Thank you so I for comment

  12. Very very funny epi awesome

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