Abhigya- My hero episode 8

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Hi guys this is Monesha. Came back to continue my ff. Let’s get into story,

Abhi came to shopping mall. Abhi asked what happened purab? Why you called me? Purab says to have fun. Abhi asked what? You know I left pragya alone with that b*t*h. Purab asked who is that b*t*h? Abhi says that tanu. Purab says but you told tanu is very good and blah blah blah. Abhi says that is cause I don’t know about her. She is behaving bad with pragya. I hate her. How can she even do this to pragya. She helping her.

And very important is She is mine. Purab asked what? Abhi says i mean she is my friend best friend. Purab asked really? You don’t have any feelings.Abhi says no never she is my friend that’s all. Purab says abhi please why you are hiding your feeling. Abhi says in stern you understood me wrong purab. Purab says no i understood correctly. Abhi looks him. Purab drags abhi to car and went from mall. Both went to purab’s house. Abhi says why you brought me here. Purab says i want to talk with you. Abhi says there is nothing to talk about this. Purab says yes there is. Abhi say please purab understand me.

Purab says why can’t you understand about your love. I saw your feeling in your eyes. I saw your different smile when you’re with pragya. You are in love with her. Abhi says just shut up purab. Purab says why should i. Just try to feel your love your true love. If you didn’t realize now confirm you will feel bad for this. Abhi looks on. Purab asked why can’t you see pragya in pain. Abhi says cause I care everyone. Purab says but not pragya as everyone. She is special to you. Abhi says yes she is but not like you’re thinking she is special as friend. Purab shouts just stop hiding your love behind friendship. Abhi was stunned to see his loud voice. Purab says can’t you see your love? Can’t you see how you’re behaving with pragya? Abhi think about him and pragya when they were close.

Please abhi just stop hiding your feelings think about pragya you can feel your love towards her. If you realised after she separated from you then there is no use. Try to understand. I am saying this cause I don’t want to see you in pain. I only want to see your happiness cause I am caring about you morethan my life. Purab said in low and caring voice. Abhi thinks about purab words and pragya. Purab went from that room to give time to think. Meanwhile, tanu comes upstairs. She goes inside the room and locked it. With that sound pragya turned to find out tanu. She wipes her tears and stood up. Tanu comes and make pragya to hit on the wall by pressing her neck. Pragya struggle to breath and says tanu what are you doing. Leave me. Tanu says if i want to leave then you should stop talking to abhi.

Pragya pushed her and shouts never in my life tanu. What you can do? Kill me ? Do whatever you want. Tanu got angry. She took the knife and cuts her hand. Pragya was about to open the door. Tanu shouts now see what I can do. Pragya turns and was shocked to see tanu. She runs to her and holds her hand with tears. Pragya says what have you done tanu? Tanu pushes her and shouts i want abhi. Pragya shouts you are behaving like pshyco. Tanu presse her cheeks. Blood drops were touching her cheek and shouts yes I am.

Pragya says please tanu stop it tell me what I have to do? Tanu says you should leave abhi. You shouldn’t talk with him. Tears rolled from her eyes. Pragya accepted and says ok now allow me to put bandage. Tanu showed her hand. Pragya puts bandage. With purab, purab is thinking about abhi’s decision. Few minutes later abhi came from room. He passes purab without saying anything but purab grabbed his hand. Purab asked what you are going to do abhi? Abhi says i am going to pragya to say… Purab asked to say? Abhi says that i love her. Purab becomes happy and shouts (in excitement) omg you realised your feeling that was great. Abhi smiles. Purab hugged him. Then they both broke the hug. Abhi says ok i am going to say pragya that i love her. He was about to move but purab stopped wait now you don’t want evening you can say. Abhi says but… Purab interrupt and says no but… Today bring pragya to the club. There is a party. There you can say. Abhi says then double ok. Purab smiles.

In evening,
Abhi says ok now i will go to pragya and brings her. Purab nodes. Abhi took car key and went from that place.here pragya cleaned everything finally. Abhi comes to her house. Tanu saw abhi and got happy. Tanu says abhi. Abhi asked where is pragya. Tanu smile faded and asked why? Abhi say friends asked me to bring her to club. Tanu says she won’t come. Abhi asked why? Tanu says she has work in house. At the time pragya came from upstairs and shocked to see abhi. Abhi runs to pragya and hugs her in joy. Pragya was shocked. Immediately her eyes goes to meet tanu. She saw Tanu looks her with full of anger. Abhi broke the hug and asked how are you now? Pragya was speechless and confused. Tanu says of course she is fine.

Abhi says pragya i am talking with you go and get ready. Pragya says but.. abhi says no but you are coming with me. Pragya looks tanu. Tanu nods no. Abhi says you don’t want to look anyone. Now go and get ready. He pulls pragya to upstairs and bring her to her room. Abhi says now go. Pragya says no abhi i am not coming with you. Abhi says yes you are go and get ready. Pragya says no. Abhi says if you are not going to change your dress then i will make you to change dress. He was about to go inside. Pragya says what? No. I will itself get ready. Abhi says that’s my girl. Now go go. Pragya went inside with sad. Abhi says to himself today i will make this day as special day.

thank you so much for all your support. Love you all ???

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  1. d update it regularlt i was waiting for it from so many days i just luv this story

  2. Honey

    Hii darls, welcome back

    1. Honey

      Nice episode

  3. good morning dear……….

    nice part n real hate hate lot yaaaaaaaaaaaa

    u going again rocking dear……..

    love u n muhmaaaaaaaa

  4. wow wow wow wow wow its just awesome

  5. Nice and superb but in this also tanu separating Abhigya what’s this yaa please change the story please na for your viewers sake please and really and already fed up with current kkb now you also ah okay no problem if you want then you can change for me but if you can’t means no problem is will manage with it.

  6. Sowji

    Make it next ff…she drunk in club…she will accept his proposal…pragya told truth to abi…we can’t see always tanu win…kill her..no problem for us…she is dead…it never problem for us..change the storyline…unit abigya in next ff…nice your story…I hope u can see viewers view also…

  7. Saranya24

    Wooaahh my darlng is back muuaahh loved it awesome epi chlm but pls dnt separate abhigya tat too coz of tat idiot tanu evn if u separate not too long pls love u loads loads of hugs and kisses to u muuaahh??????

  8. I am waiting for ur ff… thanks for coming back…

  9. Prathi

    Moni I hate Tanu.. And Abhi stupid finally realized! Waiting for Pragya’s reaction

  10. Suhani11

    Missed you so much Di!!
    Awesome episode..post next part soon
    Love u♥️

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