Aatma Bandhan 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Cheeru’s ghost haunts Chaitra

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The episode starts with Aarti’s mother in law pray for Aarti’s protection in the temple corner. Chaitra cries for Aarti but Ashok consoles her. Rani says they must have heard her earlier, she is mentally unstable.

Aarti returns home and hugs Chaitra. Ashok questions Aarti where she had been. Aarti does not reply. Dada ji tells him not to question her anymore. He tells Bhavani to take her inside. Maatangi takes Aarti to the room and asks if she has spoken to Cheeru. Aarti hugs Maatangi saying thank you.

It was night. Everyone was asleep. There was strange movement in the house. Everything moves but stops as soon as Aarti wakes up for water. She heard piano being played around. She comes downstairs and finds Chaitra playing the piano. She thinks Chaitra is also sad for Cheeru, she should let her play. All at once, Chaitra stops playing that notices someone else was playing the tune on piano. She recalls Cheeru used to play this tune. She screams for Aarti. Everyone from the family gather. Chaitra was terrified and points towards the piano. Ashok says Chaitra is afraid of cockroach and sends everyone to their room. Aarti tells Ashok to go to the room, she will take Chaitra to her room.

In Chaitra’s room, Aarti asks Chaitra what happened. Chaitra says Cheeru has come. Aarti convince Chaitra that Cheeru has left this world. Chaitra tells Aarti that she did not play Cheeru’s tune on piano. She and Cheeru used to play a tune on piano. She played her tune, and Cheeru’s part was played on its own. She takes Aarti downstairs and tells her to see. When her part is finished, Cheeru will play his part. She stops after playing her part, then tells Cheeru to play his part. She requests Cheeru to show mummy he is here. Nothing moves. Chaitra goes to Aarti. Aarti says Chaitra must be missing Cheeru only. She takes Chaitra to sleep.

Late at night, Ashok helped Chaitra with her school project of house. Aarti brings milk for both of them. She compliments that Ashok made a beautiful house. Ashok was emotional that once Cheeru had requested him to help create a house and he scolded him because of his busy schedule. Chaitra gives them dummies of mummy papa, Chaitra and then Cheeru’s doll. She requests them to let her feel Cheeru is still with them. She then asks Ashok to help her take the doll house to school. Chaitra sleeps. All at once, the room door opens. Cheeru could be heard saying that Chaitra wanted to take him away from mummy and papa, now he will create distances between her and parents. He replaces his doll with Chaitra’s in her doll house.

The next morning, police inspector comes to return Cheeru’s fake leg which was removed during post-mortem. Bhavani’s husband comes to Ashok’s room and says the family needs him right now. Times are tough and Aarti needs him, it is not the right time to stay away from home and stop eating ice creams outside. He must solve the matter and distance himself.

Ragini and mother had come to Ashok’s house. Aarti serves them coffee. Ragini’s mother fell into Krishanprasad’s feet. She introduces herself as Shakuntala and Janki and requests him a job. Ragini says she has studied B.com, but there is no man in the house, and everyone look towards them with falsely. Krishanprasad calls Kriparker and tells him to appoint this girl Janki as accountant in office.

It was night, Vaydha’s husband Jaisima looks for an amulet from Hanuman’s temple. He searches around the hall. He was afraid to go out in the porch alone where he spotted the amulet on floor. He says he could not sleep without it. He notices someone’s presence in the corridor around and runs inside. A fake leg case was heard moving around the house. Maatangi wakes up by the sound of footstep. She comes to the hall and was terrified at the sight.

PRECAP: In the school, Chaitra was being chased and terrified. A writing appears on board, ‘I hate Chaitra’.

Update Credit to: Sona

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