Aatma Bandhan 7th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Aarti hides to bag to stop Cheeru’s Shraddh

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Rani and Kriparker had come to meet Jaijamba. Jaijamba sat in a corner with closed eyes and tells Rani she came so late. Rani was impressed that she recognized her without even casting a look towards her. Jaijamba says Rani came here only when all her paths were closed, she can know what is in people’s hearts. Jaijamba opens her eyes but her eyeballs were not normal. Kriparker asks if she is blind. Jaijamba laughs that she sees from her inner eyes, Kriparker. Kriparker married and lived well, and now he intends to own all of his father in law’s property. His greed brought him here. Rani asks if she did not know that the heir of Krishanprasad’s property is dead. Jaijamba laughs that Cheeru has returned after his death.

In Aarti’s room, Cheeru’s laughter echo.

Indraprasad speaks to Guru ji on phone about the list for necessities required for Shraddh. Aarti thinks if something from this list is left, it will be an effective hurdle in Shraddh. Ashok speaks to Guru ji about a remedy so that there is no hurdle in Shraddh. Guru ji tells Ashok to reach the bank of Sangam in time tomorrow. Every minute is important.

Rani asks Jaijamba if it is possible, they can take back their property from the ghost. Jaijamba says everything is possible in the world. Kriparker asks her to speak clearly. Jaijamba says their Guru ji has decided to finish the Shraddh by 12.18pm. She can take control of Cheeru’s ghost at exact 12.18 pm for his rebirth. Exactly at 12.18pm, the ghost will move towards the place of Shraddh. If she controls the ghost, the Shraddh will fail and their ghost will come in their control. She needs two drops of blood of his mother for rebirth. She will create a doll baby, and when she will pour Aarti’s blood over the doll it will turn into Cheeru. she must bring Aarti’s blood tomorrow, else their task cannot be accomplished. Jaijamba falls asleep.

At night, Aarti wakes up after hearing footsteps. She goes outside the room. Something moves around her. She calls who is there but there was no reply. She walks downstairs and looks around the hall. In the kitchen, Aarti was shocked to see a lady in open hair and night dress. She reaches behind the lady wondering who she is. It was Rani who attacks Aarti with a knife and says Aarti must have called her. Aarti’s arm was bleeding. Rani apologizes Aarti for being careless but holds her arm over a bowl and press it. She collects the blood in the bowl, then takes Aarti to the table and brings bandage for her. Rani cries that everyone is upset because of Cheeru. Her uncle claims that evil powers are behind all this. Aarti interrupts that she needs to sleep. Rani asks her not to tell anyone about her bleeding arm, otherwise everyone will blame Cheeru and evil powers again. She now collects mother’s blood to control Cheeru’s ghost.

Aarti brings a bag to storeroom and says she cannot let the Shraddh complete. Maatangi spots Aarti hide the bag of Pooja’s necessities. In the morning, Indraprasad was waiting for everyone to hurry up. Chaitra delightfully come downstairs, but elders decide that Chaitra must stay home. Vayda goes upstairs to look for Rani. In the room, Rani lay on the bed in blanket. She had complaint of migraine. She tells Vayda to go and complete the Shraddh, it is important for her child to get peace. His parents will be there. Vayda informs the family that Rani is unwell, she will not be coming along. She suggests they must leave without her. Vayda gives medicines to Maatangi for Rani. Chaitra requests Aarti to come soon. Maatangi notices a cut on Aarti’s hand but Aarti hides the bruise.

Kriparker’s phone bell rings while everyone was leaving home. He shows astonishment on the call and tells everyone that a labor’s hand was cut in machine while cutting granite. Aarti tells Ashok to go and check the laborer. Kriparker assures he will take care of the matter, while they should go and complete the Shraddh. He and Aarti are most important in Shraddh. They all leave without Kriparker and Rani.

Indraprasad tells Jaisima to take the other car. Jaisima insists upon sitting in the same care as Vayda. Bhavani says she Vayda and Indra will sit in one car. Indraprasad asks about the other bag, he had sent Chandra himself and he brought two bags. He turns to go inside. Aarti says its not a good omen to go back inside once they have left for Shraddh. Maatangi offers to go and check inside. Aarti thinks Maatangi is creating a hurdle in her task. Maatangi thinks she has to stop Aarti, otherwise none of the family will be left alive. Maatangi checks in the storeroom but the bag was not there. She wonders where Aarti took the bag. Maatangi finally brings the other bag.

Indraprasad tells Ashok to confirm if everything is in the bag. Aarti wonders how Maatangi found the bag. Aashok looks in the bag and asks Maatangi what it is. He spills white sand from inside the bag. Everyone was shocked. Maatangi smirks.

PRECAP: Aarti strictly tells Maatangi to take care of Chaitra, she will bring Cheeru. Maatangi goes looking for Chaitra in the hose who stood near the grill. There, Indraprasad turns to cross the road amidst heavy traffic.

Update Credit to: Sona

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