Abhigya- My hero episode 3

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Hi guys thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am really happy by seeing all your comment. Love you all. Now coming to the story,

Pragya was surprised to see Abhi. Pragya thinks what he is doing in park? That too in this late night? Come on Pragya it is none of your business just go to your home otherwise aunty will started to scold you. She was about to leave but something stopped her. Pragya thinks why I can’t leave him alone. My heart is saying to go to him but my Mind is saying to go to home. Just go to him pragya then we can think about this later. She went inside the park and sat beside him. Abhi realised someone sat beside him. He turned to see and was surprised to see pragya.

Abhi in doubt says pragya? What you are doing here? Pragya says i am going to home but when I saw you here. I was surprised and came to you. Why you are here? Abhi says simply. I just want to be alone. Pragya ask why? What happened? Whether your parents scolded you? Abhi smiles and says i have no parents pragya. She was shocked to here that. Abhi says in car accident they both went. That time i am only 8 years old. Pragya looks him with sad. Pragya says you know abhi even i also have no parents. Abhi was shocked to hear this. Pragya says recently only they died. Abhi ask in accident? Pragya nodded no. Abhi ask then? Pragya says they both was killed by him. Lonely tears rolled her eyes. Abhi was hell shocked and asked killed? Who is that? Pragya says i don’t know but I will not leave him. Abhi was confused and looks pragya.

She rubbed her tears and got up. She was about to move but abhi holds her hand. She was quite surprised by his behavior. He stood up without leaving her hand. He pulled her closer to him which makes pragya to shock. Anyone know about this? Abhi asked. Pragya nodded no. Abhi asked then why you said to me? Pragya can’t answer to his question. Abhi stretched his hand and says friends. Pragya was surprised. She just looks his hand and then looks him. Abhi says i think you are thinking about my behavior towards me changed right. Pragya nodded. Abhi says it is bcoz you told me about your secret. It can be only said to friends. you thought that time me as your friend. So now I have to continue that friendship. Pragya smiles and holds his hand by saying friends. Abhi too smiles.

Abhi ask what about your aunty? Pragya beats her head in shock and says omg… I forget about this. I am going bye. She was about to go but he holds her hand and pulled her. He locks her hand in backside. Pragya was hell shocked. She can feel some feelings. Her body started to shiver. Abhi ask i am also coming with you as i don’t like my friend going without any security. He left her and pulled her to walk. Both were walking on road. Pragya was keep on looking Abhi. She couldn’t come out from effect of his closeness. Abhi says hey i forget to say one thing. Pragya came back to sense by his voice and ask him to say. Abhi asked you fought with purab? He scolded me. Pls talk to him also. Pragya smiles and nodded. Pragya ask hey you came by car right? Abhi says yes by playing with 7 up bottle. Pragya ask then where is your car? How you will go? Abhi says hey cool down. My car was puncher. I thought to go for Jurassic park but my car stopped in this park so for my relaxation i sat there but then I remember my past. Pragya says leave your past try to live in present. Abhi looks her. Pragya says bye. Abhi was confused and then he realized that they reached Pragya’s home. Abhi says bye pragya. Pragya smiles and went inside through window. Abhi walking on road.

He thinks my heart is saying that she was close to my heart. Really she is good girl. I misunderstood wrongly. But I never misunderstood again. He smiles and reached his house. He opened the door and went inside his bed room without disturbing anyone. Both thought about each other by smiling. Soon they both dozed off.

In morning, pragya and abhi got ready and came to college early. Both searched each other.finally they both saw. Abhi signed hi by shaking his hand. Pragya too response him by shaking her hand. Abhi came to pragya. He says hey i have to say one thing. Pragya stopped him and says don’t want. Abhi looks her in confusion. Pragya says no sorry and thanks between friends. Abhi was surprised to hear that and asked how do you know that I am going to say sorry. Pragya says don’t know. Abhi asked what answer is this? Pls say me. Pragya says really i don’t know. At that time purab, Alia and bulbul came that side and was surprised to see abhi and pragya together. They came to Abhigya. Alia says hello madam not even bothering about us. Pragya says alia when did you come? Bulbul ask why you are asking your new friend came right go and talk with him. Abhi says oye bulbul are you trying to cut our friendship. Purab asked when you become friends.

Pragya says yesterday night. Alia, bulbul and purab in chorus Night??? Abhi says yes. They both explained everything to purab, Alia and bulbul. Alia says any way now we all can be together. Abhi and pragya smiles.
Screen freezes on their happy face.

PRECAP- why my hear beat is raising when I am with him. Why my feelings towards him was very complicated to identify. What is different when I am with purab and him. Why this is happening to me.

Sorry guys if i done any mistakes. Thank you so much for your love guys. I am really very happy.

I will try to update my another ff Abhigya and Ishveer vs nature on Saturday or Sunday guys. Pls forgive me for that.

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