Aatma Bandhan 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Aarti opens the doors of temple

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Aarti calls Cheeru’s name cautiously. She can hear Cheeru crying from the other side of the door. Aarti was emotional as she holds the door. Cheeru calls Aarti’s name. Aarti asks Cheeru if he can hear her. Cheeru replies yes, he can hear her. Aarti was emotional that Cheeru called her as mummy. Cheeru cries and calls her mummy again. Aarti cries as she had longed to hear this from her mouth for eight years. He never called her as mummy and did not like to see her. She says she loves him dearly. She came to tell this. She wanted to say sorry as she could not save him from drowning. Cheeru now cries and requests Aarti to open the door, he wants to see her. Aarti says sorry, she can not open the door. She hears Cheeru’s sobs, requests, and pleads. Aarti apologizes that their worlds are different. She can not open the door. She hears Cheeru’s cries and requests to stop it. He pleaded that they are taking him away. Aarti opens the door at once and goes out calling Cheeru. There was none. Aarti turns around to see a giant shadow behind her. She takes her Asthiya and leaves.

Krishanprasad comes to the room when a glass of window breaks and a crow dies inside the room. Maatangi also comes there and was tensed that it’s a really bad omen. Dada ji scolds Maatangi not to say any such thing amidst tensions. Maatangi worries for Aarti.
Krishanprasad talks to Guru ji on phone about what he saw. Guru ji says he also saw exactly what Krishanprasad did. He confirms if someone left home. He says no one left home.

Maatangi tries Aarti’s phone call but could not connect.

Bhavani and Vayda come to Krishanprasad’s room. Krishanprasad was angry at them. The girls say Aarti and Ashok are not at home. Dada ji was angry that he had forbidden them to leave the house. He shouts that they do not care for their elder’s demands.

Ashok gets a call from Dada ji. Ragini reads the name. Ashok was tensed. Ragini offers to speak to him. Ashok snatches the phone. Krishanprasad was furious over Ashok that he even took Aarti along. Ashok was shocked to hear that Aarti is not home. He says he is around factory and Aarti is not with him.

At home, Rani says Aarti needs psychological counselling. She has lost her mental wellness.

Ashok leaves Ragini’s house. She insists he shouldn’t drive, and she can drop him there. Ashok clarifies to Ragini that she won’t become his wife by taking his parent’s blessings. His life and life partner is only Aarti. He shoves her inside and leaves.

At home, Ashok was clueless about Aarti. He complains his family that they must keep an eye over Aarti for a while. They all know his mental abilities, but no one understands this. Krishanprasad slaps Ashok. He demands where Ashok had been. When he said no one will leave the house, where he was for so long. What work he has in factory so late. Bhavani’s husband says there was a fault in a machine, they called an engineer, and it was being repaired. The trouble is about Aarti right now, she can not even drive well. They leave to find Aarti. The men decide to report in police.

Ashok tells the inspector that his wife has gone missing. The inspector mentions that he had seen Ashok outside the ice cream parlor in afternoon. Bhavani’s husband tries to hide the matter form Jaysima. There Ashok explains to inspector that no one knows about the matter.

In the car, Aarti wonders if her son has forgiven her.

Krishanprasad’s house was haunted by ghost of Cheeru. The bulbs flash, Cheeru’s toy car move on its on and the doors creak.

PRECAP: Chaitra was terrified to see piano play on its own. The family gather to visualize the unusual.

Update Credit to: Sona

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